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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 9 September 2008 1:38am
This is a blog that linked to mine. A riot!

Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 9 September 2008 5:12am
From BBC

Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by Spursfan on 9 September 2008 9:41am
Excellent Mike! [The post before last I mean!!]

Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by bIG bLOGGER on 9 September 2008 5:31pm
Not everybody likes Sarah Palin!
Read some of the journalism/articles by CHARLEY JAMES,or LINDA MILAZZO.
She has not been allowed to give any interviews to the Press,so far..what are her people afraid of?
Many journalists would like to interview her.
I'm not surprised to learn that Sarah supported Pat Buchanan in his bid for the Presidency (Read under: SARAH PALIN SUPPORTED PAT BUCHANAN FOR PRESIDENT/sensico website);Buchanan is a veteran Right-Winger,a Second Amendment 'No-Nonsense' type of politician.
Apart from the obvious 'eye-candy' reasons,I think McCain chose Palin basically to mobilise the 40 million voters of the nation's Evangelical Right,who won it twice for Dubya Bush.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by mrsthing on 9 September 2008 8:01pm
She's so far to the right of right that she makes the mainstream conservative evangelicals look like liberals! Some are having second thoughts--at least, some of the ones I know.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by geordiegirl on 10 September 2008 1:04am
Oh, I know, geraldine - all that milk and honey. What kind of a varied diet is that.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 10 September 2008 4:31am
Enjoy this clip from the Times of London I put on my blog.

His name is Joe Bageant. Picture a philosophical Jeff Foxworthy.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by bIG bLOGGER on 10 September 2008 3:14pm
Very interesting article,mike.I had not seen it before.It appeared on 03 August,2008. Joe Bageant went to Winchester,Virginia,to discover "Redneck America",where they 'drink beer,act dumb,and vote Republican'...yes,Obama should be worried,indeed. Joe's book is titled: "Deer hunting with Jesus":---obviously he's being slyly sardonic.

mike,you may like to look at another very interesting article in the TIMES, in today's edition, September 10,2008,called:"Sarah Palin,the Pastor and the Prophecy:Judgement Day is nigh"..
It has already attracted 73 comments!

Generally,it seems,commentators have been fairly kindly-disposed towards McCain,but some nevertheless have questioned the wisdom of Republicans electing a 72-year old Vietnam veteran to be President for the next 4 years,when he has already had 4 bouts of cancer.If he should be hospitalised,who would take over as President?..Step forward the pit-bull hockey mom from OuterSpace,or rather the 49th State of the Union.

In his Convention speech,McCain was at least polite about his rival,Barack Obama,saying he had "Respect" for him. The same cannot be said for Sarah P. who treats her political opponents with malicious contempt and derision.
In his blog:
Charley James,a journalist from Toronto,relates how,interviewing locals in Sarah's home town of Wasilla,he found many frightened to talk.But he spoke to Lucille, a waitress,who overheard Sarah and her cronies at lunch in her restaurant,one day, discussing the Obama win over his rival Hillary Clinton, for the Democrat nomination.The governor,seemingly not caring who heard her,laughed loudly as she slagged off the both of them:
"So Sambo beat the bitch,Ha!"
Lucille added:"It was kind of disgusting,but that's just Alaska."
Locals who know Palin say she regularly refers to Alaska's aboriginal people as "Arctic Arabs",as well as the more colorful "mukluks",along with the crude "f**king Eskimos"
On Monday,September 8,Palin had been due to appear campaigning in Tampa,Florida,though when her campaign manager heard that Hillary Clinton was making a high-profile tour through Florida the same day,the Palin event was swiftly cancelled. No reason was given.
Further sightings of the scary Alaskan cow-moose:
It emerged that in January,this year,when interviewed on Alaskan talk radio with host Bob Lester,the Alaskan governor repeatedly laughed out loud on air when talking about her opponent Lyda Green,the Alaskan state senate president,calling her "a bitch" and "cancer". It was posted on YouTube. Senator Green is a lucky cancer victim survivor.

One hopes there is more of this political muckraking to come.It's all grist to the mill.

Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 10 September 2008 7:06pm
I saw that other article, Pete.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by johnnythemonkey on 10 September 2008 11:50pm
I'm a deep political thinker, so I'd vote for Sarah Palin because.....she's hot ! :)
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