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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Obama Infomercial by tucsonmike on 30 October 2008 6:14pm
Who watched it? What did you think? I had to laugh. The Phillies won the World Series just in time for the infomercial to come on. So obliging, those Phillies!;)
Re: Obama Infomercial by MMMmmm... on 30 October 2008 6:46pm
I thought it was good, especially for undecided voters. Because anybody who thinks that a McCain Adminisration is really going to help anyone but the rich and powerful, is dreaming.

All of his policies benefit the rich and powerful.

Re: Obama Infomercial by mrsthing on 30 October 2008 8:30pm
EVERYONE should go to FactCheck.org and get the scoop on McCain's and Obama's statements. Some of what McCain has said is false or misleading, but Obama isn't perfectly clean, either. Nothing I read there changed my mind, but it was an eye-opener!

Haven't seen the infomercial yet.
Re: Obama Infomercial by MMMmmm... on 30 October 2008 9:51pm
Now I feel I finally know how people felt about the Kennedys: strong, young, brilliant, promising, compassionate leadership - the best and brightest America has to offer.

I feel John McCain wants the honor of being President, kind of like a prize - the highest honor - but it's more for him, than for the people. It's all about the honor for him.

Governing the country is about making the best decisions to help the country, and the world. You help the country by helping it's people. And it's complicated. You really have to be able to solve the most complex problems.

Bush has some famous quote about how you shouldn't think too much, it'll mess up your head.

I think his Presidency is testament to how important it is to think when you're President.

Something like: Ah, Mr. President, if you don't think enough, you'll mess up the whole country...
Re: Obama Infomercial by tucsonmike on 31 October 2008 3:01am
I am realizing how out of it Senator McCain is. I am sad about it, he is such a great man and a genuine American hero.

He is not up to the job of President. Twenty years ago, yes. Not now.
Re: Obama Infomercial by MMMmmm... on 31 October 2008 3:55am
Yes, I agree. He has been often, so very honorable, and he means well. But even his choice of Sarah Palin is not an intelligent pick or truly putting "country first." It will probably be better for his health not to be President. Look how it's aged Bush.
Re: Obama Infomercial by mrsthing on 31 October 2008 9:54am
Ms. Palin isn't really in touch, either. Did she think about what she was saying when she said that Sen. Stevens had been corrupted by the influence of the big oil companies? Oh yeah, drill, baby, drill.

And there was a story in the news (can't find it now) two days ago about a video tape the McCain/Palin campaign wants released that shows Obama at a party with a man who's been critical of Israel, and who McCain says is a "spokesman" for the PLO. The LA Times owns the video, and they printed a story about the party when it happened, back in April of this year. Now McCain is charging media bias because the LA Times won't release the tape.

I know the media has been favoring Obama, but I think they've been pretty restrained, to be honest. But maybe that's because I don't watch TV or listen to the radio, and only read selected articles on the online news outlets.
Re: Obama Infomercial by mrsthing on 31 October 2008 9:37pm
Finally saw the infomercial. Who could possibly NOT vote for him after seeing that? Yeah, I know, there are those whose minds are made up and think he's full of it, but even if he can't accomplish all that he's promising, I like his approach and his focus on our international reputation and on working families. I like that he never once said anything negative about McCain, too.

And it would be really, really nice to have a president who can put a coherent sentence together. And pronounce "nuclear" correctly.

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