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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Katrina by perfectbitch on 31 August 2005 12:02pm
A good few years ago now, I read that extreme weather conditions would worsen due to the effects of global warming. The scientists who predicted this (about 20 years ago) were villified and some were sacked. The US has a president who simply refuses to believe that global warming exists and is naive enough to think that planting more trees will solve the problem. Even now, earth scientits who come up with predictions that the republicans don't like are "attacked" by republican industrialists - there was an article about this in a newspaper just last week. I have also read that some states have decided to independently comply with the CO2 emmisions that Bush refused to consider. Good for them.

I was horrified to see the devastation on TV and my heart goes out to those who are suffering but while governments refuse to do anything about the amount of greenhouse gases produced by industry, this climate trend will continue to worsen. Please think about these issues the next time you have a chance to vote - wherever you live.
Re: Katrina by suzulu on 31 August 2005 12:23pm
I totally agree, Linz! When will Bush ever get the message?

Re: Katrina by LynneD on 31 August 2005 12:37pm
I saw the devastation on the news this morning. Unbelievable. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. We really do have to learn to respect nature - it can reap havoc, as has been proved recently, as Ellerd states. I hope drinking water reaches the people soon.
Re: Katrina by canaveralgumby on 31 August 2005 5:26pm
Ellerd, you know, it's just that time of the year again! That's how it feels in Florida, anyway. Here we go again...
Re: Katrina by George on 31 August 2005 7:15pm
Rather than argue global warming, I think we call agree New Orleans is flooded due to the failure of several manmade systems. The storm itself was not unprecedented, even in relatively brief period of time consistant records of these things have been kept. We can assume hurricanes have been occuring in the Gulf of Mexico for thousands of years, at the very least.

My own home is less than a mile from the Brazos River here in Texas. Before the developer could build here, he/she had to build several levees. Their size was dictated by what is "presumed" to be a once in 500 year flood in 1932. Before then, no one knows because there are no real records. So, are the levees big enough? Only God knows.

My prediction is, for what it's worth, is that most of the flooded areas of New Orleans will never be rebuilt. At least, not in its present form.

Re: Katrina by peripatetically on 31 August 2005 7:30pm
George, also, the global warming theory isn't exactly the reason for these hurricanes. As just mentioned, they've been occurring for hundreds and even thousands of years. According to the experts, the relatively recent temperature increases over the water are only perhaps 5% responsibe for the increase in activity and severity of the sotrms, not the main reason for them That's not very much when you get right down to it. So pointing fingers at certain administrations and people with certain ideas is very premature if not mostly incorrect. True, there is a warming trend, but not substantial enough create these disasters.
Re: Katrina by perfectbitch on 31 August 2005 11:43pm
I should like to clarify a few things. I did not say that global warming was directly responsible for the hurricanes but for a worsening of extreme weather. I should have sdded that they predicted increase in frequency of these events. Taking a global view, it is apparent that this is so. For example, Europe, over the past few years,has suffered an increase of severe flooding, avalanches, landslides and drought. I agree that part of the problem, in the case of New Orleans, has been the failure of man made sructures but this is only a part of the problem. George, are you saying that these levees weren't high enough? Or do you think they were a bad idea in the first place? Some of the sea defences here in the UK have recently been breached quite regularly and the coastal authorities have decided to let nature take its course as it is uneconomic to keep fighting a losing battle. Patti, not ALL experts would agree with the 5% theory. While it may be true of that particular gographic area, it is not true of other climatic effects - the avalanches in particular. I agree that history is full of hurricane events in this area but not with so much loss of rainforest, industrial pollution etc. The problem is that while the temperature rises may seem minimal at the moment with little effect, they are enough to cause significant changes in systems that will add to the problem. Eg. the thawing of the Siberian permafrost which began 3 years ago. It will release an enormous amount of methane - a very problematic greenhouse gas. This probably could ignite a runaway effect from which there is no turning back. It had been frozen for millions of years. I honestly believe that we have to find a way of reducing these gases and industry (including agribiz) is the biggest contributer. I think we are selfish to want to continue guzzling gas for example and I am guilty of this. However, I cannot hide behind the belief that ANY POLITICIAN OR GOVERNMENT tells the truth about these issues as so much of their wealth and personal power is dependent on the support of these industries continuing their polluting business. I have told both my daughters to make sure that their children learn basic survival skills and teach them to their children. I really do feel for all of you effectd by this tragedy. New Orleans is one of the US cities I have been fascinated with and had intended to try and visit someday. I hope your grim prediction doesn't come to fruition George. Is it economically viable to rebuild at all? With love, Linz. xx
Re: Katrina by pollyanna199 on 1 September 2005 12:09am
Is this the Apocalypse?? *looking for burning horses* Amazing what mama nature can do when she's ticked. I was just reading an article saying the ENTIRE city of New Orleans will have to be evacuated!! wow..
Re: Katrina by pandab on 1 September 2005 3:41am
Back in the mid-1980s, my hometown suffered a devastating flood. Roanoke came very close to getting wiped out. They were still finding cars perched in trees weeks later.

We rebuilt and repaired, but it took years before the city really recovered.

Our flood was serious, but it was a splash in the pond compared to what is happening in Louisana. I'm sure New Orleans will rebuild, but it boogles my mind to think of what it take.
Re: Katrina by canaveralgumby on 1 September 2005 3:59am
[King of Swamp Castle voice] Let's not bicker and argue over who caused global warming!... Everyone is making good points.

* New Orleans was established where it was because of location, location, location - Gulf of Mexico, in US territory, with access to the Mississippi River. If you were going to get rich shipping, importing or exporting, this was THE PLACE. The first founders did not have the knowledge of geography to know NOT TO BUILD A CITY THERE! They didn't know it was a mere build-up of silt from the Mississippi, and not solid ground. It looked like solid ground!

* The actual region in the US that is susceptible to hurricanes is a triangle from the east Texas coast diagonally NNE to about Boston, from there down through the Carribean, encompassing the entire US eastern seaboard and Florida Keys, and from there across the Gulf of Mexico back to Texas. And the ENTIRE INLAND AREA INSIDE OF THAT TRIANGLE. People don't realize that, when they say things like, "WE don't have to worry about it" or "If those people choose to live on the beach" or "in Florida, then they takes their chances."

* The August 2005 National Geographic (US) magazine illustrates how the number of Atlantic hurricanes has about doubled from 1995 - 2004 because of the increased temperature of the Gulf Stream.

* THAT DIDN'T JUST HAPPEN IN THE LAST 6 YRS. OF THE GWB ADMINISTRATION. And I say that as a card-carrying GWB-hater. It's a phenomenon that's been going on a lot longer than that. Because we (the human race on earth) have been burning fossil fuels and polluting and causing global warming artificially, we can never know if the global warming is also the result of the natural "biorhythm" of the earth, and a naturally occuring weather pattern, as well as what we've done to it.

* Has anybody seen the film "What the Bleep Do We Know?" Among a million other things, they talk about how water molecules have their own sort of consciousness, and their differing crystalline shapes are a direct reflection of the vibes, or moods, or energies, whatever you would call it, going on around them. So if we're spewing contamination into the environment, and pillaging and raping the environment, and the environment is over 75% water, then the water is reacting in kind.

Another way people have said that is, Mother Nature is taking her revenge. In any case, she's very ill at the moment.
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