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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Palin for Vice President [silly] by canaveralgumby on 14 August 2008 4:26pm
On the Democrat side, Obama's short list for a running mate includes Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana
who looks quite a bit like someone we all know.

On the Republican side, the name of Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska
has been bandied about as a consideration. (Don't let her lovely sounding name and sweet face fool you, she is as right-wing as they come.)

Anyway, Sen. Bayh (pronounced "bye!) may or may not be chosen, but I find it very distracting for that first split-second whenever they show him on the telly.


Oh how I WISH Obama would choose Jim Webb of Virginia
a Vietnam vet and an Appalachian person.

I don't believe Webb was ever interested in the VP slot. He's been asked by interviewers a lot. He recently wrote a rather anti-Bush Admin. book, "A Time to Fight: Reclaiming a Fair and Just America," which seemed like his resume for the job when he was promoting it.
Re: Palin for Vice President [silly] by tucsonmike on 14 August 2008 8:11pm
Hey Cori,
Jim Webb is NOT interested. He would be by FAR the best choice for VP.
I wrote Governor Palin. She did not answer. The feeling is, she would not take VP. She makes McCain look like a Socialist. Her own son is fighting in Iraq.
The two best strategic choices for McCain have already said no.
Condi Rice.
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson.
Re: Palin for Vice President [silly] by canaveralgumby on 14 August 2008 11:28pm
What did you write to Gov. Palin about?

Wouldn't Webb have simply cancelled out McCain?!

Meanwhile, in the "vast right-wing conspiracy" dept., John Edwards was pretty much presumed to be Obama's running mate, right? If not the presumptive, then at least he had very good odds. With the Democratic National Convention coming up in a mere 2 weeks, the Edwards sex scandal broke big right on time to send the DNC into a shear panic IF he was the person Obama was going to pick.
Re: Palin for Vice President [silly] by tucsonmike on 14 August 2008 11:49pm
Just mentioned I was on Michael Palin's website, all I told the Governor. Probably enough to make me the enemy LOL!
Then again, I am not her constituent.

Edwards had already said no to being VP. I reckon now we know WHY.

Re: Palin for Vice President [silly] by Palin_Lover on 14 August 2008 11:56pm
That's so funny that you mentioned Sarah Palin! I have a Google alert for Michael and everytime Sarah Palin is mentioned somewhere, the Google alert picks it up! LOL.
Re: Palin for Vice President [silly] by canaveralgumby on 15 August 2008 2:15am
Then your Google Alert System no doubt alerted you to this JUST TODAY!



As for who WILL be Obama's running mate, the odds on favorite may be Joe Biden. Holy crap. Biden's supposed to give the ticket experience in foriegn affairs? Or just experience in general? I.E. he's OLD! He's old and white and has a big flipping MOUTH.
Re: Palin for Vice President [silly] by sighthound on 15 August 2008 2:54am
Bill Richardson would add a lot of foreign affairs experience to the ticket but then a black and a Hispanic running the country is probably too great a leap forward for the nation to handle.
Re: Palin for Vice President [silly] by tucsonmike on 15 August 2008 6:37am
Geraldine, also Richardson has a reputation as a loose cannon.
All of the VP candidates have drawbacks. It will be more a matter of what they bring to BALANCE the ticket.
Translation, what the candidate needs at that particular time.

McCain is really looking for a successor and someone to spice up a failing campaign. His best bet would be Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.
For Obama, he really needs a quiet down to earth type who will keep him grounded.
I am looking forward to the Democratic Convention. I have not watched a convention in years. A barroom brawl I can be a spectator to LOL!:-)
Re: Palin for Vice President [silly] by geordiegirl on 15 August 2008 6:07pm
Do you get wall-to-wall TV coverage of the Conventions, then?

(We don't get quite that much coverage here - the final runn-off between Party Leadership candidates, maybe.)
Re: Palin for Vice President [silly] by sighthound on 16 August 2008 3:52am
American television for the last few years has gone "reality tv" crazy. (It's so much cheaper to produce than an intelligently written show.) I really expect the networks will go all-out this time with the conventions. Hey, you got built-in drama, dark horses, and it will be even cheaper to produce than all their other lame reality shows. Yes, I expect wall-to-wall coverage of the conventions.
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