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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Inauguration Logistics by peripatetically on 12 January 2009 2:00am
SIGH, I'm afraid we'll be bombarded with lots of trivial info. lol.
Re: Inauguration Logistics by tucsonmike on 12 January 2009 12:41pm
CNN had some information about logistics yesterday. Fifty-eight different police agencies are going to help out with security.
I liked the sports commentators style thing.
Re: Inauguration Logistics by Lounge Trekker on 12 January 2009 4:15pm
I like it too. With digital television we should be able to select the commentators we wish to hear: audio channel one for the standard talking heads; ac 2 for blonde, bustuous scantiliy clad young women; ac 3 for right-wing, bomb 'em flat war-mongers; ac 4 for socially progressive, compasionate people; ac 5 for holy-rollers, fire 'n' brimstone; ac 6 du---uh, if you're not with us you're against us...

Lounge Seer
Re: Inauguration Logistics by tucsonmike on 14 January 2009 1:06pm
I was talking to an installer yesterday, who was working on the DC Courthouse. (That is the "local" courthouse. DC is a Federal Territory, so it is a Federal Courthouse, even though the cases they deal with are the local police blotter).

I asked him what was DC like. He said parts of it are beginning to look like an armed camp. He was an hour and a half late for the job, because he was driving down Connecticut Avenue and traffic was stopped. A "suspicious van" was spotted on Connecticut Avenue at the Van Ness Metro stop.

Six days and counting...
Re: Inauguration Logistics by peripatetically on 14 January 2009 1:38pm
Ya know,the festivities actually begin over the weekend with concerts and such. So it's going to be miserable for more than a day.
Re: Inauguration Logistics by bIG bLOGGER on 15 January 2009 4:05pm
Mr.Obama will surely only have to give one of his trademark beaming smiles and the sun will come out!! Let's hope so..

I know there is a lot of excitement around about the incoming incumbent of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...Not least regarding his promise to his 2 young daughters of a puppy in the White House.

I suppose I should consult our resident canine expert 'sighthound' here,when asking:What kind of breed of puppy would be best?
Let's see...they could have..Afghan Hound,Corgi,Chihuahua,Skye Terrier,German Shepherd,Boxer,Bassett Hound,Rottweiler(?),..Saluki,Portuguese Water Hound,Greyhound,French Poodle,Labrador..wait a minute..how about a Labradoodle??..

I know Obama will be the new 'Top Dog' in the White House,but Sasha and Malia will be real proud of their pet pooch.
(All suggestions welcome)

Footnote:Bush's companion dog 'Barney' is a 'Scottie',or Scottish Terrier,a breed which is incredibly loyal and usually docile,but in November last year Barney bit the finger of a Reuters reporter,perhaps reflecting Bush's well-known disdain for the press pack.
Re: Inauguration Logistics by sighthound on 15 January 2009 7:45pm
You wouldn't believe all the controversy about the Presidential Pooch going on on the animal lists!

Given one of their daughter's allergies, the Obamas have decided on either a Portuguese Water Dog or a Labradoodle since they are reputed to cause the fewest allergies. However, Labradoodles are not a breed but a mix and do not breed true and can be very allergenic so I hope they opt for the Portuguese. (Poodles also cause very few allergies but would be an invitation for lots of bad political cartoons.)

There is an EXTRAORDINARY amount of pressure being put on the Obamas to get their puppy from a shelter. Biden is being excoriated all over the place right now for buying a GSD pup from a breeder. But finding a verifiably pure-bred PWD puppy in a shelter will be next to impossible. They might get one that is identified as a PWD but, since the majority of dogs identified as "purebreds" in shelters definitely aren't, they might get a highly allergenic mix. I imagine that some breeder will, behind the scenes, "donate" a PWD pup to a shelter that will be earmarked for the White House. There is also PWD rescue. PWDs are a rare breed with loooooong waiting lists at the rescues but I'm sure the First Kids would be bumped to the top of the list.
Re: Inauguration Logistics by Lounge Trekker on 15 January 2009 7:48pm
For sure, The First Dog will be a lucky puppy!

Howlin' Trekker
Re: Inauguration Logistics by mrsthing on 16 January 2009 1:26am
I heard that some people were up in arms because the Obamas are keeping Bush's chef! Apparently, they want the ENTIRE Bush administration out. That's just crazy.
Re: Inauguration Logistics by sighthound on 16 January 2009 6:51am
Well, the controversy was that some people wanted a new chef who represents the locavore movement (sustainably produced local foodstuffs) but it turns out that Bush's chef was a closet locavore so no problem....
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