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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Not another useless list??! by Spursfan on 17 October 2010 10:48am
Watching a couple of Norman Wisdom films yesterday and a docu on his life on Friday, I started to think how I would have loved to have met him. He seemed such a nice chap.

Then I started to think of other people who I would have liked to have met, but are no longer with us.

This is a list of 10 of them - they are in no particular order apart from the top 3.

1. Jim Morrison - my god
2. Ernesto 'Che' Guevara - my hero
3. Jimi Hendrix - that guitar!

4. Judge George Jeffreys (but not as a prisoner before him!!). Finished my degree with a dissertation about him and I liked him more and more as my research went on.

5. George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham (second creation) (1592-1628). Don't know why - but my heart flutters at the very mention of his name!! :D

6. Mary Queen of Scots, who was imprisoned near here at Tutbury Castle and then Chartley.
7. John Lennon

8. Norman Wisdom

9. Lord Byron

10. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Is it cheating to have a group as one choice? If so, Dante Gabriel Rossetti is my favourite so I'll choose him!!

As I said, the final 7 are in no particular order, and of course the list is only 10 of the people I would have liked to have met.

Right - anyone else have a list of the people they would have liked to have met but are no longer with us?

Re: Not another useless list??! by perfectbitch on 17 October 2010 12:10pm
1. Charles Darwin.

2. Richard Feynman.

3. Beryl Reid. (She really should have been Dr. Who.)

4. Rosalind Franklin. (She would have shared the Nobel Prize with Crick, Watson and Wilkins - had she lived.)

5. Mary Seacole.

6. Charles Dickens.

7. Glen Miller.

8. Alfred Wallace.

9. Dusty Springfield.

10.Michael Foot.


Re: Not another useless list??! by kazzzz on 17 October 2010 12:54pm
Freddie Mercury times 10.
Re: Not another useless list??! by Loretto on 17 October 2010 1:09pm
Good one Anne, I like this. OK thoughful list being formulated, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............best I could do......

1. Ghandi
2. Hitler-for interview purposes
3. Michael Collins
4. William Chaucer
5. Emily Bronte
6. Jane Austen
7. Eamonn Andrews
8. William Shakespeare
9. The first human being on earth :)
10. Charles Lindbergh
Re: Not another useless list??! by Spursfan on 17 October 2010 3:02pm
Oh Kazzzz - that's cheating!! We can only allow Freddie for one choice.

All good lists - there are so many people it is didfficult to fit them into 10!!

I agree about Michael Collins, Loretto. When I was a child we had an album of Irish rebel songs (I THINK an Irish work colleague had given it to my father - no other links with Ireland except that my maternal ancestors were alledged to have come over in the potato famine. Haven't found them yet in the family tree, though!!). I played this album (we called them LPs then!!) a lot - it was a female singer, seem to think her name was Mary something - and often ended up crying at the lyrics.

Can't remember them now, of course, except there was one about the black & tans, and also one about Father someone.

But yes, I would like to talk to Michael Collins.
Re: Not another useless list??! by Loretto on 17 October 2010 5:59pm
Anne, the strange thing about Collins is that in Ireland today he is considered a hero by some and a traitor by others. I think this is a song you might be thinking of,


also there is a wonderful movie called The Wind that Shakes the Barley and its main focus is how civil war turned family members against one another.

My paternal grandfather housed Collins in North Tipperary when he was hiding out from the Black and Tans, but sided with his best friend Dan Breen when Collins signed the Treaty. The family's political activism ends there though.

That's about it really, I can see both sides of the arguement, but I will say Collins was a brutal and charismatic man.

I had to laugh when you mentioned Che in your list Anne, we are watching The Motorcycle Diaries tonight, Sean is reading a 700 page bio about Che as I type and....we found the black and red Che poster in Paris for him, I had it on my bedroom wall in college :-)
One of Che's grandmothers was a Lynch from County Cork.

Oh the Irish, we are like the Borg from Star Trek, we assimilate into the new society and you don't know we are there until you become one with us :-) LOL
Re: Not another useless list??! by Spursfan on 18 October 2010 9:28am
No, that wasn't one of them, Loretto. One of the lyrics just mentioned the black & tans, that's what I meant. They were really sad songs, about men being hung for fighting for freedom, that sort of thing - really tugged at my 9 or 10-year old heart strings! So so sad!!

We still have the album in the loft but I don't think I'll get Zak to go up there just for that!! Maybe when he gets the xmas decos down I'll ask him to look out for it!!

Oh - and about Che, I have books on him, we both have t-shirts, and also.....a tray!!

There is also a photo of the husband taken very early 1970s when we were first married (I think I have put it on FB - I used it as a photo for his 60th birthday announcement in the paper!!) that looks very much like the iconic photo of Che!! Perhaps that's what attracted me to him in the first place (I didn't notice the similarity at the time!)??!! :D
Re: Not another useless list??! by Loretto on 18 October 2010 11:58am
Zak Gueverra? Sounds good.
Re: Not another useless list??! by Spursfan on 18 October 2010 12:38pm
Heh heh! I'll have to buy him a beret!

I checked and I haven't added it to my FB photos, it's on Zak's page.
Re: Not another useless list??! by Lounge Trekker on 18 October 2010 5:11pm
Farrah before she met Lee
Diana before she met Charles
Liz before she met Richard
Bette before she met Harmon
Joan before she met fire
Laverne before she met Lou
Vivian before she met Leigh
Maxene before she met Lou
Norma Jeane before she met Joe
Patty before she met Marty
Audrey before she met Mel

Time Trekker
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