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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Michael at Stanfords and what a great day out it was by Diamond on 13 December 2004 6:28pm
Welll off i set for COvent Garden from my local train station - I had heard from SOphie that she could not make it due to exams and then on the way poor thomas texted me and sent his apologies - oh dear that left me and edith but when i got to the shop i was still on my own - then edith let me know that she could not make it either - oh dear was it something i said!! lyn smiles and winks! are you trying to give me an inferiority complex - lyn smiles! I knew it was a genuine reason really!

Well i got to the shop, which is on Long Acre right next to Covent Garden and all the shops and stalls there, at about 10.30 am and there was a sign outside the shop to say the queue for Michael starts here but that was out in the cold and no one was waitng by the sign so i went into the shop itelf - there were two ladies waiting by the desk so i promptly asked were they waiting for michael to appear and YIPPEEE they were - so i soon got chatting to them. Stephanie had arrived in the UK especially to see Michael and lives in ITALY - honest - what a long way to come but well worth it - Rina the other lady lived in london and was getting a book signed to her son Michael - oh lovely a book signed to michael from michael - nice one!!

We immediately struck up a rapport between us and decided to go out for lunch together - guess where and what for!! yes you got it CG and a baked potato!!!

While we were waiting for micheal to appear at 12.30 pm - we asked for a poster each from the shop which they duly said we could have but could we come back towards the end of the book signing to collect - no problem and thank you says lyn stephanie and rina!! all smiles all round!

part two to follow
Re: Michael at Stanfords and what a great day out it was by Diamond on 13 December 2004 6:43pm
Michael arrived and stephanie was the first to greet him - well having travelled all the way from italy to see him it was only fitting really - michael thought it was excellent that she had come so far and said yes to signing a poster for her - we knew we had to come back later for them to be signed - all too soon it was my turn after Rina - i was taking photos of michael with my digi camera ( no flash of course) and video clips too - so good to relive the book signing after too. I had packed up two bottles of suffolk brewed beer for michael so that he could put his feet up after the last book signing, he was really pleased and said How Lovely and thank you - he then signed my books for friends that had requested them also a photo that i got off ebay of michael in american friends - bless i shall frame that one

Rina Steph and I stood to one side and took photos of MP and chatted till we decided that we had to get something to eat and drink - but we soon scuttled back from CG (the baked potatoes were so big they had to cut them in half to serve them to us!!) to soak up the atmosphere in the shop while michael was in it we couldnt resist being there - cant think why!! The manager of the shop saw us and said *oh youre back* ooops oh well they dont understand the palinite view of things as it was very much a we want to sell as many books as we can from their point of view!

Then came the end of the queue and michael was signing our posters - and guess what i managed to get a video clip of michael signing the posters for all of us - YAY thank heavens for digital technology - cool or what!!! Stephanie had wondered over lunch why there were no naked scenes in himalaya - much to ur amusement and we discussed what had happened in other series- lyn smiles - and without my realising it Stpeh promptly asked michael this question as he was signing the posters - how do i know this - cos i have sound on my video clip of the event - well michael replied i think we would be in trouble if we had - i will try to transcript his reply when i listen to the clip again ( and again!!- by this time it was about 2.45pm or even after that as the queue took ages to finish - poor michael he must find it so tiring not just signing but sitting down for so long too - bless

Michael shook our hands and we said good bye to him - i did notice that the shop manager took other gifts for michael upstairs as well as my gift to him - which i thought was lovely to think that other people thought of michael too bless - in one of the photos i took of MP there is a red gift box on the table, so pleased for him.

Well that was the book signing over but Rina Steph and I got on so well - we had already exchanged e mails over lunch! - that we had to go for a drink together and went to the Lamb and Flag which is one of the oldest pubs apparently - upstairs was nice and quiet and served pub grub too - so we spent an hour chatting over a cuppa or a pint till we had to part company - and as Rina said to think that this morning we didnt even know each other!!

just goes to show how michael brings us all together - bless

I did miss my palinites for company but we could have had a really good day out with rina and steph as well - maybe next time we can all get together - there has to be a paper back of himalaya out sometime - lyn smiles and winks!!

all for now folks


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