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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Writing by Lounge Trekker on 21 October 2012 4:01am
I only wish for the energy and enthusiasm your boys must deal with everyday! It must be inspiring to have you, your wit and your humour, with them every day.

Re: Writing by Loretto on 21 October 2012 4:39pm
That's a lovely compliment! Thanks very much. For the most part, I'm the peacemaker of the group, there's enough testosterone between the two lads to keep a football team going.

Sean did his entrance exam for High School (prep college) last week Pete. We'll know in mid December if he got in. It is an all boys school, and believe it or not, that's what he wants. I think I must have effectively brain washed him.

The two lads are very good to me. We each appreciate that we have our hobbies and interests. Kevin is a golfer, Sean right now has his sports and computer games, and I have always been into the writing. I think it is healthy that people should be allowed to persue their interests and hobbies, otherwise we'd all be at each other's throats.

Re: Writing by johnnyBgood! on 21 October 2012 5:01pm
Is the school local to you Loretto, or will Sean have to live away from home ?
Re: Writing by Loretto on 21 October 2012 5:13pm
He will live at home John. I could never send him off to a boarding school. I would have a very hard time with that.
Re: Writing by johnnyBgood! on 22 October 2012 2:50am
It's not easy when they 'fly the nest' Loretto. We just emptied Christina's old bedroom to give Jacob a playroom when he's here. It felt sad to me.

It's a small room but I'll put a child gate on it and 'the beautiful boy' can
have a place to safely play.

LOL. I was thinking how that small bedroom used to be Marianne's but Christina once wanted some favour from 'the rascal' and Rasc drove a hard bargain. "I want your room". She got it !
Re: Writing by Loretto on 22 October 2012 8:10pm
I am certain I will go through a tough transition when he does leave John. But I left home and came to America to stay for good, at least I thought so then, when I was 18. So how could I hold onto him? I didn't want to be held back at home, that's how I felt in 1987, so I secretly applied for a passport and Visa and told my parents two weeks before I left that I was going. They were good about letting me go, but a fair amount of guilt about leaving home was doled out in those two weeks. Its a long story. I won't bore you with the details.
Re: Writing by Loretto on 23 October 2012 3:19pm
Here's a snippet from The Foundling. I hope you like it:

The sea journey was rough. Storms were wild; waves rolled into giant tubes, frothing and spraying, bashed against the sides of the ship, rolling and tossing on the uneven waters of the Irish Sea. When the ship docked at Wales, the carriage ride back to Kent reminded him that there now lay miles of land and sea between himself and Mairead. His sorrow hollowed him out to the very core. His mood was gloomy and subdued when his carriage rolled into the front gardens of his Kent home; the weather, matching his mood, was overcast and grey, with rain spitting spitefully at him.
Re: Writing/journalism by Lounge Trekker on 23 October 2012 4:00pm
Tried changing the subject line. I'll revert if it doesn't work out.

Hopefully this link takes you to an interesting photo-overlay project and the eery reminders it brings of a past we'd rather not repeat: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/photos/ghosts-of-history-slideshow/#crsl=%252Fphotos%252Fghosts-of-history-slideshow%252Fghosts-of-history-photo-1350676600.html
(You may need to paste it into your browser, Yahoo links are long)

It is comprised of 1944 photos of soldiers on modern European streets. This may capture your imagination, Loretto.

Let me know if it works.
Re: Writing by Loretto on 23 October 2012 5:17pm
That was beautiful. We are not the first generation of people to live through civil unrest and wars, and sadly we won't be the last either.

We need a matriachal society to restore peace :-)

You'll get that joke Pete when the book arrives!

I've just spent the last four hours writing, it feels good; but to keep the balance of nature, I am now valuting onto the treadmill....

Up, Up and Away!!!!
Re: Writing by Loretto on 23 October 2012 11:10pm
I was looking for a suitable picture for the cover of The Foundling, and came across this website:


I contacted the artist, asked him if I could use a specific image from his collection, we just spoke over the phone about ten minutes ago.

So here's what the next book is going to look like:


He didn't ask for a penny, I offered to send him a copy of the book when all was said and done and I'd mention his website in the book's acknowledgment page.

Maybe it is because I am a novice at this book writing thing, but I think artists are exceptionally generous. They just want people to see their talents and skills.

I am over the moon because I just love that picture. Captures the book perfectly.
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