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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by canaveralgumby on 2 September 2008 3:23pm
This teen pregnancy in the Sarah Palin household may be the best thing that ever happened in the privacy vs. "pro-life" discussion.

The Palins, and the entire McCain campaign, are almost angrily insisting that this a personal family matter and not everyone's business. They are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. That's what it is. That's what it is for EVERY family and EVERY individual, That's what we PRO-CHOICE PRO-PRIVACY people have been fighting with these ultra-conservatives about, seemingly forever.

Funny how it's a personal, private matter for them, but if Gov. Palin and people like her had their way, they would enact laws to dictate what everyone else may or may not do about a pregnancy.

Meanwhile, you socially advanced people i.e. not Americans must think us insane for still having this as an issue.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by bIG bLOGGER on 2 September 2008 5:19pm
tucsonmike:Nice to see you're scanning the LONDON TIMES,it's one of our best newspapers.Thanks also for sharing the lyrics (words) to the Melissa Lambert country song; she sounds like a real redneck woman,like that Gretchen Wilson,who I'm sure you've also heard of.
Chris Webster from Abergavenny thought a headline in the 'Guardian' referred to our (Michael) PALIN. ..Wrong! It referred of course to this headline-grabbing redneck lady from Alaska,SARAH Palin. I can easily see how we could misinterpret quite a few headlines:
For example, in yesterday's TELEGRAPH (page24) Jim White saw a headline:"Is Palin a tiresome supermom?" and thought to himself..Mmm,world traveller,yes;comic genius,yes;the nicest man in showbusiness,maybe.;tiresome supermom??,you've gotta be kidding!
Another TELEGRAPH headline read:"Palin attacked over 'Bridge to Nowhere' "..Mmmm,I thought to myself.."Oh,Dear,I hope our Michael wasn't badly injured in the attack.."
Then to cap it all,in the London TIMES,they had written:"
Wife's body identified in Mansion..
Investigators get busy digging up Palin's life..
I exclaimed:Oh my God,Michael's remains are about to be exhumed!!!!
(Beware of PALIN headlines!)
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by sighthound on 2 September 2008 8:04pm
Mrsteasbag, I also found myself initially very amused that that strong proponent of "abstinence ONLY" education should find out that it doesn't work even in her own family. That seems to happen a lot in households that try to force their religious views on everyone else.

And you're very right, too, Cori, about how we should turn this into a discussion that family matters and decisions should remain private. Obama made a great statement about that and will fire anyone in his campaign who tries to make the pregnancy an issue. That won't stop the media, of course, and all the fundamentalists I'm hearing loudly cheer the decision to keep the baby.

I'm feeling really sorry for the girl, however. There will be so much public pressure now for her to marry that she probably would not be able to resist it even if she, deep down, knows that it would be a bad idea as most marriages made because of teenage pregnancy are. And I am sure she will be trotted out forever at evangelical meetings to proclaim "I'm so glad I didn't have an abortion." The poor girl will never have any control over her life ever again. I think her mother should have recognized that when she accepted the nomination. There was absolutely no way that this wouldn't blow up into a media circus.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by peripatetically on 2 September 2008 10:36pm
From what I understand, she had already said they will marry.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 3 September 2008 2:53am
Going to watch the convention now.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 3 September 2008 5:07am
Well I am taking a break from the Republican Convention. Completely different from the Democrats. Older, more formally dressed, the theme is neighborhood and service.
Fred Thompson gave a louder, more rousing speech than anything he did during his campaign. He showed he is best @ being the attack dog.
The President spoke on video from the White House praising McCain. Mrs. Bush almost left the feeling of, "my husband may almost always be wrong, but he means well."
Last tonight was Joe Lieberman who asked Democrats to think. He called Obama a great speaker, but partisan and no substance.
Jim Lehrer hit the nail on the head. The Republicans are not completely sold on John McCain and the only way to unify them is to go after Barack Obama. They are still insecure about Sarah Palin.

Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by MMMmmm... on 3 September 2008 8:07am
Irony from Republican speeches:

"we are hard-wired for compassion..."?

"The government is not a philanthropic institution."

'Cindy McCain goes places most of us only see on TV. Places where people are poor and suffering.'

"America doesn't need to apologize"

And so much more...

Can you say "Dark Ages"?

Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by bIG bLOGGER on 3 September 2008 3:37pm
I think I'm getting the hang of this: 'palins travels' is MICHAEL PALIN'S website, and does not refer to SARAH Palin travelling home to Alaska,or East to the Convention Hall in St.Paul,Minnesota, or South to see the damage caused by Hurricane Gustav in New Orleans.
Second, SARAH Palin is not MICHAEL Palin's sister.
Third, MICHAEL Palin is not SARAH Palin's father.
...Now..let me go over that again...

SARAH Palin is to give a 'Keynote' speech tonight (billed as: 'The Speech of her Life') for the Republican Convention delegates.
But: what do we really know about Mrs.Palin, or her family,or--come to that--about Alaska?? (I'll have to ASK her!!):This is what I have gleaned so far:

1. The Capital of Alaska is Juneau,it isn't even accessible by land.
2. Sarah Palin isn't a native Alaskan--she was born in Idaho,and her family left Idaho when she was 3 months old.
3. Until 2006,she held the position of Mayor of Wasilla (pop. 6715),which is 1-hour N.E. of Anchorage.When her father Chuck moved the family to Wasilla,the pop.was only 400.
4. Sarah's husband,Todd,is one-eighth Inuit (Eskimo tribe) and is a B.P. Oil executive and Fishery boss, and a snowmobile-racing champion.
5.Sarah has 3 daughters, named:Bristol,17(after Bristol Bay, where they fish for salmon);Willow,13(named after a ptarmigan breed);Piper Indy,7(named after a plane and a snowmobile). Also 2 sons,named Track,19(after her running track),and Trig(baby boy:'trigger happy'?).
6. Epicenter Press,a tiny Alaskan publisher,has received orders for 45,000 copies of 'Sarah-The Biography' in a matter of days.Previously they couldn't even give copies away.
7. The Russians sold the land of Alaska to the U.S. in 1867 for 7.2million dollars. In 2008,thanks to massive oil wealth,the GDP of Alaska is now worth more than 41 Billion dollars. (Vladimir Putin:Don't read this!)
8. Alaska and Russia are a mere 3 miles apart at their closest point in the Bering strait...Sarah Palin and Dmitri Medvedev: get your skis on,or hitch up your husky sleds..The gap is crossable in winter when the ice is frozen.

I'm sure we will be hearing a whole lot more in due course...

Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 3 September 2008 7:08pm
I'll watch the speeches tonight after I get home from Toastmasters.

It has already been a long crazy election campaign, sigh.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by MMMmmm... on 3 September 2008 9:57pm
I do find it outrageous that they're trying to blame everything on Democrats, when it's been Bush and a previously dominated Republican congress that got us into this mess we're in.

It's very convenient how much they omit responsibility.

Fred Thompson said this:

"Spending at home that threatens to bankrupt future generations. For decades an expanding government ... increasingly wasteful and too often incompetent."

Hello - that's the Bush Adm. Clinton left him with a surplus and 22 million new jobs created - the most successful socio-economic Adm. in history.

It is Republican policies and Republicans in power that brought us to this record deficit, war, economic downturn, etc.

And it is no coincidence that when Democrat Bill Clinton came into office, we had a deficit and recession from the Reagan/Bush Senior runs.

That is the difference between having a brilliant Rhodes scholar like Clinton, and a rich good time boy like Bush.

I find it interesting that Republicans who were so interested in Clinton's sex life - are saying: 'hands off Sarah Palin - this is a private family matter.' Ha.

Would we make a president swear an oath about his masterbation habits? Where does it end?

And Fred Thompson said this about Democrats:

"Listening to them you'd think that we were in the middle of a great depression; that we are down, disrespected and incapable of prevailing against challenges facing us."

Yes - that's why Obama's message is "Yes We Can!" Because we know how "incapable" we are. That's why we say: "We're Incap-able!" "We're Incap-able!"

Why don't the Republicans get how bad financial circumstances are for most Americans?

From what I can tell so far, they don't get a lot of things. They really think the American public is naive enough to still just believe whatever they say.

I think Bush has taught us that just because you say something - doesn't make it true.

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