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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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What wiull Dubbya do next? by geordiegirl on 13 January 2009 8:53pm
Re: What wiull Dubbya do next? by sighthound on 14 January 2009 2:09am
Clear more brush at his ranch.
Re: What wiull Dubbya do next? by kazzzz on 14 January 2009 2:15am
I hope he doesn't do wot our ex PM is doing, skulking about being bitter about his demise.

Re: What wiull Dubbya do next? by MMMmmm... on 14 January 2009 4:13am
Not funny but true - golf - lots of golf. (He said the other day he doesn't believe in the burdens of the office of President - the man often speaks more truth than he knows - he never really acted like he believed there were any burdens at all). To him, all the answers were simple. Good guys and bad guys. Good principles and bad principles. Don't make it complicated. Don't tell him it's not working. We're the good guys, so we'll win, no matter what we do. Teflon George. Like he said, "So what?" No big deal.

I've never been so happy that someone will be out of the White House and on a golf course. Go golf! Yay! Yay for full-time golf! Golf George, golf! It just feels more right, doesn't it? :D
Re: What wiull Dubbya do next? by johnnythemonkey on 14 January 2009 5:42am
Was the spelling of this thread a deliberate Bushism ?
I don't know what the guy will do next and I don't care but I wish him no harm as I think of him as a simpleton. Americans should remember though, that they elected him not once but twice.
Re: What wiull Dubbya do next? by kazzzz on 14 January 2009 9:38am
Saw the news tonight, it almost made me ill. There was our ex PM John Howard grinning like a cheshire cat as he recieved a medal from Bush, apparently the highest medal you can recieve as a civillian. It was just pathetic, Bush Blair (who got one too) and Howard all living in the past, congratulating eachother for their atrocities to mankind.
Howard looked like it was the best moment of his life. It was also reported that Howard stayed in the accomodation meant for the Obamas, who were forced to find alternate accomodation, don't know how true that was though.
Re: What wiull Dubbya do next? by Blairhoyle on 14 January 2009 12:36pm
he won't do a Phoney Tony Blair anyway and become a Peace Envoy to the Middle East.
Re: What wiull Dubbya do next? by tucsonmike on 14 January 2009 12:54pm
Last night on BBC America, Bob Woodward said he asked Bush if he was concerned about history's verdict. Bush's response. "No, we will all be dead."
Geraldine, if he keeps clearing brush, that's the Texas Hill Country. There wont be nothin' to stop him lol!

Woodward asked Bush if he spoke with his father about Iraq. Bush replied he dealt with a higher authority than his father.

Johnny, the only reason (other than the Supreme Court) Bush won in 2000, was to a certain degree, Gore beat himself. In 2004, again, the problem was the Democratic candidate.

Bush will just go away......... We have other problems at this point in time.

Re: What wiull Dubbya do next? by peripatetically on 14 January 2009 1:27pm
He was on Larry King with laura last night and they have a new home in Dallas. SO I guess they'll be there for much of the time and also the ranch. I really didn't watch much more of the show than that.
Re: What wiull Dubbya do next? by mrsthing on 14 January 2009 2:00pm
Let's just hope Yale doesn't give him a guest lecturer's spot like they did to Tony Blair. Students would only go for the humor value, and he wouldn't get why they thought it was so funny. But he's an Eli, so they might have to out of courtesy to an alumnus whose father was an alumnus.

I hope he retires into obscurity. And when he dies, I hope he won't be remembered for being "misunderestimated" or for having any redeeming qualities as a president. I agree with Johnny that he was a simpleton who was used by power-hungry, evil-minded individuals, but that doesn't excuse the things he did. He was the decider, as he said, so the blame rests as much on him as it does on anyone else in his administration.

I am SO. FREAKIN'. GLAAAAD. that it's almost over!
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