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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Boozy horse! by suzulu on 30 September 2008 10:53am
This is great!
Re: Boozy horse! by Spursfan on 30 September 2008 11:36am
Can't be good for her, can it - beer and crisps? :( I am sure water and a carrot or something would be better.

Poor thing, being banned and having to look in from outside!! What happens in bad weather!! :(

But having said that, I can see where the landlady is coming from, re her new carpet!

Re: Boozy horse! by peripatetically on 30 September 2008 12:00pm
That's such a sweet stroy. But the beer and crisps---maybe it's a good thing Peggy is barred from the pub (pardon the pun). lol
Re: Boozy horse! by suzulu on 30 September 2008 12:19pm
Beer and crisps are definitely not good for a horse! Not good for humans either.

My grandmother once had a budgie who loved beer!
Re: Boozy horse! by sighthound on 30 September 2008 7:18pm
I've known a couple of horses who would steal a can of beer from a cooler and open it themselves, then lift it up and drink it. The owners found it amusing and an occasional one isn't going to hurt a horse. A horse would have to drink a couple of gallons to get drunk. Now, a drunk horse would definitely be dangerous. (I've had to deal with anesthetized horses quite a few times and it's always scary.)

But the article illustrates an essential difference between Ireland and the U.S. Here any animal coming into a bar would mean that the barkeep would instantly be slapped with big fines. Not even dogs are allowed.
Re: Boozy horse! by mrsthing on 30 September 2008 10:44pm
There are leather pouches you can fit on the back of a horse to catch the poop. I don't think there's anything to do about the pee, though.

Cute story!
Re: Boozy horse! by canaveralgumby on 2 October 2008 3:20pm
To play the horse's advocate here, the constituent parts of beer may be perfectly natural for a horse ~ malt, hops, barley. The alcohol content is low and the horse weighs, not to get too technical, a LOT. No??
Re: Boozy horse! by TERRY S on 2 October 2008 5:17pm
Sorry to be a wet blanket, but animals (except assist dogs) by law are not allowed in places where food is served (not in UK anyway). I'm surprised the Health and safety people didn't stop this long ago. The horse should never have been allowed in there in the first place.
Re: Boozy horse! by mrsthing on 2 October 2008 10:44pm
People are too hysterical about cleanliness, imho. We're so clean we're compromising our immune systems. I relaxed the day I found my toddler daughter eating spoiled macaroni and cheese from the garbage pail (having a toddler is a lot like having a puppy). She never got sick, though I was a bit woozy for awhile. I think we're in more danger of getting something from the employee who doesn't wash his or her hands than from a horse.
Re: Boozy horse! by mrsteabag on 3 October 2008 2:37am
I'm very much with Mrs.Thing on that...and Orion gets to munch on veggies and a little cheese or whatever at the table with us--he does a very nice sit, and we give him his little treats. One of his girlfriends daintily nibbles her goodies off her person's fork.

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