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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Good Use of Tax Payers' Money? by Loretto on 1 April 2012 12:04am
Ok, I held off from posting this for a while because, well I might need a fireman or a policeman to save me from a car wreck or something one day. I really hope it never happens, but having said that.....

This past winter I drove by a small fender bender in Westport, CT. Literally a "fender bender" no one was hurt. On the scene of the accident were three firetrucks and two police cars.

So I held off on sharing that with you all, because I thought am I just getting annoyed over nothing? It's good to have them on the scene of an accident, right?

Today beats that incident ten times over.

Driving home from Westport (not my hometown, as most of you know) I got caught up in major backlog of traffic at around 6pm.

I counted, on the street Westport-Wilton Road, six firetrucks, at least 6 police cars, and on "Bumpy Lane" were at least 3-4 more firetrucks, two ambulances (at least) and more police cars, at least three as far as I could see.

All of that....for this:


(Yes, that is moss growing on the roof and the house is in Westport)

Here's what I saw from my car,

Two people were treated for burns and a third person refused to be taken to the hospital for treatment of burns.

Can I ask you guys to weigh in here? I mean I am not exaggerating, I thought that they had swooped in on a major drug ring/ spy ring, what ever!

Is all of that response necessary to a house fire? Excessive or what?
Re: Good Use of Tax Payers' Money? by Lounge Trekker on 1 April 2012 5:25am
It seems excessive, but what if there were a wheelchair-bound person, or someone that wasn't identified in the original 911 call?

If someone were to be critically injured in this incident and the emergency services were thought to have not reacted appropriately...heads would roll. Not to mention the thought of losing someone on your watch.

Emergency responders always look to have a larger presence than they really do, just for the safety element.

Over-reaction? If that were my family living there...no. I would be so happy that my tax dollars are going towards saving the most important people in my life.
Re: Good Use of Tax Payers' Money? by johnnyBgood! on 1 April 2012 11:58am
There is an ongoing scandal about this here in Scotland and prosecutions seem likely.


Re: Good Use of Tax Payers' Money? by Loretto on 1 April 2012 1:58pm
Oh Boy, I suppose I don't know the nuances of the whole thing either. Kevin said that the fire hydrant was so far away from the house becuase it was on the end of the lane and not near the street, that the firemen had to connect hoses from 2-3 firetrucks he thought.

He also told me that unlike Ireland, my brother is a volunteer fireman and gets paid a base wage and then extra for showing up to help at the scene, here in the US they get paid a salary. Regardless how many hours they work they get paid that same amount.

John that story about Alison Hume is awful. Why would they delay the decision to go help for 6 hours? When the mountain rescue folks didn't arrive after 40 minutes, what were they waiting for? That family will probably sue?

And I know that being wheelchair bound means the Emergency Responders would have to have extra help etc. It just seemed waaaaay over the top yesterday. But if it were my house I'd want as many people there to put the fire out fast.

Kevin also reminded me that this was the same house that had all these huge gas tanks laying against a shed near the house. (We love to go driving around our area and seeing what hides in these lanes etc. Yeah, I know, we're a nosey old couple. :-) Thanks for weighing in with your opinions though.

Notice how fast that video of mine was? I was terrified I'd get pulled over for videoing an emergency scene. The house by the way was way off that road.

I wonder though if tax payers in Westport pay more taxes for this then in other towns with less Emergency Response personnel.
Re: Good Use of Tax Payers' Money? by johnnyBgood! on 1 April 2012 2:51pm
It really saddens me that Alison Hume died needlessly because of elf 'n safety bureaucrats.

I was on the brink of joining Strathclyde Fire Service when I was in my twenties but I decided that I wouldn't emotionally be able to handle what I may witness. At the scene of that botched rescue, I'd have punched the guy in charge out and not have given a shit about the consequences.

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