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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The Truth is in print! by Loretto on 14 March 2012 2:24pm
Now I wouldn't mind reading this. Haven't read any fiction by Michael.


Too bad, I just searched for it on Nook and it hasn't been released yet here in the States. I just finished reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, not my choice, and had to write an essay on Twain's use of the "N-word" for this American Literature 2 course. Twain used it 219 times in the text. It was a hard read. I would never, ever get elementary or middle schoolers to read this book. Anyway back to Michael's The Truth.....coming soon to a bookstore near me I hope?

Hang on, hang on, a bit of pre-published publicity here....
Re: The Truth is in print! by johnnyBgood! on 14 March 2012 9:23pm
You wouldn't want kids to read Huckleberry Finn Loretto ? Why do people say the "N-word" when they mean nigger ? Insults shouldn't be thrown at people but words should not be erased from our language and nor should Mark Twain's or other's writings.
Re: The Truth is in print! by Spursfan2 on 15 March 2012 9:40am
The thing is that it should be read in context of the time it was written in.
I read it (and ENJOYED it) years ago, when I was at school - I didn't immediately apply for a life membership of the KKK !!

Times change, our acceptance of words change. I have a beautiful full set of Agatha Christie books, which belonged to my parents, and love eading them. However sometimes the language used especially in the earlier books makes me smile or laugh! Characters often 'feel gay' for example - which actually makes me feel sad that we can't use this word meaning 'happy' any more because of its coonotations.

I can remember having to do the same sort of thing Loretto, when I studied Shakespeare as part of my B.A.(Hons) degree - for one part we had to study Shakespeare's use of the word 'moon' (and alternatives for the moon) in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'!!

Re: The Truth is in print! by Loretto on 15 March 2012 11:34am
"I would never, ever get elementary or middle schoolers to read this book."

Definitely high school/secondary school students and university students. When I taught To Kill a Mockingbiord a few years back to my 8th graders (13/14 year olds) one African-American student became very upset when he read the word.

I would spend a few days discussing Twain's use of irony in Huck Finn and also placing the novel in its historical context.

I disagree with those who suggest changing the word, but even Twain himself said this book was intended for adults.
Re: The Truth is in print! by Spursfan2 on 15 March 2012 3:36pm
I know it is a bit off subject, but bear with me. The Shakespeare play my year did for 'O'-level was Romeo and Juliet. The year before we were due to take the exams, Franco Zefferelli's film version (with Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting) came out and we were taken to see it in Birmingham.

Of course, the version we were studying was the 'abridged' version (as considered suitable for young ladies) and so you can imagine, when the 'unabridged' version appeared on screen, with Romeo and Juliet in bed, 80 or 90 pubescent 'ypung ladies' lusting after Romeo hee hee!!

I felt so cross that we had not been conmsidered grown up enough to read the full version!! (The weekend before the exam the film came to Stafford and my friends and I saw it 3 times that weekend!

My point being that we should not hide the truth from children, certainly not when they are of secondary school age (11 onwards).

My parents tended to 'protect' me as a young child from what they comsidered to be unsavoury news items. I can distinctly remember being 8 or 9 and our class teacher giving us a lighthearted quiz on current affairs at the end of one term. I knew nothing about the Profumo affair (Christine Keeler), so when he asked a question about it I was the last to put my hand up (without knowing the answer - bad idea, by the way!!). Of course he asked me. How embarrassing was that!

Not exactly a subject for primary school kids you would have thought - and yet our teacher assumed we would know all about it!!

Well I know that I have rambled on (before you say anything Johnny) so I'll shut up!

Re: The Truth is in print! by johnnyBgood! on 15 March 2012 10:30pm
I live in a town of about 45,000 people and the number of black people could be counted on your hands. However, we have many Asian people and the word 'Paki' has became the equivalent of 'the N-word' Most people use the word Paki quite innocently because of the fact that most corner shops here are owned by Pakistanis and the word is almost a generic term for such shops. People will say things like " I'm just nipping down to the Paki's for milk. " They mean no offence.
Re: The Truth is in print! by tucsonmike on 16 March 2012 2:05am
I loved Huck Finn, I am a Mark Twain fan, and you have to read this, understanding the era.
Re: The Truth is in print! by Spursfan2 on 16 March 2012 10:04am
The population of the village I live in is about 1000; I can only think of one 'non-English' couple, they are Chinese and she is a Consultant at the local hospital.

However the town I was born and brought up in (and which is about 4 miles away), has a population of 63,000+ and is now fairly multicultural. We even have Ghurkas!!

When I was at primary school one of my very good friends was an Indian girl. She used to tell me about the elephants she had in her garden, so when I went to tea at her house I was expecting to see one !! I didn't realise she meant back home in India!! She often came to my house too and was always made very welcome (as I was in her home).

My husband's father came from Bengal in India (it is now in Bangladesh so I always struggle with knowing what to say when asked where he came from - do I say India or Bangladesh!!) just after World War II (he was in the Merchant Navy and just walked in) and married an English girl.

What I find absolutely DISGUSTING is that our ex-son in law has not only called his wife (at the time) a Paki (not even correct!!) but he also called his OWN DAUGHTER a Paki!! What an absolute lowlife and scum bag.

The only prejudice if you can call it that that I saw in my home was against the Japanese. Dad was in Burma in the War and wouldn't have anything Japanese in the house. But I think he could be forgiven that.
Re: The Truth is in print! by Loretto on 16 March 2012 5:46pm

Just so funny!!!! Poor Dermot Morgan, way too young to die.
Re: The Truth is in print! by johnnyBgood! on 16 March 2012 11:12pm
"This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."
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