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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Haikus by ev on 23 March 2007 11:20am
This thread is for when you feel like writing a Haiku, a type of tradtional Japanese poem. Since they are so short, it's easy for beginners to have a go! Also good if you're in a hurry.

Usually they consist of 3 lines, of 5, 7 then 5 syllables (although there are other variations). For example, a traditional Japanese one:

Furu ike ya (5 syllables)
kawazu tobikomu (7 syllables)
mizu no oto (5 syllables)

It means 'Old pond, frog jump in, water sound'.


So here's one, off the cuff:

Winter faces us
One last time before the Spring
Fills the land with warmth.

Ok so not the best Haiku ever written, but I'm an amateur.

Haiku anyone?
Re: Haikus by johnnythemonkey on 23 March 2007 11:32am
I would have a go but I've been working all night and too tired. Maybe later.
But I reckon this will be a good thread for Pete (lounge trekker)!
Re: Haikus by germanladyinnorway on 23 March 2007 11:47am
I remeber we did sth about Haikus in school but that is ages ago.

I will give it a try anyway:

The sun is shining
Finally the snow is gone
I love it outside.

Re: Haikus by ev on 23 March 2007 12:35pm
I just made a big
Snowman on my balcony
He is made of snow.

By ev, southern Deutschland, copyright 2007 ;)
Re: Haikus by germanladyinnorway on 23 March 2007 12:55pm
not bad, ev...
are you from southern deutschland or just on vacation?
Re: Haikus by tucsonmike on 23 March 2007 2:30pm
Very good! Will have to see if I can come up with one when I am awake.
Re: Haikus by arty_farty on 23 March 2007 3:38pm
:D thanks to wikiquote here's a haiku battle from avatar, the last airbender:

Sokka: (after being kicked into a Haiku reading) I am so sorry! Something struck me in the rear. I just... wound up... here? (students giggle)
Madame Macmu-Ling: Five, seven, then five, syllables mark a Haiku, (Bowing her head to him) remarkable oaf.
Sokka: (Looking annoyed, then ponders this for a second.) They call me Sokka, that is in the water tribe, (Counting the next five syllables on his fingers as he says them) I am not an oaf.
Madame Macmu-Ling: Chittering monkey, in the spring he climbs treetops, and thinks himself tall.
Students: Ooooh.
Sokka: You think you're so smart, with your fancy little words, this is not so hard.
Students: Ooooh!
Madame Macmu-Ling: Whole seasons are spent mastering the form, the style, none calls it easy!
Sokka: I calls it easy! Like I paddle my canoe, (Turns around and paddles his behind once) I'll paddle yours too!
Students: (Laughing)
Madame Macmu-Ling: There's nuts and there's fruits, (Pulls a plum from her sleeve and drops it to the ground) in fall the clinging plum drops, always to be squashed.
(She steps on the plum, squashing it.)

Sokka: Squish squash, sling that slang! I'm always right back at ya, like my (pulls out boomerang) BOOMERANG!
Students: (Laughing)
Sokka: (Sheathing his boomerang and making more arm movements) That's right I'm Sokka, it's pronounced with an 'okka', young ladies, I rocked ya!
(silence and cold stares; Sokka counts syllables on fingers and realizes his terrible mistake)

Security: Uh, that's one too many syllables there, bub. (throws him out)
Re: Haikus by Lounge Trekker on 23 March 2007 6:49pm
Pete tried to write one
did not do so very well
will try another

Sorry guys. A bit of cultural inertia. I'll try later after the coffee starts my brain going.

Lounge Trekker
Re: Haikus by Spursfan on 23 March 2007 6:55pm
We were in the Cup
Got beaten by Chelsea - BOO!
Spursfan is crying.

Very poignant, I thought !!

Tissues are available in the foyer.

Thank you.
Re: Haikus by canaveralgumby on 23 March 2007 7:27pm
I wrote a Python haiku for PythoNet:

Two men in a field
but only one microphone
The BBC is broke.

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