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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Life of Brian & the best of Monty Python by xine on 11 September 2003 10:38am
Hello everyone,
I finally got hold of Life of Brian and a 3-volume set of MP Flying Circus.
I enjoyed LOB; I can't understand why some people say this is blasphmous, it doesn't make fun of Jesus, it just makes fun of people. but I do feel very sorry for Brian.
and as I watched MPFC, I really was amazed that MP had done such funny, insane things! I never thought he was this insane in his youth! 'My brain hurts!' 'No one expects the Spanish inquistion!'
Re: Life of Brian & the best of Monty Python by Helen on 11 September 2003 4:00pm
He was a nutty, wacky, silly lad as a young, strapping buck.
*slap me*
ah yes, well, glad you are enjoying the genius that is Monty Python....
Re: Life of Brian & the best of Monty Python by intrepid on 11 September 2003 6:52pm
Yeah, the LOB is good, but to be perfectly honest, I CAN see how somebody who saw the trailer or heard a superficial description of the movie could think that it was a parody of the life of Jesus. I mean, if it was 1979 and somebody told me "Hey- there's a new film about a man born in Bethlehem in ancient Roman-occupied Judea. A following develops around him and he's crucified by the Romans under Pilate", I'd probably think that it was a film about Jesus. If somebody then told me that it was a comedy, I think I'd assume that it was a comedy about Jesus.
Actually WATCHING the film, you can see that the humor comes from making fun of the epic films of the '50s and '60s, what you learn about history in school, chattering student revolutionary groups and big noses and you see the jokes DON'T from stem from paralleling the life of Jesus.
My personal favorite scenes are going to and attending the stoning and haggling with the beard merchant ("it's for the wife"). I also think that Michael Palin has a pretty good spread of roles- I'm always mildly amazed to think that the person who plays Pilate is the same actor who plays the reactionary geezer chained up in the prison cell. Or even the boring street prophet. MP has got to be about the most versatile character actor there is. Anyway, that's my two shekels.
Re: Life of Brian & the best of Monty Python by sminobe on 12 September 2003 3:29am
It's not blasphemous (irreverence towards God &/or sacred things). It's heretical (irreverence towards any church, creed, or religious system).

Naturally, those people who love to tell other people how to live their lives (& also those who love to be told how to live their lives) would be offended by LOB. The scene where Brian addresses The Masses is railing against the very way these people behave:

"You don't need to follow me. You don't need to follow anybody! You've got to think for yourselves! Don't let anyone tell you what to do!"

On a side note, I was a little disappointed in "The Missionary." Don't get me wrong -- it's a lovely, *lovely* film, but after seeing the brief clip of John & MP being pooh-poohed by several religious leaders (Malcolm Muggeridge?) on an interview show re:LOB, I was really hoping MP would open up with both barrels & make TM a very *black* comedy. It was really shaping up that way with Denholm Elliot's character (Good Works as a competitive sport among churches) & even MPs character (I think he should've done more "fundraising" with Lady Ames -- the Reverend prostituting himself in order to save the prostitutes!).

Oh well. Just my 2 cents...
Re: Life of Brian & the best of Monty Python by xine on 12 September 2003 3:23pm
Thanks for all the 2 shekels and 2 cents. It's interesting to hear what you all have to say, after all you people know MP and his work more intimately than I do.
I like the ex-leper too; I mean I like the way Palin portrayed the ex-leper, half dancing and half skipping, and he spouted such profound lines - cured and therefore lost his job! Did we ever stop to ask if people's lives improved after they were cured/touched by the saviour? What were the after-effects? hmm...
and wasn't the meeting about 'what have the Romans done for us?' classic? cheers!

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