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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Remember How Lucky We All Are. by bIG bLOGGER on 2 December 2008 3:42pm
You have EAGLES where you live,Pete?
I've only got blackbirds and starlings...hardly very exciting!
Re: Remember How Lucky We All Are. by Lounge Trekker on 2 December 2008 4:47pm
There are quite a few Bald eagles mostly, but I did see a Golden from up close a few years ago. I know little about their group behaviour, if they stay in family groups, I don't know. Beautiful birds, but they appear to be lazy, waiting until another bird has found food before they try to steal it from them!

I was dredging the archive looking for a suitable posting to add a description of this bird event and chose this one...but not before some of our previously posted craziness affected my brain!

Relapsed Trekker
Re: Remember How Lucky We All Are. by kazzzz on 3 December 2008 11:47am
We have Wedged Tail eagles where I live, they're over our heads a lot, you know when they're there coz all the animals below go berserk with fear!
Re: Remember How Lucky We All Are. by mrsteabag on 3 December 2008 4:37pm
We are on a migratory path for bald eagles in winter, and have hawks year round. We also have deer and raccoons, and possums, and geese. Let's not forget coyotes.
Re: Remember How Lucky We All Are. by canaveralgumby on 3 December 2008 7:52pm
bLogger, I've got peacocks! They are not indigenous. they were introduced in my area by a farmer whose family sold the farm and just released them, sometime in the late 1800's. They are very special to us in town, but they do make very large droppings.

On the subject of "remember how lucky," I've been feeling sorry for myself because my house is under a bit of demolition. We have not had a floor, just cement sub-floor, since August - "Fay." Other than that, the house is fine. Last night, Rachel Maddow was showing how 300 miles of Texas coast, decimated by "Ike," remains exactly as it was the day after the hurricane. Not one iota - no, wait, sorry, approx. 100 YARDS - has been cleaned up. Put my mussed up house in perspective.
Re: Remember How Lucky We All Are. by mrsthing on 4 December 2008 5:36pm
We have bald and golden eagles here in Connecticut in the winter. They're fairly easy to find if you don't mind traipsing around in the cold. They come down here to feed on the fish in the Connecticut River, which is open in all but the coldest years. They are supposedly nesting in the state, but I don't know where--not near me, anyway.

I have 3 species of hawks that keep the mourning dove population under control: Cooper's, Red-tailed, and Red-Shouldered. The Red-shouldered nested about 100 feet from my house this year. The parents took out a few gray squirrels (we're overrun with them!). We heard them calling incessantly back and forth as they taught their babies to fly. One year, the Red-Tails tried to nest near our house. We saw them working on a nest, then one morning as I was watching them through the scope, I saw them mate. It doesn't take long with birds, but afterward, the male dismounted on the branch and preened a bit, and the female adjusted her wings and sidled up to the male, leaning against him and closing her eyes blissfully. So SWEET! But a big storm came up, and the tree they'd built in was swaying violently in the wind. I saw her look at him as she clung to the nest, and she looked worried and a little sad. He looked kind of sad, too. They abandoned the nest. I don't know if they had an egg, but Red-Tails only have one baby a year. I suppose if they'd abandoned an egg, she could have had another one--it was still early in the season. I saw them later a few miles north, hunting and flying into a clump of trees. (I know it was them, because the female was HUGE!) So I was glad they found a place, and I hope their baby survived.

I'm lucky to live:

Near a major highway, so I can get stuff I need;
Near some wonderful grocery stores, so I can get food I like;
In a town with a lovely lake beach and an ocean beach;
Where wild animals coexist with humans (had three deer in my back yard yesterday!);
In a warm, safe house;
With people I love.

Everyone's grousing about the economy, but I have everything I need and quite a few things I want, so I'm not complaining. I feel rich!
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