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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Vacation time around the world? by Helen on 7 December 2005 5:43pm
I question if we are the "hardest workers," but a lot of us are overworked and get squat for vacation time.

And you know what? It sucks.

What studies about Americans being "the hardest workers on the planet"? Gimme a source. :)

How does one quantify this kind of study?
Re: Vacation time around the world? by Blasi on 7 December 2005 6:06pm
"Europeans get a two hour lunch break."!?

I must be living in the wrong Europe. Lol. I've never personally encountered nor heard of that one before and I've worked in England, France, Greece and Italy.
Re: Vacation time around the world? by Blasi on 7 December 2005 6:09pm
Oh, and the same applies to the "five or six weeks more vacation time" you mentioned. Never have I heard of that either; 4 weeks tops in total if you're extremely lucky ;o)
Re: Vacation time around the world? by intrepid on 7 December 2005 6:41pm
Speaking for this part of the Czech Republic, I don't know about 2 hour lunch breaks but the amount of vacation time I'm allowed to take IS pretty darn generous.
Re: Vacation time around the world? by Godfather on 7 December 2005 6:43pm
>>I know Europeans get a two hour lunch break and a good 5-6 , or more weeks of vacation time, plus holidays

Not the Europe i know of (if we're classing UK as being part of Europe?). I get 30 minutes Lunch from Mon-Thu and 15 minutes on the Friday). No other short breaks inbetween that lunch. On my feet, lifting heavy things, walking constantly. Trust me, 15 minutes is not enough time to eat your break meal for the day. Just as soon as we sit down the damn thing is over and we're back on the rack. 5 or 6 weeks holiday? Crikey, never have i known that. 2 weeks usually. To get about 4 weeks, you have to be in pretty good job.

What i wouldn't give, to be spat at in the face.

Bloody favouritism!! LOL
Re: Vacation time around the world? by Helen on 7 December 2005 6:50pm
Oh you're just Pilate's little pet.
Re: Vacation time around the world? by Clare on 7 December 2005 6:53pm
I shouldn't complain as being a teacher in the UK we do generally get better holidays than anyone else (I think mine is around 60 days) but where I worked before teaching I was entitled to half and hour for lunch and an hour if I worked later (they were flexible)and holidays were 20 days which increased a day a year for each year of service.

Godfather you were lucky to have think about spitting in you face in my day just to get them thinking about spitting was favouritism!!!!!!!!!
Re: Vacation time around the world? by Ahren on 7 December 2005 10:45pm
Well, i get 13 weeks off a year, plus weekends, bak holidays AND Inset days! Oh yeah!!!

I do work saturdays though, in a shit job, but that rather spoils the effect so i shouldn't have mentioned it!! *stamps on foot* Damn!
Re: Vacation time around the world? by George on 7 December 2005 10:51pm
I shouldn't complain as being a teacher in Texas we do have a State contract that calls for us to work only 180 days a year, plus about 5 days of "in service". We have an excellent benefits package and numerous ways to make extra money in tutoring, coaching, etc. However, it is rare to find anyone doing this for more than 10-20 years. I know lots of people who have "retired" from teaching and gone on to do something far lower paying and less stressful.

For 50 years, we've been told how much better the educational system is in Russia, Japan, or someplace else, when in reality, there has never been much to improve upon. Sure, as in every business, there are people in education who really suck, but that's never been a justification for all the tinkering that has gone on.

Right about now, with semester exams on top of us, teachers are among the hardest working and most miserable people on the planet. Many will make the decision now to leave at the end of the school year, which is an awful thing. When vacation time comes, most of us are too tired to enjoy it. We've lost contact with our friends and families for so long, we're like strangers. Yes, I know America is seen by many as the richest nation on earth, but there's an awfully high price for that distinction, too.
Re: Vacation time around the world? by peripatetically on 8 December 2005 3:01pm
Blasi, all my German friends get a two hour lunch. Maybe I should've said that and excluded the rest of Europe. Sorry!

Also, what I'm trying to say Blasi, is that if, like I did, you had 4 weeks vacation per year, you were allowed to accumulate that much , plus half of that again. You'd have to not take any for a year and a half, of course, and then you would have the 6 weeks. Is that clear to you? You could take nice extended vacations after that and more often as the time keeps accumulating. I was never able to go that long without a vacation. I often took 2 weeks or one week or extended weekends, but I always had some in reserve as it continued to accrue.

Mike I don't work anymore. Disability due to cervicle disk surgery on my spine and other back troubles lower down. Pinched nerves, etc. Arthitis, and so on. Much brought on from traveling and totoing luggage in the old days before wheels, from work-related tasks and a bicycle accident when I flipped the handlebars and landed badly with deep tissue damage. Lucky me, huh? I'd gladly trade the injuries but I hated my job the last 5 or 6 years I was working. it'close enough to being an even trade.

Helen, I don't know the source, just heard reports on TV or read them in magazines, etc. No way I would remember the name of the study or who conducted it. it was just a trivial thing I have read from time to time. I imagine they look at the statistics about the hours we spend at the workplace and the productivity. Who knows? lol
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