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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: I emailed a letter... by johnnythemonkey on 17 December 2009 4:35pm
My sis-in-law has a Staffie Anne and a friendlier dog you couldn't meet. She's called Shuggie ! Goodness knows why. She gets so excited when we ( or anyone ) visits, it takes about ten minutes for her to calm down. She must be at least 13, Meg isn't sure as her sis got the dog when a relative in Newcastle died ( the original owner. )

That's not a bad idea Anne, about sending Holger the pic from the newspaper and you could just type out the letter as it appeared.
Re: I emailed a letter... by Spursfan on 17 December 2009 7:06pm
Thanks Johnny.

By the way, talking about Staffies (as you were!!) they reckon that Staffies are 'puppies' until they are at least 2 years old!! And I can readily agree with that!

Tosun is 5 now and shows no sign yet of slowing down. He's full of energy and life even though he has 4 or 5 walks a day (and we wouldn't want him any other way). In fact on the rare occasion that he has not been well, it has been easy to tell because his tail (normally CONSTANTLY up and waggy except during fireworks and thunder) is clamped firmly between his back legs!!

Average life expectancy for a Staffie is 10, but we have met so many owners whose dogs are way over that and still loving life (as Shuggie obviously is) that we are optimistic for Tosun.

We want him with us forever! :(
Re: I emailed a letter... by johnnythemonkey on 17 December 2009 7:19pm
I think that I may have told you this before Anne but Shuggie once ( a couple of years ago) got so excited when we visited and petted her, that she peed ! She is obviously old enough to be well house-trained but excitement and possibly old age got the better of her.
Jacquie was embarrassed at her dog but luckily she did it on wooden flooring rather than carpets ! Poor thing. And the dog. ;)
Re: I emailed a letter... by sighthound on 17 December 2009 7:52pm
I so hope you can get the article posted somewhere that those of us who can't get the Daily Mail can see it, Anne!

The "bully" breeds need as much good publicity as they can get right now since the media just LOVES lurid stories about Dangerous Dogs ("If it bleeds, it leads") and almost all those dogs are labeled a "pit bulls". (I have frequently seen labs and retriever mixes and other breeds identified as pit bulls.)

If you brought Tosun to Denver, Colorado, he could be confiscated from you and killed even though you were just passing through. Over 2000 dogs have been stolen and killed by that city since they passed that law, even though none of those dogs had done ANYTHING wrong.

Fortunately, some places that have banned all the bully breeds are now rescinding their laws since their bite and injury statistics were not changed by the bans.

Good going, Anne!
Re: I emailed a letter... by Spursfan on 17 December 2009 10:27pm
Omigod I am NEVER NEVER NEVER going to even pass through Denver Colorado with Tosun!!! That is TERRIBLE!! How can they possibly get away with a law like that?

Here it is then:

Dear Sirs,

I was dismayed at the scaremongering which followed the tragic death of John-Paul Massey (Mail). Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the most gentle, loving, loyal dogs you could wish for, famously known as ‘the nanny dogs’ as they are so good with children.

So much so, in fact that for their ‘Pet Adoption Week’ last June the R.S.P.C.A. urged people to “Re-home a Staffie”, saying that the problem was only irresponsible owners who exploited the Staffie’s eagerness to please by training them to show aggression.

As RSPCA chief vet Mark Evans said in K9 Magazine: “Staffies have had a terrible press, but this is not of their own making – in fact they’re wonderful dogs. If people think that Staffies have problems, they’re looking at the wrong end of the dog lead!”

Our precious five year old Staffordshire bull terrier has a full pedigree and is Kennel Club registered. He’s boisterous, full of life and is, as we put it, ‘a sponge’ – soaking up fuss and love.

We've cherished him since he was 5 weeks old and have been rewarded many-fold by his love. He sleeps on our bed at night, and snuggles up to us whenever he gets a chance. A Staffie just craves love and attention.

My husband and I have long held the view that there should be a dog licence. Responsible dog owners would be willing to pay for such a licence, whereas unscrupulous ones would, hopefully, be put off.

But if the cost of the licence is pitched at £500 (as suggested), it would put off not only unscrupulous would-be owners, but responsible ones, too. Perhaps £50 or even £100 would be more realistic.
Re: I emailed a letter... by peripatetically on 17 December 2009 11:58pm
My Willy's (the dachshund) vet said the same thing about most dogs, Ann--- 2 years old. Then 8 is geriatric age for dogs. We just discussed it a week ago with him.
Re: I emailed a letter... by kazzzz on 18 December 2009 4:22am
That's a great letter Anne :) Now where's the picture??????? ;)
Re: I emailed a letter..NOW SEE THE PICTURE!!! by Spursfan on 23 December 2009 3:38pm
Holger has kindly put my pic up, but is only keeping it there a few days because of copyright probs.

So if you want to see it - go now!!


Re: I emailed a letter..NOW SEE THE PICTURE!!! by johnnythemonkey on 23 December 2009 4:29pm
Seen it Anne....and in the Mail.
I quite fancy Tosun....my big mate Tam will take you home. ;)

Annie...you know I luv ya.
Re: I emailed a letter... by mrsteabag on 23 December 2009 8:11pm
Awww!! Tosun has such a great smile. Give him a kiss from Aunty Fran, please!
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