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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Katrina by LynneD on 1 September 2005 12:40pm
The sights on the news are unbelievable. People in despair, having lived in their homes for many many years, and they are now rubble. The human cost is incalculable. I am horrified that people are looting though - have they no shame?
Re: Katrina by Ellerd on 1 September 2005 12:56pm
I read in the newspaper today that a former mayor of New Orleans reckons that the city might be done for - he called it America's Pompeii, or something to that effect. The level of destruction seems unbelievable.
Re: Katrina by perfectbitch on 1 September 2005 3:23pm
The pictures of the devastation somehow seem more extreme than the effects of the tsunami although I'm sure that's nigh impossible. To see such sturdy bildings almost completely submerged is unnerving to say the least. Total evacuation. I just can't envisage what it wold be like to have to, not only leave your home and it's contents but to have to leave your city - all those people that you are used to seeing on a daily basis. It must feel like you have to start a whole new life and not out of choice. With such devastation, it is hard to keep positive but please don't give up hope - hopefully, it can't get any worse. Linz.
Re: Katrina by George on 1 September 2005 6:19pm
Let my try to answer your question like this: Standing at the top of the levee near my home, I'm trusting the engineers and contractors did their jobs well enough to protect us from flooding until well after I'm gone. Afterall, that's what we paid them for! Shouldn't the people of New Orleans have expected the same thing? Whether the climate has changed or not, weren't the levees there supposed to protect them? Or, if not, were they properly informed? We have thousands of beachfront homes here in Texas where people can EXPECT to lose their property if a bad storm comes. No one likes it, but it's a possible consequence of living by the water.

Parts of New Orleans won't be rebuilt because it will be too expensive. Many questions will be asked about the levee system which will necessitate spending vast amounts of money, something most people won't want to do.
Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 1 September 2005 7:14pm
I liked the King of the Swamp Castle voice Cori (Sounds like Holy Grail after Lancelot killed off all the folks at the wedding and the lord said "Let's not bicker over who killed who)"

On a more serious note, I heard from my niece. Needless to say the New Orleans Marriott on Canal Street will not reopen for sometime if ever. When the storm hit, the staff were told to come into the hotel, where they were put up on cots in a ballroom. Meghan was pretty much told, what little she owns is probably gone. She will probably be taken to Texas and Marriott will move them to new jobs in new places. So we will see if we can get Meghan to Tucson and take her in.
The hotel had food for a week, so of course that was running out. I had CNN on last night. Looters have broken into places like Wal Mart and stolen guns. The state of Texas opened up the Astrodome to the folks who were in the Louisiana Superdome. The first bus got there earlier than expected. Authorities think it may have been hijacked by people who were not in the Superdome, but just wanted to escape.
I keep thinking, I lived through 9/11 but this is much worse. I am not getting any work done but watching CNN in shock. The Mississippi cities of Biloxi and Gulfport basically don't exist anymore. They had Victorian houses that survived many storms. Not this one!
I agree with previous posts. Those who stayed were taking their chances. In Arizona, people do silly things and drive through desert washes after a rainstorm. Under Arizona law (which is known as the stupid motorists law), you have to pay for your rescue. I agree with Cori on this one. Don't want to see the life of a rescuer wasted to save someone who could have escaped.

Lynne you asked, have the looters no shame? Well, now you have discovered something and you didn't need a Psychologist or Sociologist to tell you this. When civl order breaks down, you get this. You don't have to read Lord of the Flies. Lord of the Flies is now New Orleans.

Will it be rebuilt? The biggest industry is tourism. If the Garden District and especially the French Quarter are destroyed, there is no reason for the place to exist. I'm afraid that former Mayor is right. New Orleans could end up the United States answer to Pompeii.
Even in the French Quarter, where the flooding wasn't as bad, how sound are the buildings now? Larry King asked Mayor Nagin (who apparently is a friend of his)how long will it take to clean up? Nagin's reply? "I have 2 1/2 years left in my term. It will NOT be done then.

I wont pick on Bush here. Between man and what mother nature can cook up, this was building long before Bush. At the rate things are going though, Bush is going to be remembered as the Disaster President.

He can't run for reelection again, so he can pretty much do whatever he pleases.

I'm just relieved Meghan is OK. Her life has certainly changed completely. The irony? She was already looking to move. To Hawaii if possible. (She could live there for free with another relative).

I keep thinking I am glad I got to see New Orleans before the Great Flood of 2005. At this rate, that entire stretch of the Gulf Coast might as well be cleaned up and made into a giant wildlife refuge. Container ships in a modern era need a larger port than what New Orleans had.

In 1718, it looked like a good idea to found a city there.

Re: Katrina by George on 1 September 2005 8:40pm
After work today, I'm planning on driving down to the Astrodome to see what's going on. You can get a good look from the freeway without getting in anyone's way. A lot of people are calling their churches to see if volunteers are needed. Some people are opening up their homes to refugees. Things will probably be a lot clearer in a few days, but chaos seems to operative word now. There are reports of price gouging by hotels and gas stations, but not too many. It's my experience, almost everyone here has friends or relatives in Louisiana, so people are showing the "angels of their better nature", for the most part.

On the radio have been interviews with people coming in from Louisiana who resent all the free stuff being given away by the government when they get here, when most of them will have to pay the regular prices. Racism is rearing its ugly head, especially when the faces of some of the looters in New Orleans are being shown. It's so sad.

Yes, a few busses were turned away at Astodome last night, but I have every confidence that all the legitimate refugees will get in, even if some mistakes are made.
Re: Katrina by perfectbitch on 2 September 2005 12:02am
I don't know George, perhaps the engineers really believed that the levees would hold. Maybe the available info at the time of design and construction suggested that they would. Now we know more about living in flood plains and coasts, could we design structures which work with natural forces?
I like the idea of a wetland wildlife sanctuary Mike - as a memorial to New Orleans maybe? Many moons in the future (if anyone's still here) will there be a legend which tells the story of a sunken city and, when the wind is in the right direction, you can hear the sounds of jazz?
Please keep us informed george and keep your chin up.
Re: Katrina by pandab on 2 September 2005 2:44am
The answer to your question, LynneD, is "No". The gangs preying on New Orleans have no shame, no scruples and no sense of decency.

I understand these people have been through a horrible experience, and while I don't approve, I can also understand the thefts of food, water and other basic stuff like diapers.

Having said that, there is no excuse for what is happening.

Today, a co-worker advanced the theory that these gangs are only doing what they believe is just, that many have been deprived all their lives and they are only taking what is owed them.

To that, I say, "Hogwash." What a disgusting idea.
Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 2 September 2005 7:01am
George, I am sorry to hear about the racial factor. Well, sadly that will rear its head among certain folks.

My niece is OK. She will go to her parents in Suburban Boston for now, but will apply for the Marriott here in Tucson among other places. Much of it depends on where they have openings. She was so cut off, she didn't hear about many of the problems until they were on their way. My inlaws had to call her bank to cancel her checking account and her credit card companies for her. I was able to speak with Meghan on AOL Messenger earlier.

I have CNN on. After 5,000 people showed up at the Astrodome, authorities deemed it too crowded and they are starting to send people away. San Antonio is taking some. A business leader from Baton Rouge was on. They have a bunch of New Orleans refugees. He said they went from being the second largest city in Louisiana to being the largest.

I can't even begin to imagine what these folks are going through. Some walked over the bridge to the West Bank of the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish, which is having its own problems.

I don't blame many of these folks for not leaving. They couldn't!! No transport no money etc. Much of New Orleans population is extremely poor. When you get away from the French Quarter, the Garden District and all the tourist places, Neighborhoods like Treme and the Ninth Ward are desparately poor places. Within blocks of what used to be million dollar homes in the Garden District is the St. Thomas Housing Project. With a colleague I wandered into the project by accident. Oops...

If authorities ordered a mandatory evacuation, where were the buses then?

I couldn't believe it when I found out the Astrodome started turning people away. This is insane. These folks spent hours on a bus. I'll tell y'all one thing. I wouldn't want to be the driver. Another problem they found with the people admitted to the Astrodome was PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). After being in the Superdome, they saw the Astrodome and had flashbacks. I can't imagine what these folks are going through. They were already poor. The treadmill just keeps going. At least my niece has a corporation taking care of her. She knows New Orleans is not her home any more. If anything, Marriott is her home.

Several policemen on CNN said they understood the looting by desparate people. The criminals who are just taking advantage of this, well they are another story.

Then the Speaker of the House said, New Orleans should just be abandoned. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco was fit to be tied. He may be right, but his timing with the statement was just a bit off...

Well, I will post a couple more specific things. Haven't gotten much work done this week...
Fats Domino is Missing Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 2 September 2005 7:03am
CNN reported this as well. Famous New Orleans singer Antoine "Fats" Domino is missing. He is 77 years old, and lived in the Lower Ninth Ward near the French Quarter. This is a low lying neighborhood that had some of the worst flooding. I thought of the songs.

Walking to New Orleans. More like walking away from New Orleans.

Don't you know what it means to miss New Orleans? We may be missing it period...

I hope he is all right somewhere.
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