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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Harry Potter - NO SPOILERS!!! by pandab on 22 July 2007 3:24am
I just finished Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. I think I beat my previous reading record ... 8 hours 17 minutes. 'Course, I did stop for a few necessities.

I shan't offer any spoilers! It was an excellent book, though. Brisk pace, and everything seemed required for the plot. That is better than the last couple, which I thought dragged a good deal.

I agree with Arty in another thread. It is MUCH more frightening than any of the others, but still, it is brilliant.

Re: Harry Potter - NO SPOILERS!!! by Ken Dunn on 22 July 2007 7:16pm
My daughter is on page 435 at 5.45pm .
Re: Harry Potter - NO SPOILERS!!! by julwis on 23 July 2007 12:17am
So you got your copy ok? I heard quite a lot of Amazon copies have yet to be delivered. I opted to stand outside Waterstones in Cambridge to pick up my reserved copy. Dont know who was in charge friday night but they seemed distinctly inept at opening doors, and directly people to tills to purchase copies. By the time I got to the till at 115am, they were selling books at a rate of 1 every two minutes. Half the tills were empty too, simply because the gormless "managers" were dithering around watching th queues instead of directing them. Hardly seemed worth reserving it in the end as everyone got mucked around the same.
That aside, I broke my own record, set for Order of the Phoenix which I completed in 36 hours, and finished this one in around 24 hours overall, with breaks of course, spread between yesterday morning and this afternoon. Like pandab said, this rounded off the story nicely, giving added resonance to earlier chapters, which had partially dragged.
Re: Harry Potter - NO SPOILERS!!! by perfectbitch on 23 July 2007 2:59am
Ours wasn't delivered either. Ordered it ages ago too.

Re: Harry Potter - NO SPOILERS!!! by hitlersabitch on 23 July 2007 7:29am
I'm on chapter 16, I'm not a fast reader or a slow one, I just take my time, and read a lot. I really do enjoy it, it's fast paced and exiting.
Re: Harry Potter - NO SPOILERS!!! by sighthound on 23 July 2007 8:29pm
I finished it yesterday. There's certainly a lot in it! It's going to be one long, expensive movie.
Re: Harry Potter - NO SPOILERS!!! by bandgeek512 on 23 July 2007 10:28pm
:( No money=no book

Re: Harry Potter - NO SPOILERS!!! by pandab on 24 July 2007 3:25am
I ordered from Barnes & Noble. Amazon and I had a parting of the way a couple years ago. I had a bad experience with them and haven't ordered from them since. B&N hasn't let me down yet! :+)

I'm an incredibly fast reader. I don't set out to be. Quite the opposite. Once I get going though, the "movie" in my head starts, and I just can't seem to stop, especially if I really get into the story.

HP7 was what I call a time stealer. I lost all track of time. I knew I started just before noon because that is my mail arrived. I didn't even look at the clock until I closed the book and was shocked to find it was 8:17 p.m. Forgot everything else, even to eat. The only thing I didn't forget was to take bathroom breaks, but as I couldn't put the book down, I took it with me. Too much information, I know. :+)

Splendid read!

Julwis - I have a friend who went to B&N Friday night for the "premier." She said it was a mad house but tons of fun, anyway. Apparently, our local B&N had their act together. Lots of clerks. They had all the tills open and even had a couple clerks at the head of the line directing traffic to make sure everything kept moving.

Me? Though it sounded like fun, I hate crowds like that. Too noisy and nerve wracking for me, especially with all the kids running around. I stayed home and waited for my friendly mail carrier to arrive.

That's why I know what time I starting reading. I was so eager for him to get there I was watching the clock and started to get antsy when he was an hour later than usual. Of course, he had more mail to deliver than usual. Hmm ... Wonder why? :+)

Re: Harry Potter - NO SPOILERS!!! by Palin_Lover on 24 July 2007 5:32pm
Whoa, what a fast read!!! It took me nearly two days, I finished it on Sunday shortly before supper. It was fantabulous. And although some of the deaths made me quite sad, I was happy with the plot and happy with the somewhat surprise ending. A great way to end it, really.
Re: Harry Potter - NO SPOILERS!!! by Spursfan on 25 July 2007 3:48pm
Yes I agree - it was a great ending and like you said some of the deaths were really sad and even made me cry [though my excuse is that I have not been well so I must be extra emotional]!!

I also have been feeling sad since I finished it - I am going to miss the expectation of the next HP book - though of course I will read them again and again.
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