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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Today's UK Budget by Spursfan on 23 June 2010 7:14am
The husband and I were pleased to see that single parents will be encouraged to find work when their youngest child goes to work, but I can see SOME scroungers having more and more kids to prevent this!!

Also pleased to see that they are thinking of the anomaly of Child Benefit - it shouldn't be paid across the board. Sadly they wimped out and only froze it for a couple of years instead of either taxing or means testing it (personally I would go for the latter but both methods would be difficult as Osbourne said).

Not sure how I feel about them stopping the Health in Pregnancy grant and making the Sure Start grant for the first child only. However the husband's view is 'if you can't afford them, don't have them' (kids) so he approves. I just think that this govt is making life even harder for those who have little (through no fault of their own - I'm not talking about scroungers here).

The other thing I am mainly interested in (not being a drinker or a smoker) is the new assessment for DLA which will come into force in 2013. I actually have this benefit (for life), and at the moment do not have to have medicals for it becuase of the illness I have. I am not concerned at having to have an assessment (and I don't know yet if I will have to) but in the case of my illness I can be unable to function one day and be ok the next - what if I am assessed on an 'ok' day? I'm not a scrounger and am genuinely ill - but I may not qualify after their assessment??

On the otherhand my ex-son in law, who has been a violent, drunken scrounger all the time we have known him (20 years, since he was 22), also received DLA and is faking it (I have reported him to the fraud line but they haven't investigated it because I don't have proof). I would like to think this assessment would weed out peope like him, but I bet it won't.

Oh well, just my three-penn'orth for what it's worth!!

[How many words in that, Johnny?!!]
Re: Today's UK Budget by Ken Dunn on 23 June 2010 8:56am
I never liked talking about politics or religion, jtm. How would you tackle the deficit without borrowing even more money?
Re: Today's UK Budget by perfectbitch on 23 June 2010 11:24am
Although some of the measures look like they'll be effective, (Eg. Tax credits for families earning over £40,000 per anum) the wealthy are getting off most lightly and the burden is on the lower income earners. The rise in VAT will be an extra burden on the genuinely poor who will have had their benefits frozen.

As far as the NHS is concerned, there is a lot of waste which could be managed much better than it is. I think better recycling policy could be beneficial. More Indians and far less chiefs would be a good start.

Re: Today's UK Budget by Ken Dunn on 24 June 2010 10:08am
The State Pension link to earnings is being restored after years of diminishing returns.
The personal tax allowance at the low end has been increased by £1000 so low income earners will pay less tax.
I personally think that anyone on a salary over £30K shouldn't get any benefits at all!
Re: Today's UK Budget by Spursfan on 24 June 2010 11:32am
Just on a side-note here (but re the NHS); my husband has received a letter this morning from our GP's surgery stating that all diabetics on insulin will be given, on prescription, sharps boxes to dispose of thier used needles and insulin pens. This has been added to his repeat prescription list and all he has to do is order a new one just before the old one is full.

Very commendable I'm sure, but at what cost??? And who will foot the bill? Not the diabetics who have these sharps boxes (except via NI) because if they are on insulin their prescriptions are free.

Zak presently disposes of his needles and pens with care and consideration - ok, I realise a lot of diabetics may not but most would do the same.

He agrees with me by the way.

Re: Today's UK Budget by perfectbitch on 24 June 2010 7:49pm
I agree Anne. After I had my op, I had to use small incontinent pads as dressings as the wound was infected and normal dressings would have been useless. I stopped using them after a week or so and was left with a huge pack of the pads but opened as I had used one.

The NHS would not take them for a genuinely incontinent patient as they had been opened. Considering the nature of their use, I was flabbergasted. This is unnecessary waste in my opinion.

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