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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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A Palinite Get Together by tucsonmike on 29 December 2005 1:11am
I decided to put up a new one from Two Months Already since it sort of kind of evolved.
I was working heavily on my Eastern Europe blog and took a nap. Like the Chemist Kekule with Carbon rings dancing in his head, I had a dream and a flash. Holle said we had to find some sort of angle other than just people chatting. He is right and I thought of one. It is off the wall, but I figured go for the gold and work back.

The idea? Sir Richard Branson as in Virgin is starting his space program soon. The Economist has an article a couple of weeks ago about his launching the space program from New Mexico. (He'd get a deal from the Feds. Much of New Mexico is off limits to airplanes flying over, so there would be no danger of interference and crashes).
It sounds harebrained, but what about us being in on it as the guinea pigs, before he flies regular passengers? Regulars are going to have to pay $200,000 a flight. Branson had a version of the Apprentice recently and one of the tests was to go in zero gravity.
Wouldn't that be unique? Face it, it would be the journey of a lifetime, Mr. P would be in on it, and Richard Branson gets a heavily publicized tryout.
How would we do this? I hate to leave it at that, but I need to get ready for Toastmasters. The idea went out of my head when I took Airborne for my cold.
Re: A Palinite Get Together by Louise on 29 December 2005 1:50am
Tucsonmike, you`re really taking the micky!

lol - Lou
Re: A Palinite Get Together by tucsonmike on 29 December 2005 6:27am
LOL! Why do you think I took some Airborne? I thought the cold was messing with my head! LOL! Then, I've learned in Toastmasters, think as big as you can and then back off from there. Then, you may still get to a goal that is higher than what you might have thought of otherwise.
Remember, what I suggested in the previous post may be madness. I don't know that until I try, do I? Thomas Edison allegedly took 10,000 tries to invent a lightbulb. He was asked what did he learn? His answer? 9,999 ways NOT to invent a light bulb.
In other words, where would we be if the Wright Brothers hadn't taken a chance on that beach in North Carolina?
With that I am going to bed. More work to do tomorrow and my Toastmasters meeting was shall we say, interesting. I will post that in How Was Your Day.
Re: A Palinite Get Together by sighthound on 29 December 2005 9:13am
Hey, I probably will be moving, in the next year or so, to very near to Branson's spaceport. I'd been thinking of applying for any guinea pig position they might have available for someone of my advanced age.

I did a bunch of space docs for kids in the 80's - best gig of my life - got to get in all the Shuttle trainers and work with astronauts who are the most utterly amazing people I've ever met.

BTW, Airborne is great!
Re: A Palinite Get Together by tucsonmike on 29 December 2005 5:11pm
Isn't Airborne great? Probably after the New Year, we will get more response to this thread.
It doesn't have to be Richard Branson. That is what my poor fevered mind thought of at the moment.
I'll check in later when I am at the museum.
Re: A Palinite Get Together by canaveralgumby on 29 December 2005 7:17pm
You go ahead, Tuscon!

"And we shall watch. And pray." :^)
Re: A Palinite Get Together by tucsonmike on 29 December 2005 8:30pm
LOL! Cori. Sounds like Sir Robin in the Holy Grail. I'm not afraid.
Re: A Palinite Get Together by Tauriel on 3 January 2006 10:30am
A crazy, but a very interesting idea, Mike! ;-) Good luck.
Re: A Palinite Get Together by tucsonmike on 4 January 2006 2:06am
Of course, it's a crazy idea, Maria!:-) It came in a dream! LOL! Especially if Mr. Branson, gets his spaceport in New Mexico.
Hey, this isn't the only possibility. Keep the ideas coming...
Re: A Palinite Get Together by peripatetically on 4 January 2006 3:09pm
Well, just to remind any old folk here who might wander in again.... remember how we all wanted a "First Annual Palinite Reunion"? Many wanted it in the UK, but that left out so many others who would liked to have attended. The plans, unfortunately, never came to fruition. They wanted to invite Michael and that was shot down as he's too busy (I'm not sure who or where it came from, but someone said he wouldn't support something to more or less honor himself and wouldn't agree to speak or be a guest to it.) Can't really remember the details anymore. lol
Finding an agreeable location, too, was the glitch.

The problem was that many said they'd certainly travel the distance to attend, but that was those scattered throughout England. At the time, we had loads of others from around the world who felt really sad they couldn't be includedand who hardly responded to the suggestion. But it would be fun for all of us to meet, wouldn't it?

Some of us already have, in fact. Two of us have become long time boy-friend -girlfriend. I have met Phyll and family and plan on doing so again this summer (I went to Scotland from USA and she is coming here); Phyll has met Lyn and Stephanie; many met together in Chicago; some have traveled to NZ and met Ellen, I believe; Kaz and Missy met a few times; Lyn has met several people, including the two lovebugs. Ah, how this site has bonded us together!!!!! Michael, we owe you one, fella! Tony has met Phyll too. And I know I've left some out. Also, some of us are now regularly sending presents for birthdays and Christmas, calling each other long distance and feel we've made lifelong friendships, considered family now.

Who would've thought.....?????

So keep your dreams alive. Even one face to face meeting is better than none, right? it's a big world but small in some respects. Dreams do come true. I never expected so much from a web site, but very good things happened for me!

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