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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
School Shootings by Loretto on 19 March 2012 3:36pm
When Columbine happened Sean wasn't even 9 months old and I was on maternity leave. I went back to my students and just told them to take care of each other. School is supposed to be a safe place for our kids, isn't it?

Since 1996 the numbers for school shootings around the world are,
53 US Shootings
4 Germany Shootings
2 Canada
2 Finland
1 Yemen
1 Scotland
1 Brazil
1 Azerbaijan
1 Argentina

This lists the number of incidences not victims. US gun laws do have a big part to play in the high incidence here, but when the father of one of the Columbine victims says 12 years later that it is a lack of God in our classrooms and not lax gun laws, we've got problems! BIG problems.

I grew up with a couple of rifles in our house in Ireland, my dad hunted rabbits now and again. I had access to guns, but they were under lock and key at all times. It never dawned on me that that is what a gun could be used for other than killing a couple of rabbits (sorry animal lovers)

Maybe there is a cross over with these computer games desensitizing the kids? I don't know. But in this latest case in France, it sounds like this bike riding murderer is a complete racist. I hope they get the bastard.

Re: School Shootings by Lounge Trekker on 19 March 2012 3:49pm
There are some variables.

Handguns vs. rifles is a big one, I bet, for obvious reasons of ease of carrying and concealment. If long guns are stored out of sight, and with the mechanism dismantled and pieces stored separately, the chance of one of these guns being used recklessly goes down.

I'm no expert on different designs of guns, but I have my gun hidden, not on display in a beautiful gun case. I stash the magazine in one place, the bolt in another, and the ammunition in yet another.

It would be interesting to see good statistics on whether kids that play violent simulators are more likely to exhibit violent behaviour.
Re: School Shootings by Loretto on 19 March 2012 3:53pm
Thats a great question Pete. Sean does play war games on x-box etc. I know it sounds stupid but my rule is that he can pnly play games where he gets to shoot zombies and aliens. Yeah I know, that's a stupid rule. But I just hate the idea of having a good time shooting people, even if it is virtual reality. I don't know what the answer is here but I do know that it is not a lack of God in our classrooms.
Re: School Shootings by Lounge Trekker on 19 March 2012 4:05pm
God doesn't shoot people; people with guns shoot people! God and guns, well, god and guns shoot people. No god and guns; no god and guns shoot people. Theologically ambiguous.

There are some very cool war-simulator games and none of the kids I know are likely to be violent in any way. A good statistician with the right sets of data could make a case either way on this.
Re: School Shootings by Ken Dunn on 20 March 2012 4:49am
I remember the Dunblane one. I also remember shortly before it getting an unsolicited flyer with the bold statement 'What would you kill for?'. I don't remember what it was advertising but I thought that I wouldn't even buy the thing, never mind kill for it. Because it was so irrelevant in context I complained to the issuing authority about it.

Like the American soldier shooting civilians in Afghanistan I think these people are mentally unstable, have an evil streak, and something has tipped them over the edge of reason.
Re: School Shootings by Loretto on 20 March 2012 12:00pm
I agree Ken. The soldier in Afghanistan snapped. He will be declared mentally incompetent, but it should be the doctor who gave him the ok to be deployed after a breakdown that should be declared mentally incompetent.

Those poor families in France, and our own recent Chardon, Ohio school shootings, just tragic.
Re: School Shootings by johnnyBgood! on 20 March 2012 12:23pm
I've heard news reports that the gunman in France filmed his actions.
Re: School Shootings by tucsonmike on 21 March 2012 12:46am
I know, any shooting is a tragedy, but schools are one of the higher tragedies.

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