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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
"Hello, I've Returned..." by Rusted on 30 May 2003 5:43am

I haven't had time to read anything that's been going on here lately, so forgive my ignorance.

Anyone still remember me?

Has the world changed since May 10th, 2003?

What has changed on the Palin's Travels page?

Who are our newbies, and has anyone left the board??

When was the last time someone mentioned wingtips and Spam?

What is this about Around the World in 80 Days airing soon on Bravo?

Did I miss any extremely important Michael news?

Did I miss any extremely important Palinite news?

Why do people like Neil Diamond? (Heh heh, Lyn.)

Why what how who when and where?

Do excuse me. It's been nearly a month since I've checked up on and written at the Chatterbox!! 8O\

"You know it's been a long, long time", to quote Neil Young.

As it were, I ducked out shortly after Michael's birthday because finals were fast approaching, and I pretty much killed myself for the next two weeks: go to school, write, study, read, study, write some more, go to work, study... Worst finals week I've ever experienced. But it's over now...WOOHOO!

The semester finished on May 16th, and I promised myself that I would come back to the Palin board then. Unfortunately...some unexpected events happened.

I was expecting to be working more, but I wasn't expecting to be stressing out over at the theatre. Those of you who still remember me in a dim haze ;O) may recall that I...well...act. I'm involved with Rebel Alliance Theatre, a local non-profit theatre group aimed at kids and young adults. We were hit with the news this month that our landlords (who own the hardware store I work at, mind you) wanted to kick us out, level the floor and sell tractors in our building. Unless we could get all our back rent, fast, and continue to pay, we were gone. So we made the decision to leave. We couldn't really grow much more in our present space. We wanted and still want a place of our own.

So we found an old church for sale at a really decent price. The drawback is that it's going to need a lot of renovating...and, even though it's selling for a cheap price, it's a lot of money for us non-profit theatre folks to raise in a month or two. But nevertheless...we cancelled our lease last night, and we have went into full fund-raising, organizing and moving gear. I've spent a lot of time at meetings, worrying about this or that, dealing emails back and forth, trying to comprehend legal issues...and helping to clean out the theatre. It's going to be a long process.

And it's very, very painful. I'm not speaking in physical terms.

But it must be done. On top of all that, Neil Young (who is, as some of you know, my favorite of favorite artists) went on tour in Europe and pulled out an amazing set, is planning on releasing a new CD and movie, has set release dates for 4 of the 6 albums from the 70's that have yet to be released on CD, and is getting ready to tour the US in a matter of weeks. So all has been very crazy and very busy in my email life as well.

I've sadly neglected you guys. But I'm here now, and I want to try to keep in contact a little bit more than I have been this past month. :O) I don't know if I'll be here every day, though.

This is getting long, so I just want to say one more thing...THANK YOU, Trixi! The lovely signed Sahara book has FINALLY arrived at my house! I've been waiting for this since last November! (Heaven knows this isn't Trixi's fault, of course, as she's only had it since April. LOL.)

Lotta Love,
"The Big Cheese"
The IDLS Club®
"Follow the Gourd!"
(Resurrecting my poor decrepit club!)

"Is it April yet?"
Re: "Hello, I've Returned..." by Diamond on 30 May 2003 12:46pm
Welcome back Mary

we missed you so much it hurt -

Lyn - who loves Neil to pieces -

PS did you know that there is a band in the UK who are touring at the moment in concert and they are called the BIG CHEESE! - thought of you!!

Re: "Hello, I've Returned..." by Eloise on 30 May 2003 2:21pm
Hi Mary, i was just thinking long time no see :)
i thought you'd been going on other Mp web site, but you were studying, you good girl, lol
You're exams are over, mine have still got about 3 weeks, can we swap places?

have you heard that Michael's off doing another trip at the moment? to the himalayas. can't wait to see it!
catch you later
Re: "Hello, I've Returned..." by Rusted on 30 May 2003 6:09pm
Awww...thanks, Lyn and Ello. :O)

It's always good to hear I'm missed. ;O)

Didn't know about the Big Cheese band, Lyn...LOL. LOL.

Goin on other MP websites? Why would I do that, other than to browse around...you know I love it here. :O)
Good luck in the next three weeks! School and finals just bite!! (One of the pluses of college is that at least you're done SOONER.)

I do know that Michael's off in the Himalayas, but thanks for reminding me. I need to stay as up-to-date as possible!

Re: "Hello, I've Returned..." by ellenpc on 3 June 2003 3:48am
MARY!!!!!!!! :^}

HIYA! It's great to see you back. Really missed you and your hilarious posts. xxx

So glad to hear you're through your exams and very sorry to hear about the theatre move. I can really appreciate just what you're going through as I've been serving on our schools PTA forever and can get pretty loaded up with fundraising projects and the accompanying stress!! :^{
Hang in there... :^}

You know what you really need don't you to keep your spirits and stamina up??????

A lovely big globular heapin' helpin' of prime Hormel Spam.

Brain food!!!! :^}

Ellen x


Power To The Processwd Protein!

It's normal with Hormel!

P.S. Great to see you too Peep. :^}
Good luck with your exams. :^}
Re: "Hello, I've Returned..." by Rusted on 3 June 2003 6:22am


Re: "Hello, I've Returned..." by Eloise on 3 June 2003 8:35pm
Ah, cheers ellen! :)
the protein's good for getting brain cells, apparently. i'd better stock up, then.........!
Re: "Hello, I've Returned..." by irishmanufan on 3 June 2003 10:20pm
hey rusted/mary . long time no see . good luck with the fund rasing .you never know what can happen . been there done that :0) i see you have to do some heavy duty cleaning . well here is a tried and tested method to get you throught the work . get a cd player a few neil young cd's . place one cd in the player and turn volume up to 11 . take cleaning equipment and use it . therefore the sting will be taken out of the work . when we were selling our shop and setting up our buiness at home we had to clean up the shop and bring home all the stock we had left . ranelagh rocked the the sound of marillion until my mom came over and told me to turn it down :0) i hope you enjoy all those neil young cd's you have not been able to get until now and that you get to see him live . don't forget to drop by the chat room if tyou are ever around .
good luck with all your new ventures .here is an irish blessing : may the sun shine gently on your face and the wind be always at your back and may the wind at your back never be your own !
Re: "Hello, I've Returned..." by Helen on 4 June 2003 2:08am
good luck witht the fundraiser... keep that spirit up!
We will be here for you to share silliness and wingtips and NO SPAM. (at least I won't give you any Spam, dunno about that loony Ellen) :)
Re: "Hello, I've Returned..." by Helen on 4 June 2003 2:10am
PS if you tape 80 days on Bravo.. well, um, I know a certain Palinite (ME ME ME ME) who would LOVE to borrow it.....

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