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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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International Aid. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 5 September 2005 4:36am
Canaveral, I was also raised Jewish, but am non practicing.
As for Bush, something tells me that is beating a dead horse at this stage.

It is still bad down there. I will go down to the Tucson Convention Center to help if we do get refugees here. I call it putting my money where my mouth is.

I understand the fundamentalist thing. I had a Toastmasters colleague back in New Jersey who was training to be a minister and kept asking when I would "come to Jesus." I was approached by such people in New York occasionally.
It's another thing I like about Tucson. People rarely approach you here. I think it's the Wild West thing of individualism. The couple who have approached me were apologetic and immediately left when I said "no."

Or as my father once said. I don't want to be born again. I'm a born once was enough Jew.

I have to be in New York for Rosh Hashana and wonder if I will have to go to services with my mother. My father doesn't go, saying your Mom can be religious for the two of us. :-)

I lost that thin skin a long time ago. It's too much work and bad for your digestion.

Back to Katrina. I've read there may be another storm on the way...

The Engineering Behind New Orleans Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 5 September 2005 4:41am
Well, if the storm didn't hit New Orleans straight on, why all the damage?
Simple. The levees were built to handle a Category 3 hurricane. This was a category 4.
New Orleans had been building levees of various types since France colonized it.

According to CNN last night, once the water is pumped out, then structural damage will have to be assessed. It's too early to even think about rebuilding or the future.
Even though my niece is out of there, I am still watching.
New Orleans Blog Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 5 September 2005 4:43am
If people would like, I will summarize what was posted here and set up a subfile on my varietyviews blog about what happened. Sort of an FAQ if you will.

I respect folks privacy and will only do this if there is interest.

The blog is now set up in Edit mode. I just have questions and an FAQ.

New Orleans Blog Re: Katrina by George on 5 September 2005 4:52am
Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity has done more good for people than I ever will. Sorry, I was on one of my political riffs at the time, which often lead to nowhere. I didn't mean to disrespect the man at all.

As far as the relief efforts in Houston are going at the moment, they are apparently going very well at the Astrodome and the Convention Center. Regular supplies are plentiful and the sick are taken to hospitals. Plus, free telephone services are reuniting families by the hour.
New Orleans Blog Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 5 September 2005 5:45am
George, glad to see things are working out at the Astrodome.
International Aid. Re: Katrina by Helen on 5 September 2005 2:26pm
Cori writes:

[I have a theory that there is something about Michael Palin that drives Jewish girls wild. Remember how Gilda Radner used to be all over him? But that's for another thread.]

Helen responds:

Wow! That explains everything....There is a proud Ukrainian jewish heritage in my family on my father's side. Since my father's family is Jewish (and Ukrainian), and not my mother's, I was told I cannot be "considered" Jewish-- since the Jewish faith is "matrilineal."
But I want to be Jewish. And since I am "all over Michael" I guess I am.

I also love bagels, raw fish, and potato pancakes--as Cori knows.

(I could launch into Graham's "I am Jewish" rant from Life of Brian, but I am afraid that would be way too predictable)

Thanks for the validation, bubula.

International Aid. Re: Katrina by perfectbitch on 5 September 2005 4:04pm
Oh, canaveralgumby, thank - you but there's no need to apologise. It's good to get things off your chest rather than let anger fester. I was encouraged to see that even Iran has made a gesture of help.

All the world's coastlines are under threat but to see man made defences fail so badly is more frightening somehow. I truly hope that, if NO is to be rebuilt, the defences are improved to withstand category 5 hurricanes and the buildings are able to retain some of their original aesthetic character.

I was raised a catholic and up until about 8 years old, believed every word. I went to compulsory confession one time and had tried hard and been , in my mind, very good that week. I told the priest that I had nothing to confess that week and was accused of lying and was given a penance for being dishonest!!! The all knowing God had let me down. I now believe in the Big Bang, biochemical evolution and I try to treat others as I would like to be treated - that's enough to take on board for me.

My thoughts are with you all. Linz

International Aid. Re: Katrina by MissTrixiB on 6 September 2005 12:12am
I just want to address a couple of complaints here that I found a little disturbing.
A lot of the looting was done by very desperate people. After a couple of days without food or water, I'd be right there with them smashing into stores. Sure, there were nut's out there getting ammunition and DVD players, but there were far more getting the things they needed (including fresh clothes). I lived in L.A. during the riots of the early 90's and there's a big difference between the 'recreational looting' that I witnessed then and what I've seen through the media coverage of New Orleans. There was no joy on the faces of the people of N.O. getting neccessities. Most looked frightenend and exausted.
And as for those who didn't evacuate. A lot of the people who stayed didn't have the means to leave nor the knowledge of exactly what was coming. Some of the areas that are the most poverty stricken and hardest hit are a bit 'hidden' from main city and have very little means of communication. Some don't even have radio's. I've been through the Bayou outside of the city of N.O. and there are parts of it that are so isolated, you would think you were ona private island. A poverty stricken private island with very few necessities. This part of the country is
p-o-o-r! even those that knew what was coming didn't have anywhere to go and had to trust in their higher power that they would get through unscathed. Would you leave everything you had in the world with hardly any money and your only trasportation being on foot with nowhere to go?
Now there is talk of the few that are left that now don't want to leave their homes. The ones 'lucky' enough to have survived in the isolation with their few possesions do not have access to the media as we do. All they know is their little world surrounded by what they have left and what they are seeing out their windows. They trust that someone will take care of them where they are and they don't want to leave what little they have behind. Most aren't even aware of how far the flooding is. Think about it. You have little or no communication with the outside world and suddenly after a week of surviving like this you are told to leave all you have left behind. You're hungry, dirty, tired and scared. I'd be irrational after a week of little food in total isolation and would be very hard pressed to leave all I have.
I'm not trying to attack anyone here, and some others have already made these points, but I just have my two cents too.
Compassion is such a powerful human trait. Aside from that all improtant thing, the most these people need is help. Start thinking about what you have that you would miss most. Then start thinking about what you have and don't need. Then start packing those boxes along with a case of food, diapers, water, feminine supplies (hello.....necessisites), etc and find your local drop-off point. We now have thousands of refugee's heading into nearly every state that will need everyhing because they now have nothing.
(those of you in the UK-bless you for your concerns and good thoughts....if you care to donate, just don't donate anything to FEMA until they get better organized).
I'm off my soapbox and please forgive me if I've insulted anyone.....it was not intentional. (for any misspellings, I offer the same)
International Aid. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 6 September 2005 2:18am
OK Helen, glad to "validate" you. Yes, I like the smoked fish as well.

My grandfather was born in the Ukraine.

Linz, I am like you. The Golden Rule seems to work just fine...

International Aid. Re: Katrina by tucsonmike on 6 September 2005 2:27am
Hi Trixi,
I think most of us are somewhat compassionate. I think most right thinking folks don't want to see anyone hurt.
Some of us have said before, I can (and many law enforcement people) can understand someone looting 'cause they are in trouble.
I agree, FEMA needs to get its act together. I have the news on. The Jefferson Parish executive had a meltdown and just said, "Shut up and help us out."
I realize there are folks on the scene, the dike is plugged at 17th Street and the pumping has begun, but this will take a while.
That must have been unnerving to live through the 1992 L.A. riot. Are you living on the Gulf Coast now? What sort of work do you do?

I work as an information operator for my rent paying job. I had a gut wrenching call from a woman who is now in Phoenix. She fled Katrina and was in a strange city and looking for help.

So it is not as though there is no compassion. Many deserve our help, some I am not so sure about.

It has been an agonizingly long time that this is unfolding and it certainly is not over.
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