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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by mrsthing on 11 September 2008 2:02am
Going on physical appearance alone, she reminds me of those girls in high school who were always being followed by 4-6 sycophants and who pretty much ran the social life at the school. The ones even the teachers sucked up to. Yecch.

But voting based on emotional or gut reactions is stupid. That's what got us into the mess we're in for the last 8 years.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by MMMmmm... on 11 September 2008 2:33am
Yeah! mrs thing! You go girl!

We need to try to separate politics from entertainment.

Sarcasm and telling jokes don't qualify you for office.

We need competence, not girl or boy popularity.

The Presidency is not a joke. George Bush is an excellent example. (And he even tap dances.)

He came into office with a surplus. Now we have a 500 billion dollar deficit. Mainly caused by his absolute mess of a war in Iraq, and tax cuts for the rich.

The rich have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer, and the resulting imbalance of wealth has broken our country's economy. The rich can't get richer off us any more. We're all in debt. They don't pay us enough. They won't even raise the minimum wage for working families.

Republican economic policies make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and cause recessions. Bush Sr. left one for Clinton, Clinton got us out of it and into surplus, created 22 million jobs. So it's time to end the myths about who governs the economy better. Republicans are selfish and greedy. Now we are in another recession.

With Bill Clinton, the rich got richer, and the poor got richer. The economy was stronger because they worked harder to have it benefit everyone.

John McCain cutting back on earmarks might help reduce the deficit a little, but it won't do very much to help most of the people. And he's likely to get us into more war debt, and continue the tax cuts for the rich and big business - who don't create more jobs - but cut benefits - and keep it for themselves.

John McCain has admitted he doesn't know anything about the economy. Sarah P. knows nothing about the national economy. He said her main national security experience is that Alaska is "next" to Russia. If that's not a sad joke - I don't know what is.

What do you think?

Not about pre-formed opinions and ideas - but about reality.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 11 September 2008 6:39am
Look, in past years, I might vote for the lesser of two evils. This year, I am voting for who will HARM me the least.

In the past, we may not have been happy with who won, but the country moved on.

This time, no matter who wins, we are going into uncharted waters. I'll start with the Republicans, since I have been having the most fun with Sarah Palin on my blog.

Like my mother and sisters, I was leaning toward McCain (I was more grudging than the three mentioned ladies). I've said this before, John McCain is my Senator and I have always supported him. As President though, he really does not understand the economy, and on Foreign Policy, on the one hand, I would feel safer, because the schoolyard bullies of the world would be less likely to mess with him. (Like with Reagan, they may think McCain too crazy to cross LOL)! On the other hand, his Foreign Policy experience is Cold War, and that is what got us into Iraq. Sarah Palin is the only executive of the four, but I don't want religion forced down my throat and I have read disturbing things about her bigotry.

Now the Democrats. My hope is Joe Biden can keep Obama grounded. Again, I am voting Democratic out of nowhere else to go, like my sisters. I think my mother is going to stay home. My favorite cousin is still voting for McCain as is a close friend.
Obama is good with groups and listening on a grassroots level. I do not think he has a real grasp of our problems. I think the Intl schoolyard bullies will see Obama as an easy mark.

I am genuinely afraid of the future for the first time. This election is splitting families and friends and raising all sorts of rancor. I really do fear for my country.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by MMMmmm... on 12 September 2008 12:16am
Threatening other countries just makes them want to build up their military arsenals more. It just makes them dislike us more. We become the bully. Many see us that way now. And many more will see McCain that way. Barack is more of an example of hope and peace for the future - of a world that lives in cooperation and unity - that understands - that is the only way to success.

And Mike, Barack has a far better grasp of the issues then you give him credit for. He's really intelligent. At Harvard, he was popular with progressives and conservatives.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 12 September 2008 5:20am
Not threaten others, but be vigilant. If one of my nephews starts the fight, he should be punished. If the other starts it, I expect my nephew to finish it.

In no way am I saying Senator Obama is stupid. I am afraid, someone like Vladimir Putin will see him as someone to take advantage of.

Go in peace, but be ready for war. Not everyone is nice (sadly enough).
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by bIG bLOGGER on 12 September 2008 2:12pm
US Democrat Bumper Stickers:

Warning:the Alaskan governor has an attitude and knows how to use it.

Sarah Palin:giving pit-bulls a bad name.

Pit-bulls?--Sarah Palin gives LIPSTICK a bad name!

You can put lipstick on a pig,honey,but it's still a pig.

You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper and call it 'change',but after 8 years it's still gonna stink.

(Add your own favourite US Election Bumper Stickers below..)
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by bIG bLOGGER on 12 September 2008 2:40pm
Full instructions on:
How to perform the 'Palin Bounce' in 3 Easy Steps (and at the same time have fun):

STEP 1: Put on trainers or track shoes,and shorts,and a 'T'-shirt with the logo:"Proud to be Valley Trash".

STEP 2:Get yourself onto the mini-trampoline.

STEP 3:Bounce up and down,vigorously clenching your teeth,shouting out loud:"I'm as goddamn pretty as a pit-bull wearing lipstick;I'm a stay-home hockey mom,I've raised 5 great kids,and--lookout--I'm all set to be the next goddamn US President!!!"

Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by mrsteabag on 12 September 2008 8:19pm
On one hand, we have a historical election this year--we will either have an African American president or a female VP. On the other...I'm going to go find my "Wouldn't You Really Rather Vote for Kermit the Frog?" button.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by MMMmmm... on 12 September 2008 9:10pm
The secret to using power effectively Mike, is to use it wisely - not recklessly. Barack is not a war monger - but he is not at all - naive. He will have the best and the brightest working with him. He will not ignore facts like Bush - nor rush to recklessness like McCain. We need brilliant leaders - not belligerent leaders.

There is an excellent new book "The Limits of Power," written by a military man, and Catholic conservative, who is now a college professor. I heard him speak for an hour on NPR. He is brilliant - he understands. I recommend it highly.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by MMMmmm... on 13 September 2008 6:01am
Also a financial expert on Washington Week said if all the possible earmarks were cut - it would only be an itty bitty bit of the deficit. Over 3 hundred billion of the deficit is Iraq alone. And they think by the time it's over, it could be 3 trillion. Most of the rest is tax cuts for the rich and big business.
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