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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Diversity and Equality. by johnnythemonkey on 18 August 2010 12:32am
The words make me shudder but since half the country seems to be employed in it rather than working.....

Earlier in the week, the main BBC news featured an article where they stated that the government was pressing NHS trusts ( or whatever they are now called ) to speed up the implementation of single-sex wards in hospitals. Single -sex wards were the norm for generations but...progress. Anyway, they cited ' privacy and dignity' as the main reasons. Sounds fair enough to me.

However, only a few days earlier I read about how the latest ' equality and diversity' legislation, would allow anyone turning up to be admitted to hospital to declare themselves to be any kind of 'trans' they chose and be treated in either a male or female ward. Again... you guessed 'THEIR dignity and privacy' Anyone objecting to their presence on the ward coud be thrown out

Now I know that you are a wooly-minded lot here but ask yourself this.

If your mother or old aunt was in hospital and ill, would you want some weirdo who pulled a pair of tights over his hairy legs and put on a wig and a touch of lipstick and called himself 'Mandy' pishing in her toilet ? Remember, she's not allowed to object.

I really love the new Britain.
Re: Diversity and Equality. by tucsonmike on 19 August 2010 3:48am
Amazing. Now I can play Ugly American. Europe is socialistic and going down the tube! ;) j/k
Re: Diversity and Equality. by Spursfan on 19 August 2010 10:16am
First of all can I say that I feel the Government is targeting (it seems) the weakest,least-able sections of the community with their spending cuts. The latest is that they are looking at changing the winter fuel allowance for pensioners. This is a one off (I think) lump sum payment paid to cover heating bills in cold weather and avoid elderly folk dying of hypothermia because they can't afford to eat AND heat their homes. They are already targeting the sick and disabled, now it is the elderly.

Anyway, back to the hospitals!!

I have never experienced mixed sex wards (except for the day ward which doesn't count) - but that's probably because the reasons I was in hospital were gynae ones!! :)

Having said that - would I be bothered if there were men in the ward? Would I care about sharing a loo with them? Not really. There are always men milling about anyway on wards; visitors, doctors etc. I would feel no worse than having women in the ward with me - whatever the other person's sex it is always embarrassing when a doctor is discussing your 'bits' behind the (not really private) screen, or you need a bedpan. And everyone sits up in bed in their (usually) new nightwear when (mixed) visitors are there, so what's the harm?

Now your point, Johnny, was really about transexuals.

It is a sad fact that some people are born into the wrong sex bodies, and they should be allowed to live their lives as they were intended. That is, to amend nature's error.

If that means that someone who was born a male but is essentially a female is admitted to hospital then they should of course be admitted to a female ward (if it is single sex wards). And vice versa.

I would have NO problem whatsoever with sharing a toilet/ward with such a person. And I certainly would have had no problem with this happening to my Mum when she was alive.

In your penultimate paragraph, Johnny, I think you are refering more to Transvestites than to Transexuals. Transvestites are in fact usually heterosexual.
Re: Diversity and Equality. by Loretto on 19 August 2010 8:07pm
The Transsexuals are always better looking than me so I would look forward to beauty advice/hints from them actually! Best make-up, mascara etc. Sure it would be like a day at the spa with a girlfriend.
Re: Diversity and Equality. by kazzzz on 20 August 2010 12:31am
The wards here are still mixed sex. Well in the public hospitals anyway. When I got carted off there a couple of months back I was put in a room with three snoring old men. Give me a room with a tranny anyday! I most certainly wouldn't want to share the room with any Scottish people, I'd have to draw the line there, really.
Re: Diversity and Equality. by Ken Dunn on 20 August 2010 6:27am
This topic reminds me of George Orwell's Animal Farm which has a quote (I can't remember it all) 'some are more equal than others'.
Re: Diversity and Equality. by Spursfan on 20 August 2010 2:38pm
Our son has a fab pic of him in Thailand (he was there with his wife, then his fiancee), with his arm round a beautiful 'ladyboy' as they call themselves, showing his/her boobs (I don't mean Simon)!!

When I was a teen we called transistor radios (those new-fangled contraptions hahaha) 'trannies'.

Re: Diversity and Equality. by tucsonmike on 21 August 2010 2:27am
The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Re: Diversity and Equality. by kazzzz on 21 August 2010 8:09am
I LOVE the trannies in Soho in London...got the best photos ever there!
Re: Diversity and Equality. by sighthound on 21 August 2010 8:39am
"All animals are equal but some are more equal than others"

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