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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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International Aid. Re: Katrina by Helen on 2 September 2005 4:53pm

it's so sad, so frustrating...

I will keep your relatives in my thoughts, Noell. Be well.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by suzulu on 2 September 2005 5:27pm
I hope your relatives will be OK, Noell. Let's hope there will be some international aid quite soon too.

International Aid. Re: Katrina by George on 2 September 2005 7:29pm
Well, the Astrodome now comfortably filled. There was some criticism that the "capacity" was reduced to 11,000. But, since shelters are opening up everywhere, there was no need to cram people together like at the Superdome, in New Orleans, and be a health risk. People are also allowed to come and go as they please after ID's were issued.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by Noell on 2 September 2005 8:09pm
Thanks for the thoughts, you guys - all my friends and family are now accounted for and safe. Shelters in my town, which is a 5-hour drive to the northeast of New Orleans, are filling up.
It also looks like a good amount of relief is on its way - troops, food, and water have arrived at the New Orleans Convention Center (not the Superdome), and continue to arrive in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
I just read that Sri Lanka, which is still recovering from the tsunami, donated $25,000.00 to Katrina relief. That made me break down a little, I'll have to say. While I'm underwhelmed at the response of the US government, I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of the rest of the world.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by George on 2 September 2005 10:23pm
I'm glad your family is accounted for and help is imminent.

It's quite true the vast majority of those needing long term assistance are the poorest. I've worked in such a community here for years now, and it seems some of the characteristics of "generational poverity" apply. Many of the poor have no view of the outside world beyond the borders of their own community, there is a profound distrust of authority, and the lack of a formal family structure has led to complete disorganization in a time of true crisis.

Many would argue that the forces of racism and past slavery are responsible for their of condition, when it is actually a real poverty of self reliance. All I can tell you is, there were resources all around, and they didn't take advantage of them. It's "frosts" me to no end when I hear people talk as if George Bush is supposed to be their "Daddy".
International Aid. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 3 September 2005 2:57am
Noelle, Glad your family is safe. So Sri Lanka, can donate $25,000? Hope the cruise ships get there to help.

I admired Condi Rice. She needs to be coordinating international help not going to shows.

The political fallout from this is going to be insane... I am just asking an opinion question here, I don't know the answer. Was New Orleans, because of who lives there considered expendable? I hope the question I am asking is silly. I am not one for conspiracy theories.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by pandab on 3 September 2005 3:47am
Lord, Tucsonmike, I hope New Orleans wasn't considered expendable for any reason, but especially one with such ugly overtones. I sincerely hope we haven't sunk THAT low as a country.

No, I think the reason underlying everything that has happened with the relief effort is much more mundane--and ironically, much more tragic. Thoughtlessness. Too many people made too many assumptions that too much would just work out on its own and be okay.

I have to admit I felt a disturbing sense of deja vu as I read and listened to some of the official responses. A FEMA official, for example, said they just didn't think it would get that bad that quickly. They didn't think the lawlessness would be that complete or that conditions would deteriorate that fast.

It reminded me of Iraq. I remember reading and hearing the same sort of bewilderment as many Iraq cities descended into chaos. They didn't think it would be that bad then either.

"They didn't think" says it all.

It's profoundly disturbing. I mean, we as a nation can drag conspiracies out into the light of day and deal with them. But how do you deal with something so basic as thoughtlessness?
International Aid. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 3 September 2005 4:33am
Good point Pandab. I forgot how the Downing Street Memo stated that our government genuinely thought with Iraq once Saddam was gone, everything would be peachy.
You may be right. The old saying, dump on me once, shame on you, twice shame on me. Was the government that slow yet again?
George is right about many of the "social" problems that already existed in New Orleans before all this mess happened. No, Bush can't be everyones Daddy, but what got me was how quickly Southeast Asia was helped or how quickly certain things can be done in Iraq. We are now talking about New Orleans refugees the way I think of the Sudanese refugees here in Tucson.
In other words, the administration wants the war in Iraq to work. Asia is now so strategic. Was that why priorities there were higher? (That, and I am sure many a fundamentalist preacher secretly sees this as God's wrath on a city they saw as Sodom and Gomorrah).

As I said, I hope I am wrong. My gut is to see conspiracies as too much work. Maybe I am reading more into this than I should and should just see what happened as falling asleep at the switch.

And Now Speaking of Conspiracies (Not something completely differnt) Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 3 September 2005 4:42am
Last Sunday, Times Discovery Channel did a show on Venezuelas Hugo Chavez. He just survived a recall election with lots of noise and some violence.

I thought of Chavez because of Katrina.
Chavez makes no bones about being a socialist and being cosy with Castro and China. (China is gaining footholds in the Western Hemisphere through Venezuela).
The United States government doesn't like him. I don't see him as particularly savory. He still sells us oil and has offered us price cuts, especially so poorer folks in places like New England can have oil for heat this Winter. That puts our government in a fix. How can they say no to that?

Then evangelist Pat Robertson decided someone needed to take Hugo Chavez out. That may or may not be true. Sure as heck can't do it now, even if justified.

Then again, we seemed to be making that mistake lately. I know if I mess up (and I have and paid for it) I don't expect to be coddled...
Just another take.
The Youngest Voices. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 3 September 2005 5:03am
On the NBC Nightly News, the was an articulate boy about nine years old. He asked, "Where's the help? My grandma is a diabetic."

Nuff said.
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