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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Did I overreact? by kazzzz on 18 July 2007 1:49pm
Thanx guys:) I felt kinda bad when he walked away. I know he's trying to earn a living but not many welcome people knockong on your door and being pushy.
Re: Did I overreact? by peripatetically on 18 July 2007 1:57pm
Kaz, you were right to keep him out and he was absolutely rude and out of line insisting on personal information from you. Not only that, with only a simple paper handmade ID, it would alert me immediately that he could possibly be a criminal. I never let anyone in the door I don't know. Always insist on the proper official" ID even when it seems safe. Official ID is willingly offered and if it isn't, watch out! One's safety is the first rule here. In fact, a sad commentary for current times, but one is advised to never open the door until you are 100% sure you know with whom you are dealing. Sometimes Isimply ask who's there without opening the inside door too.
So, Kaz, you did the right thing. Too many scam artists are out there and your safety is a priority. This advice also goes for men too, not just the ladies!!!!!!
Re: Did I overreact? by johnnythemonkey on 18 July 2007 2:09pm
Re: Did I overreact? by Wheelrim on 18 July 2007 2:12pm
Talking of spelling mistakes JTM, you probably meant `WERE you educated in America?
Re: Did I overreact? by johnnythemonkey on 18 July 2007 2:14pm
Wheelnut, you are a cop. What more need I say.
Re: Did I overreact? by tucsonmike on 18 July 2007 11:20pm
How can you call Karen scary? You haven't met her?

Number one, the man who came to the door, should have seen Karen is pregnant and may not be comfortable or inviting to begin with.

Number two, he was already invading Karen's space.

Karen did you overreact? Maybe if you killed him. BTW in Arizona, this fool might have been shot. (No, I am not allowed to have a gun).
Re: Did I overreact? by johnnythemonkey on 18 July 2007 11:27pm
Mike, believe me...........Karen is very scary. ( and gorgeous )
Re: Did I overreact? by kazzzz on 19 July 2007 1:56am
Speaking of guns, Jess and I were in a coffee shop in the main street of our town a few days ago and a guy was walking in front of us with a belt holding a pistol, a flick knife and what we think was mace. He came into the same shop. He had no identifying features as a policeman or anything and we were a bit shocked. Noone else but the waitress, who commented to us, paid any attention whatsoever. He MAY have been a policeman but he had nothig to say that he was, walking around in broad daylight with noone looking twice. Makes you wonder.
Re: Did I overreact? by johnnythemonkey on 19 July 2007 2:49am
It was probably my brother kazz. He's harmless. But the gun is lethal.
Re: Did I overreact? by Miss-M on 19 July 2007 7:34am
No, you didn't overreact, Kazzzz. It's bad enough having to deal with telemarketers and it's even worse when they're on your doorstep and in your face. Angela actually had a sign on her previous property which said something like:

No hawkers.
No canvassers.
No religious persons.
If you don't know me, don't knock!

Something to think about, eh? ;)
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