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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: I emailed a letter... by peripatetically on 9 December 2009 6:11pm
I like Susan Boyle tremendously. She's probably lucky not to be bothered with men. Lord, they can be a pain! lol.
Re: I emailed a letter... by Spursfan on 9 December 2009 9:05pm
Ooo-er! I am so sorry that you have all been buying it in vain!!

I had an email from the Daily Mail today that read "Just to put your mind at rest - we are going to use your letter, it's just we've had a lot of dogs everywhere recently and we're trying to space them out a bit! I will let you know when your letter is in so you're sure not to miss the paper."

It doesn't really matter to us because we have the Daily Mail anyway (and the Mail on Sunday on, well - Sunday!) but I will let you know when I get the email so you can save up all your 50ps (or 45ps if you are north of the border) and buy lots of copies of that day's edition hahaha!!

Re: I emailed a letter... by Spursfan on 14 December 2009 8:12pm
Well it's probably too late to tell you all, but it was in the Daily Mail today (Monday 14th).

Trouble is, I have been with my sister (from NZ) today and this is the first chance after buying the paper to let you know!!

They have missed a few bits out (for example I refered several times to an article that had been in a day or two before and was the reason I wrote the letter in the first place - but they have missed that out! Probably because it is so long since the article!).

[Incidentally my sister and I had a great catch-up. Wish she didn't have to go back, really.]

Re: I emailed a letter... by johnnythemonkey on 15 December 2009 7:11am
Just read it Anne, as I didn't look at the paper yesterday. You expressed your point of view well and that was a good pic of you and Tosun !
Re: I emailed a letter... by Spursfan on 15 December 2009 8:41am
Thank you, Johnny!

Re: I emailed a letter... by suzulu on 15 December 2009 10:45am
Do you think it will be online? I didn't buy the paper yesterday.
Re: I emailed a letter... by johnnythemonkey on 15 December 2009 10:46am
Can't you post a link to the article Anne ? I buy The Daily Mail but last week when you expected your letter to be published, I couldn't find a link on the online version to the letters page.
Re: I emailed a letter... by Spursfan on 15 December 2009 12:11pm
I tried to find a link to the letters page last week but came to the conclusion that although they have an online version of the paper, to read the 'real' paper online you have to subscribe!!

I am trying to figure out a way of linking you to a copy of it. I scanned it yesterday but had to do it in 2 goes as it doesn't comfortably fit A4!! Typical.

Anyway, come hell or high water you will ALL be bored by this article SOMEHOW, I am determined of that!!

Re: I emailed a letter... by bIG bLOGGER on 17 December 2009 3:52pm
I bought a copy of Monday's DAILY MAIL,and was pleased to see Anne Ali's letter and picture. Tosun the Staffie seems like a cute,healthy doggie.

I have always argued that it's the bad owner who makes a dog bad-tempered,and this is not just about certain breeds. Therefore,as Anne points out from personal experience,Staffordshire bull terriers are no worse and no more dangerous than any other breed.
Coincidentally,this week the DAILY MIRROR launched a campaign in its pages to do something about "devil dogs" but again,it's the owners who need to be disciplined first.

Good letter,Anne,and congrats on getting into the MAIL Letters page [at last].
Re: I emailed a letter... by Spursfan on 17 December 2009 4:14pm
Thank you b-b!!

Getting Tosun to settle for the photo was not easy!! I said to the photographer 'what is it they say about not working with children and animals?!!' and he laughed and agreed.

Tosun just wanted to give this new person fuss (and be fussed by him) - but of course that doesn't make for a good photo. We had to wait for about 10 mins for his excitement to wear down (a bit!!). A new person to love!!

Then I had to leave his collar and lead on so that I could keep him where we wanted him to be and not where HE wanted to be, i.e. where the photographer was!!

First a few photos were taken with us both on the floor (the pic in the Mail is from this group); then both on the settee looking forward (he'd settled a lot by now) and then looking sideways.

Glad you liked it b-b; I am still working out how to put it on here. I have scanned it in 2 parts (it is too big for one) and the husband is going to join it together. Maybe I can then send it to Holger OR send him the photo and copy and paste the letter here?

I'll sort it out somehow.


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