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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Interracial Dating by tucsonmike on 7 August 2007 7:06am
I bring this one up because there was an article in the news section of the Arizona Daily Star about African American women dating outside their race. (It has been going on for a while, I just had not seen this in print).

How interracial dating and marriage treated in your respective nations?
Re: Interracial Dating by johnnythemonkey on 7 August 2007 7:34am
Very touchy subject Mike. I think that I know you are being responsible and sensitive to the issue but personally I'd rather not pass comment for once.
Re: Interracial Dating by johnnythemonkey on 7 August 2007 7:42am
The first comment was from 'John'. Here's JTM's take. Women of all colours, races, sizes and even sometimes personality, are great in my book.
Re: Interracial Dating by Lounge Trekker on 7 August 2007 8:04am
Around here, from the outside, there is nothing to notice about an inter-racial relationship. Of course, from within, if one or more of the people were from 'first-generation' immigrants, social life could be affected.

We in Canada are an inter-racial community and country. Of course this is the way it is advertised. In reality, inner-city regions (there are only a few cities in Canada big enough to have neighbourhoods that may qualify for this designation) may experience a lower (TV stuff mainly) tolerance, but in most of Canada...if you're in a relationship...woo-hoo!

It is a non-issue in Canada.

Lounge Soloist
Re: Interracial Dating by Spursfan on 7 August 2007 10:01am
Well I suppose I am in a 'mixed-race' marriage. Though I don't really thnk of it as that.

My husband's father was a muslim from India (or it was when he came over just after WW2). He married an English girl and had my husband. My father in law was not a practising muslim, and enjoyed bacon! The only time I knew him to revert to Islam was when he, sadly, died. He had said that he did not want to be cremated, but buried which is a Muslim thing.

Anyway, they brought my husband up as a christian, and apart from a slight year-round tan, you would not know he had asian roots.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that he is ashamed of his background. Far from it. But he is more English than Asian.
Re: Interracial Dating by johnnythemonkey on 7 August 2007 10:26am
I'd rather be Asian, or even American than English !

No offence meant to anyone but I've came to realise that sometimes my humour needs to be pointed out to folk.
Re: Interracial Dating by Spursfan on 7 August 2007 10:29am
Most of us take it as it is meant, J-T-M

Re: Interracial Dating by geordiegirl on 7 August 2007 3:45pm
I'd say,Mike, (like Pete,) it's a bit of a non-issue, mattering only to the individuals & their families.

Forced marriages are much more on the agenda, publicly anyway, and there is a wish to have protective legislation strengthened here.

You certainly don't see many non-white faces in the real English countryside but that is a slightly different issue.In fact black farmers are so much a rarity (I believe only two in England/Wales) we asked one of them to talk to one of our groups about their special take on rural life.
Re: Interracial Dating by perfectbitch on 7 August 2007 7:58pm
I live in such a multiracial area that there are numerous mixed race families in my sphere. I have known mixes involving Asian, American Indian, Caribbean and European all in one person. It is a non-issue here in general.

Re: Interracial Dating by tucsonmike on 7 August 2007 8:06pm
It is becoming more common here as well. A mixed black/white couple will probably still run into problems in the Deep South. In places such as the Mississippi Delta, it is class as well as race. You have a few well to do whites and many poor blacks.
In major cities, few notice. I am old enough to remember when it was still a major taboo.
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