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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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a'Merica by MMMmmm... on 25 November 2008 1:43am
OMG! Bush just said it on the radio. When I don't have to hear that anymore - I will be so happy!!!!!!!!!!!

No more 'Merica,'Merica,'Merica!!!!!!! Half the time he hardly says the "A." (It is extra work - that extra syllable.)

It will be joyous when Bush is tucked away safely somewhere in Texas, and I don't have to hear him talk anymore, or fear the results for our country from the fact that he doesn't like to think too much! Retirement will be perfect for him. It's win-win, really :D
Re: a'Merica by mrsthing on 25 November 2008 2:28am
And it's 'murrica, or a-murrica.

Listening to Obama's acceptance speech, I wept--not only because it was history-making, not only because it was the most stirring speech I've ever heard from a politician. But because I get to listen to HIM for the next four years, and NOT Dubya or McCain, who sounded too much like Dubya. A nicely modulated voice, complete sentences, properly pronounced words, well-phrased ideas--it almost sounds wrong!

I think it's going to throw some people off at first. LOL!
Re: a'Merica by ev on 25 November 2008 7:25am
What makes me happy every day, is that I don't have to listen to any politician if I don't want to.
Re: a'Merica by peripatetically on 25 November 2008 1:31pm
Amen, Ev!
Re: a'Merica by geordiegirl on 25 November 2008 4:19pm
The off-throwing won't last long, Judy. This man is a total inspiration.

Counting the days till 20/1/09, and I read everything in the newspaper about the Transition Team, etc.

Is Hillary going to make a good Secretary of State? What does that job actually entail?
Re: a'Merica by mrsthing on 25 November 2008 4:53pm
I got to a point where the sound of W's voice and sight of his face made me so angry that I stopped reading anything. But sometimes I felt I had to be informed, and other times I had to hear for myself that he really said something outrageously stupid, because I just couldn't believe it. (E.g., "Is our children learning?")

Now I'm actually looking forward to State of the Union addresses and such.
Re: a'Merica by canaveralgumby on 26 November 2008 1:58am
And don't forget "trrrrrrr" as in the 9/11 trrrrrrr attacks. :^)
Re: a'Merica by mrsthing on 26 November 2008 2:50am
It's that vacant, clueless, look that really got under my skin. That, and the brow knit in intense concentration while attempting to form a complete sentence. I'm not going to miss that face.
Re: a'Merica by mrsteabag on 26 November 2008 2:55am
thank God we will no longer have the noo-cu-lar threat. :PPP.
Linda, the Secretary of State pretty much correlates to your Foreign Secretary post, but with the extra responsibility of being 3rd in command should anything happen to the President and the Vice President is unable to step up. She will ber very good at it, I think.
Re: a'Merica by canaveralgumby on 26 November 2008 4:19pm
The Secretary of State is 5th in line, nowhere near the Presidency. Will never happen, no matter how much the Hillary-Huggers wish it.


Not that it's totally impossible. In Battlestar Galactica, the only person in the line of succession who survived the Cylon attacks was the Sec'y of Education, so she's the President now. But she's "Stands with Fists," she can handle it. Okay, off on a little tangent there......
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