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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by AGM on 3 September 2008 10:18pm
A woman who likes to chase animals around and kill them worries me :( .
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by sighthound on 4 September 2008 12:50am
I was so furious at all the warmongering going on by all these wealthy, self-satisfied white people who would never, ever consider going into the armed forces. They're still pretending that Iraq was a threat to the U.S. when that has been TOTALLY discredited and then they pat themselves on the back by "honoring" heroes. The tribute to the soldier who fell on the grenade to save his friends had me yelling at the tv set that he was sent there to die to garner obscene profits for Haliburton and the oil companies and we NEED splendid young people like that here at home. That's how you honor them!
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by Ellerd on 4 September 2008 12:51pm
It could be worse, AGM. At least she doesn't shoot her friends, unlike the current VP... :-)
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 4 September 2008 2:08pm
I watched last night. I had never seen Rudy Giuliani that animated. Another case of "where was that during his campaign, LOL)!
Sarah Palin's speech made me laugh in a couple of places, but she has a long way to go to be Harry Truman. She alluded to that.
Geraldine, I did not see the Republican delegates as wealthy. They are small town America. I got the feeling the country club types have been shoved to the perimeter. They are still there, but not "out front."
The Conventions are rah rah no matter what. It has been interesting to watch the dynamics of both conventions, but you cannot base your vote on them.
After November 4th, the next important dates are the Inauguration on January 20th and May 1st (the end of the first 100 days of the new Presidency).
Hillary Clinton would do best to stay in the Senate, master that and become what Ted Kennedy became.
I am still waiting for the debates.
You are correct, Ellerd. At least Sarah Palin is a better shot than Dick Cheney.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by canaveralgumby on 4 September 2008 6:37pm
I was almost frightened watching the convention last night. Frightened of:

* repeated chants of "DRILL BABY DRILL" I say we get the addresses of all the people who chanted that, and start drilling for oil near their homes right away.

* Tho mass, mob booing of the statement, paraphrased here, "The Democrats are only concerned, when we arrest a terror suspect, that we read him his rights." LOUD BOOING I tell you. Every single American, no matter who we are, ought to thank their god every day that an arrestee gets read their rights and gets due process. Holy s**t.

* the passing around of a 4-month-old Downs Syndrome infant like a prop.

* the WAR-MONGERING. Yeah, that's right, you Republicans, you keep on believing that the rest of us really don't put our country first, we really do want to hand it over to Islamic terrorists, and on and on... Based on the verbiage, I have to assume that these people believe we are at war AGAINST Iraq, and that victory or defeat there CAN be defined. I have yet to hear that definition. Maybe in their minds, they are defining victory as defeat OF the Iraqis? WTF??

Throughout his political career, McCain was NOT like he is now. He was very principled. He was a reformer. I guess you friends of ours, overseas, have to take our word for that. I still can't see the lobotomy scars on his head OR Giulliani's, it's uncanny, they did a really good job. WHEN the hell did GIULLIANI become so ignorant and spiteful and ridiculing? I don't ever recall him being nasty and arrogant like that. He was not one to oversimplify issues or resort to pandering catch phrases.

WHAT goes ON in the back rooms of the Republican Party? Room 101?!?!

...and my biggest fear: Sarah Palin is FORMIDABLE and the Democratic machine, and Biden in particular, will underestimate her.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by AGM on 4 September 2008 6:57pm
Good point Ellerd :) .
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by sighthound on 4 September 2008 8:53pm
Mike, they may not be wealthy in a national context but they are the local wealthy and I know them well. They are the people Sarah Palin pleased when she was mayor of her small town by lowering the property taxes on the land and buildings they owned; then she raised sales taxes which disproportionally adversely affected the people who rented from those local landowners, the local wealthy. Sarah Palin is a horror, a barbie doll with delusions of grandeur.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by ev on 4 September 2008 9:38pm
Goddamn I just watched a bit of her speech.. what a whiny, incredibly irritating voice she possesses.. it was really hard to listen to.. and why all the press about her being 'tough'? She seems very very average to me.. perhaps the Republicans' attempt at a pin-up girl? Looks better than the others on the camera perhaps? These politicians are all just puppets anyhow. Just jabbering puppets..
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by tucsonmike on 5 September 2008 1:20am
I am doing a parody speech for TV Toastmasters tonight called "The Other Palin," meaning Sarah Palin. As for her supporters, Michael Palin is probably "the other Palin," she is for me.
Cori, you are right in that, lifelong residents of Arizona say they can see the change in Senator McCain.
I am having fun picking on both candidates, but now I am voting for Obama the way Elaine is. We may be nervous about the candidates and the future, (I feel better with Biden on the ticket). We are voting for the platform more than the candidates.
I feel with Obama as though I am debating whether I should dive off a high board and then someone pushes me.
I will post the silly speech I am doing tonight later.
Re: Palin for Vice President [NOT silly] by sighthound on 5 September 2008 4:10am
Welcome back from the dark side, Mike! <G> Looking forward to reading that speech.

I just watched McCain's speech and I found myself feeling rather sad. He had that "deer in the headlights" look quite a few times. This is not the vibrant man I voted for when I lived in Arizona.

I take care of an elderly relative with Alzheimer's. Now, in California, there is absolutely no bar to voting when your mind's half gone; if you're breathing, you can vote. Marlys is a life-long Democrat and has never voted for a Republican but the other day she astounded me when she said she wasn't going to vote for Obama because he's "too slick". I questioned her further and it seemed the real reason was that he was young and black and it was sad to see her revert to the racism of her youth because she was anything but racist when her mind was strong. But tonight, Marlys said that she wouldn't vote for McCain because his wife's hair was "messy". I can only hope that the people who won't for Obama because he's black will be offset by the advocates of good grooming who won't vote for Mrs. McCain for First Lady.
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