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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Obama's $Billion-Dollar Health Care Reform Bill by bIG bLOGGER on 5 January 2010 4:44pm
Q: Has this Bill now been passed into Law,or has it still got some headway to go yet?

Q: Will this Bill make it mandatory for the majority of US citizens to buy healthcare,and if so,from whom?

Q: Even more worrying,is the whole idea of making citizens obliged to buy health care not fundamentally UNCONSTITUTIONAL?

Thus,has the Obama Administration decided in its supreme wisdom to throw the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights out of the {Oval Office} window,and disregard its intentions and high ethical aspirations?

In a report by the Associated Press on "Higher levels of Job Dissatisfaction in America",one of the reasons for this given is the soaring cost of health insurance,which is eating into workers' take-home pay and making them unhappy.

Mike Adams,Editor of online journal Natural News,has written a thought-provoking article on this subject,which you might want to comment upon:

Re: Obama's $Billion-Dollar Health Care Reform Bill by mrsteabag on 5 January 2010 8:33pm
bIG, to the best of my knowledge, the bill has not been passed in its final form--as I understand it.
Yes, people have to buy their own insurance, ostensibly from a co-op that would give discounts to people who met certain economic criteria. This is total BS--we were supposed to have a public option for free health care, but a small but vocal group of opponents who believe that it's the beginning of socialism have fought tooth and nail against it.
I hadn't thought about the constitutionality of it. I'm more concerned that in the name of niceities, President Obama has thrown any chance of making any progress out the window by kowtowing to the right.
Mr. Teabag's company used to have really good insurance. They let him include his mom on the policy, and that was the only reason he's stayed at an increasingly icky job. We have to pay them monthly, but they won't pay for anything. :(
Re: Obama's $Billion-Dollar Health Care Reform Bill by sighthound on 6 January 2010 2:20am
The Senate and the House of Representatives passed different versions of the bill. The two biggest differences were no public option in the Senate version and tougher abortion restrictions in the House. (And I'm sure there are hundreds of other inconsistencies that will have to be resolved.) So now both houses have to go through a process called concordance to come up with a version both houses will approve. This can often be even more difficult than getting the first versions passed.

Almost everyone will have to buy insurance or face a stiff fine every year. There's nothing unconstitutional about that; it is the same as mandating that car owners have to have liability insurance on their cars. (I could explain the legal precedences behind that but it would bore your socks off.)

But with no public option to offer competition in the pricing of policies (co-ops are NOT going to do it), the insurance companies, while they will no longer be able to refuse a person insurance (like they've done to me), will be able to charge whatever they want and they will make additional trillions off this legislation. So people (like me) who will not be able to afford the coverage will get a partial subsidy from the government (which probably still will not make it affordable) and the U.S. taxpayers will be lining the already egregiously rich pockets of the insurance companies. The U.S. is definitely a socialist nation but it is always socialism for the rich.

The U.S. spends much more per capita on healthcare than any other nation but we are, what?, 49th in the world in terms of health and longevity. The industry has been designed with its primary aim being, not caring for people, but to maximize profits for insurance and drug companies. We used to have great healthcare but the Nixon White House changed all that. (Rent Michael Moore's "Sicko" and listen to the verbatim transcripts of Nixon and Haldeman (or was it Erlichman?) coming up with that plan. It's chilling.)
Re: Obama's $Billion-Dollar Health Care Reform Bill by bIG bLOGGER on 6 January 2010 3:32pm
Thank you both,Fran and Geraldine,for your insightful comments,as above. This is a topical matter with some way to go,and is what you might term a "hot potato",but your comments have clarified some of the issues involved.

I notice that Yahoo has posted an update on this very topic today:

"Obama prods Congress to pass health bill quickly" --AP Report/6 Jan 2010/Yahoo Finance


Re: Obama's $Billion-Dollar Health Care Reform Bill by perfectbitch on 7 January 2010 3:12pm
Everyone pays insurance here towards the NHS - it's taken from wages at a percentage rate so it is not exactly free as we all pay towards it.

It is free at point of contact but it is open to abuse by people coming here just to use the NHS - abortion is one of the procedures that Irish women in particular come over to use although they may have to go privately - I'm not sure of the details since they are part of the EU and different rules apply.

I am very pleased and satisfied with the treatment I am getting. This particular hospital is brilliant but others are not so good. But I'm sure that that is true for private hospitals too.


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