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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Voter Registration Snafu in the US by mrsthing on 10 October 2008 2:42am
I am so STEAMED! I read in the NY Times today that thousands of registered voters have been purged from the records or have had their registrations "flagged" for possible fraud. This means thousands of democrats won't be able to vote in this election. It's quite clear that the number of records purged far exceeds the number of people who died or moved out of state. And coincidentally (yeah, right) these just happen to be in important "swing" states, where the election could be decided by the voters. As it should be. But won't be. Again! I'm so furious, and there's nothing anyone can do, because it will take way more than three weeks to fix the problem.

This isn't about Obama winning. It's about a fair and honest election. Everyone who wants to vote and is legally registered should be allowed to.

I'm hoping for a miracle, but not expecting one.

Here's the NY Times article:


And here's the latest from MSNBC:


Election officials are denying wrongdoing and challenging the figures stated by the NY Times.

Never a dull moment in US politics!
Re: Voter Registration Snafu in the US by tucsonmike on 10 October 2008 4:59am
There is dirt on both sides. The Republicans are pulling this, allegedly Obama is getting laundered overseas money and other help from the Cook County (Chicago) Democratic Party machine.

On and on it goes, meanwhile, the financial system crumbles like stone. Kind of like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.
Re: Voter Registration Snafu in the US by MMMmmm... on 10 October 2008 5:45am
From around the web:

This was on an ABC comments site, I thought it was interesting.

"I too thought McCain honorable for years. But he truly seems to have sold his soul to his party's rabid, right wing and which appears Christian only in their church attendance.

In the past couple months I've watched him wither before my eyes. Now he is just an old, tottering shell of his former self, filled with small minded smears. Instead of "Love of County" he now seems driven by blind ambition (pushed by his handlers and power brokers of the West Wing who do NOT want to lose their power).

I'm 62 and a curmudgeon but that doesn't mean I want a President like me or the beer swilling hoardes."

Re: Voter Registration Snafu in the US by MMMmmm... on 10 October 2008 6:16am
In 2000, when the vote count was being deviously messed with, I felt this ominous, horrible presence of selfish, greedy people who only care about their own power, and who will do anything to win, thinking the end always justifies the means if they can get away with it.

I felt this again with the pretense for the war in Iraq, with torture, with all the lies. It has been a disaster for our country - it has been like a nightmare.

That is why I feel so strongly - these people in power seem to care very little for ethics, morality, or the truth. All they really care about is themselves, in an extremely self-serving, narrow, destructive way.

I heard a sad story on public radio by someone whose friend committed suicide when Bush got re-elected.

The least we could get is true Democracy this time.

Re: Voter Registration Snafu in the US by MMMmmm... on 10 October 2008 7:03am
This is a good article for the real truth about Ayers:


He was even Chicago's 1997 "Citizen of the Year."
Re: Voter Registration Snafu in the US by canaveralgumby on 10 October 2008 6:36pm
I think in a conspiratorial way about this. If I am logged in to our checking account, and my husband doesn't know and he tries to log-in with the same ID and password, then he gets locked out and I get an email informing me that someone else tried to log-in.

The technology is available. It can't be that hard to stop voter fraud. There's too much bureaucracy involved, too many cooks spoiling the soup. The states should NOT be allowed to run their voting procedures differently from each other, at LEAST NOT in a national election.

If we eliminate the Electoral College (I once again shamelessly use this thread to promote the website):
then politicians will simply HAVE to campaign to every state and region of the US. No "Florida and Ohio will
decide the election." No "pulling out of Michigan." No Blue State/Red State nonsense.


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