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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Xmas TV by Spursfan on 31 December 2009 7:35pm
Well, a few gems this year amongst the rubbish. The Royle Family was EXCELLENT, as was Catherine Tate.

For me, it was also wonderful to be able to see a couple of episodes of Terry and June too over the holiday, which was a wonderful sitcom from 1979-1987.

Funny thing was, when it was first aired Terry and June were in their late 40s, and as someone still in their 20s I considered them an 'elderly' couple!! Now of course I am 10 years older than they were supposed to be and realise how 'young' they were!!

(This also happened with The Good Life (Richard Briars and Felicity Kendal) which began when I was 21 and pregnant with our son. It starts with Tom Good's 40th birthday - which to me meant only one thing. He was ANCIENT!! Didn't stop me loving the series though)

Re: Xmas TV by Wild in Africa on 1 January 2010 5:14pm
Everyone to their own I suppose. I thought Terry and June was awful when it came out and seeing it again still think it's awful, the epitome of bland middle class humour that Monty Python and others tried to blow out of the water. I enjoyed seeing Not the Nine O'Clock News again and partly enjoyed Day of the Triffids and Dr Who. Most enjoyed though getting into my Boxed set of Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' which I got as a Christmas present.
Re: Xmas TV by Spursfan on 1 January 2010 7:20pm
Oh! Did you ? (think T & J were awful)
:( I loved it! It was sort of cuddly and comforting.

As you say, each to his/her own.

One sitcom I also loved was The Dustbinmen. My boyfriend at the time nicknamed me 'Winston' after one of the characters who was mad on football!!

And I am NOT ashamed to say one of my faves was 'Love Thy Neighbour', too!!

Re: Xmas TV by suzulu on 3 January 2010 12:46am
The Royle Family was great, as ever. Unfortunately, I missed Dr. Who (*sobs*).
Re: Xmas TV by kazzzz on 3 January 2010 2:49am
We enjoyed the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special, and was a short doco on the making of the show, which was just as hilarious!
Re: Xmas TV by Spursfan on 3 January 2010 10:39am
Yes I agree the Royle family was great with several laugh out loud moments - Denise and Dave giving their kids tomato flavour crisps 'as part of their 5 a day' and Jim bemoaning the fact that Dave had taken them the long way round to Prestatyn because he was driving in kilometres, for example (and Dave's long, unbelieving stare at Jim's 'skiddy' underpants as he sat on the caravan loo with the door open was a classic) - hee hee!

The husband and I were unconvinced by the 50th Anniversary though. Jim and Barb don't seem old enough though I suppose they would have married at 16? Ok, in real life the actors are 70 (Rocky Tomlinson) and 66 (Sue Johnson) but I assumed the characters were in their late 50s/early 60s.

And why would he be worried about 'the social' seeing him with a sombrero and a donkey tucked under his arm if they went to Spain? Surely he would be on his pension at that age (minimum 66) and even if he was on income support to top it up, he'd be allowed to have a holiday?

And how about the kids? Yes in real life Caroline Aherne (Denise) is 46 and although Craig Little (Anthony) is only 28, this would be reasonable (look at me and my sister who is 14 years 7 months older than me). Craig Cash (Dave) will be 50 this year. But again I am not sure if Denise is supposed to be in her late 40s?

We also thought that Caroline Aherne was not consistent with how dopey she made them. It was going too far for them to think Dave was 'trying to cop off' (as Jim put it) with the SatNav lady - no-one is THAT thick surely!! But on the other hand, how on earth did they manage to program it between them anyway?? It DOES need a brain cell which at times they don't seem to have between them. I think I'm right in saying that Twiggy lent it them and he was in nick so it wouldn't have been him.

Ok, sorry - I am analysing this as I would've analysed a book/play at Uni. I can't help it (if we watch Fawlty Towers I spend the half hour all knotted up inside because I think 'if he'd said/done THAT it would all be ok!' The husband usually says 'yes but then there would be no programme'!!). It's just how I am.

I thought it would be more 'realistic' if it had been their 40th Anniversary, but then they would'nt have had the golden egg cups and would have had to have ruby ones instead. Oh dear.....


[I have just been reading about the programme on a comedy forum and found other comments about the 50th not ringing true. One person said that in one episode of the second series (aired in 1999) Barb says that they've been married about 25 years so in that case they would have been married around 35 years now.]

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