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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: I LOVE STEVE by Rusted on 20 March 2003 8:14am

It's available now??

Why didn't we hear about this before hand? Hello? Anyone out there who can keep us Americans up to date?? ;O) And why hasn't B&N called me yet, because I reserved the Sahara books...they were supposed to call me when they came in.


Oh well. Michael. Sahara. YAY!

So...I've asked it before but I'll ask it again...does anyone know when or where 'Sahara' will be broadcast in the US???????

Re: I LOVE STEVE by ellenpc on 20 March 2003 12:01pm

Helen! :^}}

Well done on your choice of hubby! x

What a 'lubbly jubbly' man........

he caters for all your needs and wants.. :^}}

Three cheers for Steve..




As for THE book, if it doesn't blow your mind I'll want to know why!!?? :^}}

Ellen xxx
Re: I LOVE STEVE by Helen on 20 March 2003 3:00pm
Steve does rule! I got me a GOOD MAN!
And Sahara is FANTASTIC!!!!!
He's one "jammy bastard"! :) (whatever that means!)
(Ellen, SOOOOO good to see your posts again... *smiles*)
Mary, sounds like B&N needs to git their arses kicked a bit.... Get on the horn and demand your book! How dare they withhold a PALIN book from a Palinite AND an English major! eeeek!
Go git 'em!
in Peace and More Peace,
Re: I LOVE STEVE by ellenpc on 21 March 2003 1:08pm
Don't forget to wear wingtips when you kick arse Mary, eh Helen! :^}
That'll get the point across.......... a Palinite woman not to be triffled with! Or blancmanged!!

"Jammy bastard"??........




ummmmm it actually doesn't make any sense at all does it!!!!!

Try "Lucky Devil"!?

Ellen x

It's really nice to be back in the gang.

Thanks Helen, you made my day XXXXXXX @@@@ XXXX I always love reading yours too.... *cheeky wink ;-o *

"Wingtips Forever!"

Marmite, Spam and Wingtips. The Mighty Triumvirate!

cue bugle call........

"Toot, tootly, toot, toot, toot!
Re: I LOVE STEVE by Helen on 21 March 2003 3:58pm
oh, and Ellen,


Re: I LOVE STEVE by Diamond on 21 March 2003 5:54pm
patty will you eat your cream eggs while reading the book?!

welcome back Ellen we have missed [email protected]@!
Re: I LOVE STEVE by Diamond on 21 March 2003 5:59pm
obviously someone hasnt read the rude word thread!!

- go and stand in the corner ellen and Helen -

no dears !! there are four corners to the world, you know (unless you live within the bermuda triangle)!!

- you dont have to crowd into one of them - now do share nicely please - ellen that wasnt nice - now say sorry to helen!! you are supposed to take the spam out of the tin before you throw it !?!

Auntie lyn is watching - ten minutes each! and no peeking

Peace and sahara books!

Re: I LOVE STEVE by Rusted on 22 March 2003 9:27am

*stew stew stew*

Oh! I'm at the Palin board. I guess I'll stop stewing for a moment and share my grievance with you all. ('No, not "y'all"' says the English major.)

So I went to the mall today. I checked out Waldenbooks and saw no sign of 'Sahara', unfortunately. So I haven't gotten it yet. That was a bit of a disappointment. What's an even bigger disappointment is that I just realized two seconds ago that I was also in the same city as the closest B&N and I didn't think to check because it wasn't in the mall! !!

Someone trout slap me, please!

Anywho, you're right, Helen. I may have to do some proverbial rump-kicking with the B&N folks. Unfortunately, I own no wing-tips (I'm still not precisely sure what they look like, as many times as you've described them), but my clunky shoes ought to do the trick. 8O)

YAY Ellen! I've missed your cheeky comments lately. Now take that Spam out of the triumverate and I'll be fine. ;O)

(Who at least got Neil Young's "Live in Berlin" DVD and is getting the 'Hemingway Adventure' book tomorrow! YAYAYAYAY!)

To add to my already verbose and superfluous post, I've just realized that the man who's bringing me 'Hemingway Adventure' tomorrow is ALSO named Steve. :OD
Re: I LOVE STEVE by ellenpc on 22 March 2003 3:35pm


Ellen stomps off holding her triumverate, sucking her thumb! :^}
Re: I LOVE STEVE by ellenpc on 22 March 2003 3:39pm
Ellen whispers to Helen, when Lyn isn't looking.......


Dum, dumdi, doo doo.

Mahna mahna.......

pass it on........." :^}
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