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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Love on the road! by kazzzz on 14 October 2006 1:58pm
Ace idea as always Mike! But I never bring up creme eggs unless eating them on a roller coaster ;)
Re: Love on the road! by canaveralgumby on 17 October 2006 4:10am
We-ell...I don't know if this story QUITE qualifies, but I'll give it a go.

Once when I was young and single I met a stranger in front of a museum... I wasn't quite traveling, I had just hopped the train from NJ to NYC by myself, and I was happily wandering alone. I got a hot pretzel from a vendor outside the museum, and sat on the steps to do some people-watching.

Next thing I know, a gorgeous, but GORGEOUS Alaskan Malamute steps tentatively toward me, well, really, toward my pretzel. And she puts on those Dickensian sad eyes, you know, that thing dogs do, how they make themselves look starving and gaunt even after they've just eaten.

Well, I was in LOVE! And I said to the dog, "I LOVE doggies. I would be happy to share my pretzel with you, but I don't want to get in trouble with your people!" I said it loudly - I had no idea where her people were.

And THEN it happened. [You didn't really think the story was about the dog?] Her person, her tall, thin, handsome, black-haired blue-eyed young man, came to apologize in case his dog was bothering me. Her person had obviously just jogged in the park. He was obviously a runner, with that slim runner's body...

I said, "Bothering me? Never! Why, we're in LOVE, aren't we, buddy?!" And I petted the dog. Then the 3 of us sat and watched the people go by and talked about the weather...

SO my runner said his apartment was a few blocks away, which made my female "red alert" go up, but then continued, "If you wouldn't mind, maybe I could go take a quick shower and meet you back here and we could see the museum together, I mean, unless you'd rather be alone? I understand."

And I said, "Maybe around 4:30? We could meet by, what?"

And he said, "Um, do you like the Egyptian art?"

And I said, "SURE!!"

And he said, "Okay! See you then!" And he jogged off with the dog. We hadn't ever told each other our names! For an hour and a half it was exquisite, not even knowing his name.....

Well, I saw Peter, and his trusty dog Chloe, for about 4 months. It took him our first 4 dates to disclose what he did for a living. I thought that was interesting and slightly suspicious. On the 4th date, he said he was a lawyer, and that he didn't want to talk about it! Being from NJ, this is how MY mind worked: I thought, he's involved with the Mob somehow and he CAN'T talk about it. It didn't necessarily put me off, it was just a thing! But it was just my imagination...

On date #7, he came out with it. Mind you, we've already been sleeping together in his 15' x 15' "apartment" for weeks! He says he's a junior partner in a firm which specializes in landlord/tenant disputes. And then he doesn't want to talk about it. NOW I'm thinking, maybe he goes on dates and gold-digging girls hear "lawyer" and then it's all downhill from there. But I think he's finally gotten the sense that I'm not that way.

I'm guessing sometime around date #11, he asks me to come into the city and meet him at his office instead of his apartment. I say okay. He tells me which subway lines to take, and I arrive at friggin' WALL STREET. Right outside the courthouse where Sam Waterston makes his press conferences at the end of Law & Order! I'm looking up at the buildings like a mere tourist and thinking, "Uh oh, I'm not dressed well enough for this!"

So it becomes obvious that his firm represents LANDLORDS in landlord/tenant disputes! And THAT'S why he didn't want to talk about it. If you've lived in NYC for a week, you've had a major problem with a bastard landlord. But I lived out in NJ so what did I care? I was getting laid, AND free dinners!

So I like to think of it as a "Roman Holiday." It had to end. I wasn't going to wind up with a sleazy lawyer, and I wasn't thin and blonde enough to be his trophy wife. In fact, I am neither thin nor blonde!

But that's what my HUSBAND likes about me!

Re: Love on the road! by kazzzz on 17 October 2006 4:13am
Awwww ain't memories fab? That's GREAT story, thanx so much for sharing it!
Re: Love on the road! by Julia Guan on 18 October 2006 4:11pm
Good story--fairytale and true love!!!

But how about an affair?--how will an affair end when the journey together ended?

I never know I will miss someone so long and so intensely...

when you looked at me and smiled at me--My heart was full of joy and lost since then.
Re: Love on the road! by tucsonmike on 19 October 2006 6:45am
Here ya go, Kaz. Wikipedia link on Peter Jenkins with his official website.

Re: Love on the road! by kazzzz on 19 October 2006 1:53pm
Ta Mike! I just found a load of his pix including one of him on the cover of an edition of National Geographic :)
Re: Love on the road! by Julia Guan on 23 October 2006 4:40pm
Tonight I attended a university graduated party--they accepted me as a senior--but I behaved like a junior, haha--
alright, one of the boy will go to UK to teach and he has a girl friend with him at the party--that is another kind of travel, work and live in other countries for a year, few years, take your time and slow your pace, live and learn.
so what will happen? will the distance be a big test for the lover?will they survive? or will they go seperate way?
how long and how far can we sustain our love to our SO?
Re: Love on the road! by tucsonmike on 24 October 2006 2:03am
Glad I could help Kaz.
Re: Love on the road! by Julia Guan on 11 November 2006 11:19am
Internet changed people's way of making friends--Information Freeway bring people from all over the world and chances to meet strangers...

Any horrible story yet?
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