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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Wome is your fwend! by SingDino on 15 January 2003 4:54am
When Terry loses his wig! Oh my goodness! that is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I can watch that part over and over and laugh harder and harder. My parents got kind of irritated with me. Haha. I kept going back on the DVD and watching that part again. I love how Michael can barely get his, "AAAHHHH- MEN!" out he's trying so hard not to laugh.

I dont think I need to be hosed off yet...

Candice (not drooling)
Re: Wome is your fwend! by canaveralgumby on 15 January 2003 7:05am
Just to jump in mid-conversation, a really good moment where Michael almost breaks up is the Gumby Brain Surgery sketch from MPFC. He says, "My brain hurts!" John Cleese says, "Let's have a look at it then!" and starts opening Michael's pants. I read somewhere that wasn't in the script. Michael tries to rebound, saying, "No, the one in my head." Great moment.
- Cori
Re: Wome is your fwend! by Rusted on 15 January 2003 8:16am
I can't even read the "Wome if your fwend!" subject header on this thread without chuckling every time. ;O)

Candice, I hear ya. Just one of those great moments. I used to do hit the rewind button all the time when I watched it! (I unfortunately don't own a copy! Someday! I'll collect slowly but surely...)

Cori, thanks for the bit of amusing trivia - I didn't know that line wasn't scripted. Michael did a good job covering it up. ;O)

Helen, I watched "The Spanish Inquisition" for the *3rd* time today, and you are indeed right! Cute!

~Mary "never put the hose down"
Re: Wome is your fwend! by Miss-M on 15 January 2003 8:25am
I didn't notice Michael almost crack up in The Spanish Inquisition sketch. I'll have to watch that one again and see! I think I was too busy watching Terry's silly little dance to notice what the others were doing.. *LOL*

Michelle :)
Re: Wome is your fwend! by SingDino on 15 January 2003 9:25am
I havent seen the whole Gumby Brain Surgery sketch! OH NO!
Re: Wome is your fwend! by Miss-M on 15 January 2003 9:29am
Another scene I paid closer attention to when I watched LIFE OF BRIAN the other night was where the crowd gathers beneath Brian's window; many of his followers have attached their shoes (sandals!) to poles and are waving them around. For some reason, I hadn't noticed it before and I thought it was amusing! OK, you guys are probably thinking 'Duh! We saw that ages ago!' *LOL* But anyway, I always pick up something new each time I watch the movie!

Oh another thing, when Terry Jones isn't playing middle-aged women he really is quite nice looking, isn't he? As is Michael, but that goes without saying, don't it? *Hehe*

Michelle :)

Re: Wome is your fwend! by Rusted on 16 January 2003 8:27am
Candice! O Candice! You poor unfortunate Palin-loving soul!

You must get your hands on a copy of the full Gumby Brain Specialist sketch. That sketch is...the...the, uh...bomb diggity. ;O) I hope the part that you did see included the "My brain hurts!" line. Heh. That's the unofficial slogan for me and my college friends, you know!! (I've told this story to some of you before, but I've got a few of them saying "my brain hurts!" who've never even seen the sketch, and I guess my best friend passed it on to a few of her equally Python-ignorant tech school friends!)

Terry J is a cutie, whether he's in drag or not. There's just something very endearing about him. Speaking of the man, I had to check out this "the Search for King Arthur" book today for my speech on Friday, and I did a double-take when I saw "foreward by Terry Jones" on the cover. Naw, couldn't be! But it was. Terry Jones is Everywhere! LOL!

Re: Wome is your fwend! by pandk2 on 19 January 2003 2:19pm
Michelle I've found you again! The reference to the Spanish Inquisition did it! By the way does anyone know
where you can buy otter's noses?
See ya Karen
Re: Wome is your fwend! by Kristine on 19 January 2003 7:46pm
Yeah Mary! Terry has written books, taught classes, had lectures, and made programs all about Medevil and Chauser! Sort of what Michael does, but insted with travel, he does it with history.

Try and find a copy of "Chauser's Knight" Written by Jonsey himself. I didn't finish reading it, but what ever I read I think you might find interesting :)
Re: Wome is your fwend! by Rusted on 20 January 2003 7:54pm
Krissy, I know all about Terry's exploits (heck, I've even read most of his children's stories!)...that's partly why I think he's so awesome - we have a similar taste in history!!

I'd love to get my paws on "Chaucer's Knight", but the prospect of finding it sounds highly unlikely. Unless it's on Amazon.com. ;O)

~Mary (who's GOING to Barnes & Noble today, folks, REJOICE!!)

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