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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Tattoos by arty_farty on 27 July 2006 6:20pm
if i get the job at orient for the season im gonna get the star sign tattoo. hmmm shoulder blade, ankle or butt?
Re: Tattoos by intrepid on 27 July 2006 7:10pm
peripatetically, are you, Phyll, Kaz, Missy and Sophie-Lou really all the charter members still around? (*hint hintwinkwink* OK, in fairness you all contribute more than me) Seriously- that's most of them who've stuck around since 2002? Woah.
Re: Tattoos by Where are you now? on 27 July 2006 11:20pm
why did all the others leave?? something someone said?? what are charter members? sorry so many questions - newbie to the site!!
Re: Tattoos by macauley on 28 July 2006 12:55am
..count me in as one of the "originals"...I still check in almost daily but do not participate much any more since the rising of the trolls.... and that is a sad story indeed and probably has affected some of our earliest other members. ..still a Michael admirer and a great follower of the creme egg society.
Re: Tattoos by tucsonmike on 28 July 2006 4:54am
Well Macauley hello. We have worked to build an online family and take a solid stand against trolls, so please do participate and encourage other originals to be here.
Re: Tattoos by peripatetically on 28 July 2006 1:44pm
Hi Macauley. Yes, you are an original too. How ya doing?

In this case, "charter" just means that we were here when the website was actually launched or very very soon thereafter and stuck around for a long long time on a regular basis.

As for why the others left, a troll was a reason for some, but others moved on with busier lives, started college, went into acting, found "live" relationships outside this site and found various other interests, or whatever, just like any other reason one moves from one activity to another. I think we must admit, logging on here everyday and trying to keep up is very time-consuming and with it being such a busy world with so much out there to explore and enrich our lives that perhaps sitting in front of a computer has lost it's charm for some. Also, many of us exchanged email addresses and joined MSN or AOL to chat live without trolls or others interfering with what they were most interested in talking about at the time. As for specific reasons, only the people who left know for sure. I am just figuring that life moves on and so did they.

Many of us became personal friends and discussed family and personal problems. Phyll, Tony, Kaz, Missy, and a few others are examples of that. We have emailed each other for the last 4+ years now and I visited Phyll and her family in Scotland and just returned from 5 days with her and her family in Florida. We are extremely close. Some of us exchange gifts at Christmas and birthdays. (Tony, Phyll and I still do that.) Kaz and Missy see each other often. Diane and Ellen were close too.

Finally, I will add, that many of the original members were Python fans (as well as travel bugs) and found this site surfing around the web. When they all met, there was a whole lot of silliness and fun which became very addictive and all joined in. That was a big draw for people here. And if you were here during those years, you would have seen that the site had a huge number of regulars. The chat room was amost always busy and people could no sooner post a message, then somene would respond. It was constant and hard to keep up with then. It was always silliness, of course, but in between, we managed to find good solid conversation. Now it seems that is completely reversed. Times change, that's all. Neither is better than the other. It is just very very different now with different people and different interests.

Re: Tattoos by kazzzz on 28 July 2006 4:18pm
Well said Pats!
I'm still here and I'll be here till the last post (so to speak!!)
As Pats says we are all very close, I've stayed with Tony and Phyll and Missy and I do see a lot of one another, I've also exchanged many parcels with Pats and we once had a 3 way phone hookup when I was at Phyll's with Patty (hilarious!!)
I know this site has it's ups and downs but I've always loved it and I always will:)

*waves to Macauley*
Re: Tattoos by peripatetically on 29 July 2006 1:45am
Hi, Harem sister! Remember when you used to talk to me with a microphone, Kaz? HAHAHAHAHAHA What mayhem. lol

Have you ever met any rock stars?

Re: Tattoos by kazzzz on 29 July 2006 3:54pm
Ooh Pats I do I do, remember the singing? Haaahaaa!!! And remember bleedin Tony convincing you that I was an acloholic? The man's evil.
Re: Tattoos by pedro64 on 29 July 2006 10:36pm
Hi Sharon yes some of us are growing older watching from the sidelines.All charter members should be awarded signed coconut from MP or come to think of it a creme egg would suffice.
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