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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Cardiff Signing by Rhys_Jenkins on 26 October 2004 2:13am
The Cardiff signing @ Waterstones was a terrific success. I started queuing an hour and a half before the signings took place and I was number 98 in the queue!! After having my book signed, a brief chat and a photo I followed the queue it must have gone on for ½ a mile at least. Was well worth they wait to see Michael in all his glory.

Re: Cardiff Signing by Diamond on 26 October 2004 1:55pm
so they do allow photos then Rhys???

wonder if Travel Champion was there too?

so there were loads in front of you - crikey i shall have to camp out overnight for tomorrow then!!

Re: Cardiff Signing by Rhys_Jenkins on 26 October 2004 2:14pm
Yeah, they allow photos just with NO flash. "People using flash will be removed from the store" so they sign said.
Re: Cardiff Signing by Sophie-Louise on 26 October 2004 3:42pm
we'll have to get the tent and hot toddy's out again in covent garden the night before lyn ;)
Re: Cardiff Signing by fluffypinktarantulas on 26 October 2004 6:30pm
was it gd then? I missed it, thought it was today...only found out last night i got the date wrong :(
Re: Cardiff Signing by Rhys_Jenkins on 26 October 2004 8:12pm
It was really gd. There wasn't much time to talk to Michael as they were trying to rush through the masses of ppl who turned up just time for a joke, photo and hand shake then on to the next person. Sorry you missed it, more luck next time!
Re: Cardiff Signing by TravelChampion on 27 October 2004 1:10am
Enjoyed the booksigning in Cardiff - although as has been mentioned, it was a bit of a scrum.

Thanks to a sympathetic fellow shopworker {I work for Dixons, a 5 minute walk from Waterstones}, I had an 'arrangement' to arrive near the end and be last in the queue.

On balance I guess it worked out quite well because, even though I sensed Michael was abit tired after signing books for 300 odd people, the fact that I was the last person in the queue meant he could relax a little.

He laughed when he saw my dedication in the book was for "Travelchampion", and, after a few words of explanation, I quickly showed him a 12" x 8" photo of my visit to see Everest from the Nepalese Side. He was then quite happy to sign a Dixons Newspaper Article about my trip which had the headline {made up by the writer - not me!} "The traveller who went one better than Michael Palin".
{It's a bit late to describe exactly what there things are about...but... Yes, Lyn - these are the items I showed you when we met up in London for the slideshow}.

Finally, I quickly asked him if he knew how many Countries he had visited - and he said about eighty.
I have an A4 Print-Out Sheet on my website which you can fill in to work it out which I gave him, and said if he ever gave it a go, to let us know on here what the final total was?!

I also took a few photos - here are links to two :


Overall - interesting....but I thought the slideshow in London was more illuminating!

Bye for now,

PS - I seem to remember a post about "Michaels Bag". One of them can be seen in Photo Number 2 {....and if it cost anywhere near £300, then I'd tentatively suggest he's got more money than sense?!}.
Re: Cardiff Signing by Kulagirluk on 27 October 2004 1:02pm
Hello, #77 in the Cardiff queue here.

*waves at Andrew - yes, I finally joined up!*

Having been a fan since I was wee small (and that's not so long ago) I was so very pleased to finally meet Michael (and steal a kiss!). What a lovely bloke!
Re: Cardiff Signing by bromley001 on 27 October 2004 7:26pm
I was Number One in the queue at Cardiff!! (see my post in 'OMG.......MIKE TODAY')
I was there, standing on my own, like a lemon, for the best part of an hour before the queue exploded at just after three. Marvellous!
Re: Cardiff Signing by Diamond on 27 October 2004 11:00pm
TC - i remember those pics and magazine in london - well done for getting them signed

great photos and NO that isnt the bag he uses on his journeys!!! giggle - looks like a knitting bag to me!!

I met Michael to day in norwich but that will be another story!

as you say the slide show was great as you got so much more michael for your money!!

well done bromley001 - you rule for being the first one in the queue!!

take care folks



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