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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Kevin Rudd by Ellerd on 24 June 2010 1:10pm
Pretty dog act, IMHO...

Re: Kevin Rudd by Ken Dunn on 24 June 2010 3:08pm
I hope your new PM doesn't make such a mess of the economy as Gordon Brown did in the UK when he took over from Tony Blair.
Re: Kevin Rudd by kazzzz on 25 June 2010 8:48am
Feelings are pretty mixed as far as whether this is a good move or not. I think not,for a number of reasons which I will not bore you with.
What really concerns me is the number of people who see the main point being that we now have our first female PM. I know that this is a significant milestone for our country, but SO many people are seeing this as the only issue. Surely it's about the best person for the job rather that gender? Last night's telly was all about her dress sense and hair colour! C'mon! I cannot believe how shallow and stupid people are. Literally dozens of my female friends are over the moon due to us having a female PM and will vote for the party based on that alone. It is the party that I have and will vote for in any case in October when we have a federal election, but not coz she's female.
It's like the US elections all over again...."Obama's black, his wife is nice, let's vote for him". Now it's "we have a female PM, she has nice clothes, let's vote for her".
Re: Kevin Rudd by Wild in Africa on 25 June 2010 5:29pm
and Australia woke up this morning to their first female PM and the question on every red blooded Aussies lips was 'Is she a good looking Sheila...or a bit of a dog?'
Re: Kevin Rudd by kazzzz on 25 June 2010 5:30pm
Not everyone's.
Re: Kevin Rudd by Wild in Africa on 25 June 2010 5:32pm
That's cos your blood's pink Kazzz
Re: Kevin Rudd by johnnythemonkey on 25 June 2010 5:58pm
Kazzzz's blood is a deep shade of purple !
Re: Kevin Rudd by johnnythemonkey on 25 June 2010 6:30pm
Kazzzz, if you hadn't posted about this, most of us wouldn't know about it. There has been nothing on the BBC news and very little in the press.
So she's a ginger Welshwoman ?
She looks like a bit of a dragon. :)
Re: Kevin Rudd by Loretto on 25 June 2010 8:47pm
What has happened to the media at all? I mean the press are asking the wrong questions and leading people astray. You are absolutely right Kazzz, it is about the best person for the job, not how good looking or nice they are. I think we are in such an instant gratification generation that we judge people on the outside, how they look etc. We don't take the time to look at credentials, experience and professional ethics anymore. It would take too long to make up our minds about stuff like that. So we let the media do it for us. Sadly journalism and media ethics are slipping all over the world it seems. And we're letting it happen.
Re: Kevin Rudd by kazzzz on 26 June 2010 8:07am
John that doesn't surprise me at all. When I lived in the UK the only news from home was related to cricket or what was happening on Neighbours. How pointless and typical that we are part of the Commonwealth and our mother country doesn't know (or care) what's going on here.

Loretto it's become a circus here. The issues people are focussing on are all so superficial. Noone's looking at the big picture. It's quite frightening.

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