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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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International Aid. Re: Katrina by canaveralgumby on 16 September 2005 1:51am
"...Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
She came out of the Atlantic, her rage growing..."


tuscon, we usually agree on things, but to this I say, BULLOCKS! The 3 hurricanes that decimated my state in the last decade were Andrew, Charley and Ivan. You show me a good romantic poem about male warriors coming at me with the rage of Zeus and the hammer of Thor, and THEN we can have the "woman scorned" stuff!
International Aid. Re: Katrina by Strewth on 16 September 2005 6:58am
SOMEONE is having a visit from Mr. Monthly. Sheesh.
I still think ol' M. Nature's an icy bitch. I mean, she's a real ball-buster! Like Rambo on PMS.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by perfectbitch on 16 September 2005 2:59pm
Had the New Orleans hurricane been called a male name, then I would have focused on male energy in a poem. My poem was about losing control having abandoned oneself to the force of one's own nature. Sorry it offended anyone.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by canaveralgumby on 16 September 2005 4:51pm
tuscon, linz, you know I was joking, right?

When Atlantic storms were first given names by the weather services, they were all female. It wasn't until the 1980's I THINK until they started using names for both genders, as well as adding French and Spanish names.

Notice I don't complain about cars and ships being called "she" and "her" because those are positive things! Want my cake and to eat it, too!

Speaking of which, Strewth, I can't tell if you're trolling me or not! (And no, Aunt Flo isn't visiting me right now.) But I will sign off with this, one of the funniest bumper stickers I have ever seen:
Who lit the fuse on your tampon?
- c
International Aid. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 17 September 2005 5:04am
I knew you were joking Canaveral. I would have written a poem about a male warrior, but it just didnt work out that way. No offense taken.

Rebuilding. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 17 September 2005 5:05am
Well President Bush has unveiled the plan to rebuild. This is going to be a long, involved process. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by Helen on 17 September 2005 1:33pm
Cori-- I am using that tampon quote--a lot--in mixed company--on company time (maybe not)! But DAMN! That's hysterical....!!!!

which reminds me of MY favorite bumper sticker of all time--an oldie but a goodie---

"Jesus is coming--hide the bong"

so sophomoric, so silly, so profound...

International Aid. Re: Katrina by perfectbitch on 17 September 2005 1:51pm
Absolutely no offence taken canaveralgumby. I have had some good feedback from a few friends but was a little worried when one close friend thought it was about my mother!!! (She was a chorus dancer before she had me.) Any way, I am intrigued to see the development and possible rebuilding of New Orleans and wish and send positive thoughts. (Not that I think sending positive thoughts will have any effect, but what do we have to lose?) Will it be called New New Orleans?
Rebuilding New Orleans. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 18 September 2005 4:38am
Today, CNN showed pictures of missing New Orleans kids. My work team might be helping out a resettled family here.

I guess the city will still be called New Orleans. Some questions will need to be answered:
Will it be a real flesh and blood city or more like a giant theme park? A sort of history, starting with the French Quarter then across Canal Street to the Garden District, a history of the blues and jazz etc.

Will the city be state of the art and have a completely different layout other than the historic districts?

Will fewer people be allowed to live there because of environmental reasons?

How will the roads and the infastructure be rebuilt?

Public broadcasting has an interesting Friday Night show called now. The host is a reporter named David Brancaccio. He held a "town meeting" in the PBS studio in Baton Rouge with all sorts of people. Lieutenant Gov. Landrieu, Fish and Wildlife officers, several mayors and regular citizens.
Might be worth checking out www.pbs.org
to look for a transcript.

Rebuilding New Orleans. Re: Katrina by George on 19 September 2005 8:01pm
Well, parts of the French Quarter are already open for business. The tourist industry is basically what drives New Orleans. That's why it's the #1 convention city in America. The Superdome, the convention center, the hotels, they will all be rebuilt, in time. As for all the people coming back though, probably not. I've talked to a number of people here who really don't care. They've already gotten jobs, put their kids in school, and living in temporary or permanent housing.
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