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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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IMODIUM SAVED MY LIFE by thebookworm on 26 May 2003 10:20pm
Every holiday I have been on I make sure that I have bought my supply of Imodium,as they say One can never be to carefull,it really is a life saver.Im free to try any exotic dish knowing that I will be well and truly blocked up,If anything Imodium is too good,It stops any stomach upsets,BUT well and truly constipates you...Just ask Michael...David(STILL PUSHING)..
Re: IMODIUM SAVED MY LIFE by irishmanufan on 26 May 2003 11:43pm
david now that you are home try eating a few prunes every morning that will get things moving again i can assure you :0)
Re: IMODIUM SAVED MY LIFE by MelissaNIN on 27 May 2003 2:41am
Awww.. sounds painful. Yeah Imodium is amazing. I realy keeps you from having the Hershey squirts, but i'm sure it blocks you up. It has never done that to me though. hehe. When i went Mexico a few years ago, Imodium was my best friend...Damn Montezuma's Revenge...tee hee. Luckily i didn't get it bad....
Re: IMODIUM SAVED MY LIFE by MelissaNIN on 27 May 2003 2:44am
and yes i agree with Linda, prunes will definitely "loosen" you up:) hehe.
Re: IMODIUM SAVED MY LIFE by Miss-M on 27 May 2003 4:53am
Prune juice makes me heave...vile stuff!!
Re: IMODIUM SAVED MY LIFE by Helen on 27 May 2003 4:03pm
Had too much of my mother in law's awesome green bean casserole this weekend. The mighty "I" has saved me, too.. as I sit here at work..trying to not let the gurgling of my belly drown out everything...
It seems to have kicked in, I think I'm safe for now.
It's the french fried onions on top that do it to me every time.
Re: IMODIUM SAVED MY LIFE by Dreamchild on 27 May 2003 5:05pm
Alot more info than I was looking for!! But Amen Imodium is a life saver!!!Try some Apple Juice it works for me..

Much Love,
Re: IMODIUM SAVED MY LIFE by sleepydumpling on 28 May 2003 8:54am
Well folks, I'll let you in on a secret. If you find Immodium a bit too harsh, and you need something that works as a bit of a cork, here's the great Aussie bush remedy......

Condensed milk.

You know, that sticky sweetened stuff that comes in a can or tube? Have a tablespoon or two of that (don't drink any water or anything for at least 5 minutes either or it will dilute it) and you'll be dandy. It's known in my family as "cork in a can" or "liquid cork"!!!

I know, you're all thinking "YUCK!! Dairy products on a dodgy tummy! Never!" but nothing works better, I can assure you! And it's a lot more pleasant than popping a pill, 'cause condensed milk is yummy! You won't get that concreted feeling that immodium can give.

Or you can just eat a junket tablet but that is kind of gross and you won't go for a week afterwards!!

Auntie Kath's Bush Survival Tips
Re: IMODIUM SAVED MY LIFE by irishmanufan on 28 May 2003 3:16pm
i tell you how i found out about the loosening effects of prunes . when i first started working with my dad we had a shop that sold health foods as well as homebrew . i was weighing up a bag of prunes eating a few as i went . they are very tasty but the inevitable happened :0) i agree with miss m though prune juice is just ugh freaking awful .
gotta jump into the shower now other wise dad and i will be so late going out on delivery today .
Re: IMODIUM SAVED MY LIFE by thebookworm on 28 May 2003 10:14pm
Oh yes Prunes...I discovered the real effect of prunes when I worked in my first job(17 years of age)..I worked with a very nice elderly gentleman called Bernard who after lunch break would always go to the shop Tescos to buy fresh fruit..One lunch break Bernard gave me a bowl of Prunes,they were lovely,and me being such a nice fellow I voluntered to go to Tescos for Bernard..On the way back from the shop the dreaded Prunes decided to try and make an appearance...I never realised I could run so fast,that day I found out that I was very fit..Today I swear by Peppermint tea before bed I always have a cup,It is very soothing for the stomach..I hope that these words of wisdom have helped you in some way...David..
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