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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: guilty pleasure movies by George on 13 August 2005 8:53pm
I really enjoyed your pictures from Arizona, especially the ones of you. I guess all those old planes are there in the desert because it's so dry? Nothing ever rusts there.

I, too, loved The Aviator. I never thought of Leonardo DiCaprio as much of an actor, but Martin Scorcese got a wonderful performance out of him. It must have been difficult for him too, since so many people have already played Howard Hughes. Plus, Kate Blanshette IS Katherine Hepbern.

The flop of the summer is Cinderela Man with everyone's favorite, Russell Crowe. Personally, I thought the movie was great, but I've read where so many people were turned off by the telephone incident. I don't really buy that. I think the timing was all wrong, coming right on the heels of the last Star Wars movie and people just weren't interested in watching a story about the Depression at the beginning of summer. Everybody knows and accepts that movie stars can be prima donnas. I've also read where the studio is going to rerelease the movie in the fall. I certainly hope so. It's too good of a movie to just be forgotten.

Re: guilty pleasure movies by intrepid on 19 August 2005 3:16pm
On the subject of "Camelot", I saw the musical a while back but never the film. About 2 weeks ago, I finished a 1 dollar copy of "The Once and Future King" which is the version of the Arthur story which the musical was adapted from. I really liked it, especially the first 2 sections, parts of which read like a musical without the music.
Re: guilty pleasure movies by canaveralgumby on 23 August 2005 9:07am
I remembered one more! A lot of Johnny Depp fans here, so somebody has to know this one:

NICK OF TIME Johnny Depp's child is kidnapped, and hes ordered by the kidnappers to assassinate the Governor of California, or they'll kill his child. Christopher Walken is one of the evil kidnappers. He's always great - the worse he is, the better he is...
Re: guilty pleasure movies by maddog76 on 24 August 2005 4:34pm
For the ones that love (u can't like it, but must love it):

My top 3 (for now):
The Pianist (Adrien Brody): A WW2 story of a Jewish man who lost his family and survived the war while playing the piano for a German officer..

I am Sam (Sean Penn): Penn playing a not too smart guy who's desparetely trying to fight for the custody of his daughter..

Billy Elliot(Jamie Bell): Dad wants his son to be a boxer, but he wants to practice balet.. a true feelgood movie.

The bonus title is:
Just saw 'Hotel Rwanda'. This is a must see. It's incredible what happened in this country only 12 years ago. Take a look at the movie, and think of what still needs to be done in the world.

Re: guilty pleasure movies by maddog76 on 24 August 2005 4:38pm
Johnny depp's best ones, for me, are The Ninth Gate and Donnie Brasco and Chocolat
Re: guilty pleasure movies by Spursfan on 24 August 2005 5:06pm
For me, Deppy's best is Pirates of the Caribbean - purely on a sex basis (how shallow am I!!). I guess its a pirate thing!

Tho' of course he's sexy in all he does....

Re: guilty pleasure movies by maddog76 on 26 August 2005 11:31pm
Saw Blow today, where Depp plays this not too successfull drug dealer.
Also not bad at all...

Re: guilty pleasure movies by voxpops on 27 August 2005 1:30am
I thought this thread was supposed to be about movies you like but wouldn't admit to liking if pressed.
Mine would have to be "Ravenous" with Guy Pierce. Canibalism and the Old West, gotta love it!
Re: guilty pleasure movies by canaveralgumby on 27 August 2005 5:37am
I love Guy Pierce's lips! (I own LA Confidential. That's one of my guilty pleasure movies that's actually an excellent film.)

IMO "Donnie Brasco" is also one of Al Pacino's best performances.

* sigh * I got one more.

A VIEW TO A KILL: Not even that good by James Bond movie standards! Roger Moore, bless him, as much as I love him, is just too old. Tanya Roberts, bless her, has to climb through rocks and rubble with 4" heels, but she does it brilliantly. Just like they said about Ginger Rogers: She did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in heels. :^) Christopher Walken does a perfect balance of villainy and camp. I LOVED his reaction shots as he watched his computer reveal Bond's true ID. And Grace Jones is just amazing to look at. Also had the SECOND best theme song (after "Live and Let Die").
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