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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Yougov fraud. by Ken Dunn on 28 November 2009 12:58am
I belong to this survey site and after asking their support line a question they unsubscribed me witholding over £17 earned in survey responses.
I am hopeful that they can reinstate my access.
I would sympathise with anyone that this happens to if they have earned £49.50.
Do they think that because the banks can get £Billions of taxpayers money to cover their incompetence that we are all mugs to be conned?
Re: Yougov fraud. by kazzzz on 28 November 2009 1:20am
I have to wonder about these sites where people divulge information about themselves to total strangers. There's a facebook scam at the moment where a huge shopping centre in Melbourne is supposedly running a comp where you change your status to saying you want one of their gift cards for Christmas thus entering a prize draw. A lot of my friends have done it and guess wot...it's a trojan.
Re: Yougov fraud. by Ken Dunn on 28 November 2009 8:25am
They are usually a good site so I'll keep you updated.
Re: Yougov fraud. by Ken Dunn on 29 November 2009 3:10pm
I've decided to wait 2 weeks from the above date before taking my dispute with Yougov further. On reading the terms and conditions I have not done anything which should cause them to unsubscribe me. Perhaps they are inundated with e-mails from people who don't bother to read the FAQs. Anyway their FAQs section isn't working so I can't find out any more information.
Could one of you oblidge and check their website, whether you are a member or not, and see if the support and FAQs questions, when clicked, give additional information.


Go in via the Panel area, Support and FAQs (Read More) and click on any question to see if more information on that question is displayed.

Thanks folks.
Re: Yougov fraud. by Ken Dunn on 30 November 2009 6:54pm
If, after the 2 weeks is up, and my access isn't reinstated, I'm considering asking Yougov to donate my hard earned £17.60 to a charity.
I'd like to do a survey of palinites to find out their most popular charity. What's yours?
JTM, "What's your's?" doesn't mean I'm offering to buy you a pint of beer!
Re: Yougov fraud. by Ken Dunn on 30 November 2009 7:10pm
A couple I'm considering are the Brtish Red Cross and the Disaster Emergency Committee.
Re: Yougov fraud. by Ken Dunn on 30 November 2009 7:27pm
I've been checking up on survey sites and found that YouGov only gets a rating of 55% and comes about 20th on the list of survey companies. They're not as good as I thought.
I have joined panelbase.net and have found out that they come top of the ratings list with 93%. One very good point about panelbase is that they pay out when you have accumulated a minimum of £10 in your account. YouGov's payout level is £50.
Re: Yougov fraud. by suzulu on 30 November 2009 7:28pm
I have a few favourite charities - RSPCA, PDSA, RSPB, and various other animal charities, the British Red Cross, Medical Foundation for Torture Care and Feed My People.
Re: Yougov fraud. by Spursfan on 30 November 2009 7:54pm
I support Amnesty International; the husband supports PDSA and Hedgehog Preservation Society. By this I mean we pay a regular annual amount to them.

On top of this I annually adopt a manatee (Brutus) on the husband's behalf, and I also made him a 'friend' of Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue - both the latter are excellent causes.

Although I don't literally support them, I would like to do more for the homeless. We have a local organisation here (Bethany Project) which if I had money I would donate to and of course there is Shelter (for whom my husband worked in London in the early 1970s).
Re: Yougov fraud. by Ken Dunn on 30 November 2009 9:20pm
Thanks for the charities. Any others?

It looks like YouGov have software problems as I've been able to test the site via another registered user and the same access problem occurs. I've seen this happen before so they do need a few days to sort it.
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