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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Should I have orthognathic surgery? by BethGoth17 on 2 November 2009 6:09pm
I've just been to the dentist and she said that I could have the option of having surgery on my jaw. I have a retruded mandible, which makes speech and chewing very difficult. It's no help to my confidence either. Everytime I have a conversation with someone, I always worry about whether or not they'll understand me, and don't even get me started on eating in public. But the dentist said it would improve everything and my appearance would be altered. Don't get me wrong, I like my face the way it is. I'm thinking, maybe, it's the better option for me. I've done a bit of research on it and it looks really good, but it's the recovery stage that scares me. My face would be swollen and painful, I would have to change my diet and it would be a long, uncomfortable and painful process. My mum says we could speak to the specialist about it before I decide. So, nay or yay?
Re: Should I have orthognathic surgery? by Spursfan on 2 November 2009 7:18pm
At the end of the day it HAS to be your decision Beth.

Having said that, if it is going to make your quality of life better (and going by what you have said it will) then I would go for the op.

Yes, the recovery time is long and uncomfortable but it will be a relatively short time compared to the rest of your life.

Soooo, if it was me, I would say YAY.

But like I said, oyur decision.

Good luck. :)

Re: Should I have orthognathic surgery? by jetpack toby on 2 November 2009 7:36pm
If it is what I think it is, the lower jaw is recessed, then it would be the same as what my sister had. she decided to have the surgery in here early twenties and although we dont really talk about it I think it helped her confidance and just generally helped her get on better in life. it was about 10 years ago now so its all a bit sketchy but I do remember her being on a liquid diet for a while and also off work too as the lower jaw needs to be broken and reset with screws that can be altered to pull it apart to increase growth. I know it doesnt sound nice but it would be a few months of discomfort for a life times difference. But it is your decision and if anyone says any hash words just remember that its them who have the problem and not you.
Re: Should I have orthognathic surgery? by TERRY S on 2 November 2009 7:45pm
It it improves your life and is not been done for vanity I wold say yes. However, I also need a thyroid op' that would improve my quality of life to a lesser degree, and I chickened out twice, so.....I'm not really qualified to comment. I will say that if you do go ahead with it I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.
Re: Should I have orthognathic surgery? by canaveralgumby on 2 November 2009 7:50pm
Even though the recovery period will seem like it's taking forever, it really won't! I'm recalling my son's orthodontics. His jaw was misaligned. It was a process of many steps - palette expander followed by braces. No surgery admittedly, but he had a difficult time adjusting to eating with all the hardware in his mouth.

The main concern was, he was in pain from the misalignment of his jaw. It all had to be done or it would have become much worse in time.

Are you in pain now? Is there potential for this issue to cause pain in the future? I won't ask your age, but if you are somewhere under 22, then this is the time to do these procedures. You will heal better now, rather than when your bones have really set after about age 22.

Remember, we're just throwing out ideas which you need to ASK THE PROFESSIONALS! Good luck, keep us posted. - Cori

Re: Should I have orthognathic surgery? by BethGoth17 on 2 November 2009 8:03pm
I have thinking that it's the best option. My confidence and self-esteem have always been...nonexistent, and my speech/eating have always been the blame. I know the healing process will be miserable but as you guys said, it will help me in long-term. So, I guess this is a small payback lol. I'm not making any decisions yet, but the operation is definitely something my mum and I will be looking into. I just want to speak with the doctor first; he/she should have the answer.
Re: Should I have orthognathic surgery? by johnnythemonkey on 2 November 2009 8:59pm
Good luck with whatever you decide. I'm hopeless with decisions and I'm 51 !
Cori's advice seems sound.
All the best, John.
Re: Should I have orthognathic surgery? by peripatetically on 2 November 2009 10:18pm
I would definitely do it. If you don't, you'll forever be wishing you had and saying, "If only I had had it done.....". I'm sure you will have something given to you to relieve the pain during your recovery and probably only be let with discomfort to some degree. For a lifetime of always feeling self-conscious and having problems eating and speaking, this temporary period is worth a gold mine of happiness. Please don't be afraid to go ahead with this, as long as you are a healthy individual with no major risks. Good luck to you. I think you already know you should have this done. it's a good time because you are still young and have so much to look forward too and also young enough to probably still believing at home with help and comfort from your family.
Re: Should I have orthognathic surgery? by mrsteabag on 3 November 2009 1:29am
Beth, may The Great Whatever Is Out There guide you to the best decision. I'm on the same page as Cori, too, in terms of the potential for issues in the future, so talk to the doctor and see if you can find other people who have had the surgery. I'm sure that I speak for others when I say that we will always see you in our hearts as beautiful, ebullant and funny. :)
Re: Should I have orthognathic surgery? by suzulu on 3 November 2009 5:02pm
Sounds like everything will improve after the operation. But of course it is your decision.
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