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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
important questions!!!!!!! by bec on 22 August 2003 6:51am
I need some major help; itís to do with my VCE, very important!!!!!!!!
1) Did Michael Pailn go to college to study history?????
If he didnít, then the rest of my questions could well be irrelevant. But here goes...
2) If so, how can I get in contact???
how hard is it, to do history at uni?, because I really love, middle ages-y stuff, and im facing a bit of a dilemma, I need to know if studying languages aka Latin & co., would help, and what the big picture really entails, such a s would there be any jobs prospects out there for me, because where I come from thereís zilch. I mean naught nada nothing. Country, Victoria, in Australia is what im talking about. And also what subjects do you think I hold aim to get in for my VCE??
I am totally clueless!!!!!!!!
So if any one out there can help me, it would be gratefully appreciated.
Faithfully, Rebecca.
my due date to hand in my chosen subjects is Friday 12th of September, so any replies before then, would be great.
Re: important questions!!!!!!! by Helen on 22 August 2003 2:24pm
MP did study history...got a degree in it. Hence, he made his early living as a silly person. Now, I would imagine he putting his history degree to use-- with the travelling and all....
Myself, i acquired an Art History degree. I also went for a double major (my other degree is in sociology, hence, I am a social worker) cuz there is not much you can do with a 4 year degree in Art History (not where I live, anyway...). History is a wonderful subject--- so think about what you want to do with your quest for knowledge. if you want to advance and teach history, that would be a good bet.
I took Art History because I loved it. The second major was a back up, (and I loved it, too!) If you love history, by all means, explore it!
In that case, learn languages-- it can only help to enrich your whole learning experience.
Good luck!
And talk with a school advisor, too.
Re: important questions!!!!!!! by saz_blink on 23 August 2003 1:33pm
When I was about in year 9 I wanted to do something to do with medieval type history... I was even considering going overseas to study it. So I chose history type things for all of my senior electives and when one of my teachers asked us to suggest subjects I asked if we could do England in the middle ages and he said no. Bastard. Then I think I got disillusioned with history because we kept studying the same old things, and now i'm studying journalism. Hmmm, that story really had no point to it, just thought i'd share my experience with you all. It also gave me an excuse to post to let you all know i'm still alive. I'll bet no one missed me. *sniff* hehe.
Saz xxoo
Re: important questions!!!!!!! by shedevil on 23 August 2003 2:54pm
i finished journalism in 1986, worked for a national daily writing feature stories mostly for 13 years. then i moved to weekly community paper doing both news and features. but after all this time, i am... exhausted, i think is the word... with this career. have been feeling this way for quite some time. two years ago, i decided to go back to school and take my master's in museum studies. so while i'm still working in media, i've taken that step to open up my world a bit. it's been quite interesting discovering the "behind the scenes" in museum work. it has also allowed me to see more of my country, as we go to different provinces (even in the upland regions) to study museums in those places.
i've also gotten the opportunity to organize exhibits! my classmate and i put together an exhibit of love letters (written by journalists, essayists, poets) at the university museum. it was such a success (ehem!) that we were invited to re-mount it at the central post office in metro manila. and got to do another version in a restaurant in the commercial district of makati. the whole thing was such a satisfying experience. i hope we get to do other projects soon.
this is rather long, but i guess, i just want to say go for what interests you and don't be held back by what others may say about your choices. until now, i keep getting asked why i'm taking up this course and i say it's because it's something new and it interests me. and i sure am learning a lot. good luck! :-)
Re: important questions!!!!!!! by bec on 26 August 2003 9:25am
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
you have no idea how much this all means to me!!
i just thought that id say thank you, and tell those who want to know, that i have a VCE meeting tonight, wish me luck!!
and once again, THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!
your stories have really helped me.
please keep them coming, coz every little, or large bit, helps!!!
Re: important questions!!!!!!! by Verus_Amor on 29 August 2003 11:13am

just a stupid question: Which school do you go to?
I'm at Patterson River SC.

Re: important questions!!!!!!! by bec on 21 September 2003 9:40am

i go to nathaila sc and im gonna sound like a hic but, wheres Patterson River SC???


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