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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
The UK Budget by Ken Dunn on 22 March 2012 8:03am
I think it's a good budget because I'll be £200 better off with the earnings threshold increased.
People are complaining that pensioners are going to lose but they won't because their tax benefits are only frozen.
These are two good steps to get and keep Britain working and reduce inflation.
The 37p on cigarettes is great. Provided the same number of people keep smoking the money recovered from this increase will help to reduce the country's deficit.
The 3p on fuel should encourage people to drive less so that oil reserves last longer.
Re: The UK Budget by Spursfan2 on 22 March 2012 10:28am
What about people like Zak and I who have no choice but to drive as there is little or no bus service where we live? And no shops either? Don't say 'why not move then?'. For a start, why should we move from a property that has been in my family since it was built in 1969 and also as it is a large bungalow it suits me as I can't do stairs very well.

Luckily the car tax increase does not affect us as I have a motability car. Nor does the increase in duty on cigarettes (one thing I AM glad about as it will hopefully encourage people to give up) as neither of us smoke.

The average earnings per individual in 2011 was £26,000, meaning of course that many people earnt a hell of a lot LESS than that. People earning £30,000 (and remember that is INDIVIDUAL and not FAMILY income) are on a good whack and should be able to manage without the extra Child Benefit. When we had our 2 kids the CB was a nice 'bonus' - I used to save it for things like extra spending money on hols - we didn't need it, even though we were on a LOT less that £30,000 or its euivalent in those days. So why use £50,000 as the level of earnings to start phasing out CB for higher earners?!! It should have been £30,000 AT THE MOST!

The money saved could have gone to increase Disability Living Allowance and Incapacity Benefit, instead of trying to get rid of these necessary benefits. Not all of us are frauds - it is only the minority that are workshy. Most of us have genuine medical problems.

So no, in my opinion it is definitely NOT a 'good budget'.
Re: The UK Budget by Spursfan2 on 22 March 2012 12:51pm
P.S. I am not getting at YOU particularly, Ken - just venting!!

Re: The UK Budget by Ken Dunn on 22 March 2012 8:50pm
I read a paper in Dundee today and it was very strange to see article headlines moaning about how bad the budget was yet at the bottom of the page there was a table with about 8 different types of people affected by the budget and for EVERY one in the table they gained from it.
Re: The UK Budget by johnnyBgood! on 22 March 2012 9:22pm
Ken, I was going to start a serious discussion about the merits of the budget but the first sentence of your original post says all I need to know about your views.

So you think you will be £200 per annum better off ? I take it that Sheila manages the finances in your house ? Ask her about gas, electricity and food bill increases and if £200 would cover the increases over the last year.

Anyway, I've spent more on Saturday night out.

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