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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, México by Lounge Trekker on 21 March 2013 2:01am
I'm on the ground in México and will be here for more than another month. And...Marilyn is coming to join me in a few weeks. I'm thinking that my life will never be the same.

The temperature was 26-28 on landing, was 22 when I awoke, and was 23 this afternoon. Perfect. It's 4 degrees at home. It was sunny yesterday and is predicted to be sunny until May.

I walked half the beach today, buying a coconut part way. I drank the juice, stopped for a beer then on returning, stopped at mi amigo's stand where he chopped it up with lime, pineapple, salt and chile. I ate that on the way back. $40 MXN or about $3.50 CAD. Well worth it.

The beach here is wonderful. Being a Méxican long weekend, there were many people having a nice beach day. The surf was moderate, about 1 metre where it broke, to wash up the beautiful sand to lap at my ankles.

I'm nearly set-up in the suite I'll call home until the third week of April. It seems I am only half the man without my lovely lady. Fun? Not yet, but I'll have time for some of that. I practised in the pool with my snorkelling gear so we can check out some reefs nearby. I hope we can see all the wildlife I've been told about.

Don't believe anyone telling you, "Everyone speaks English in México." They don't. They speak Spanish.
Re: Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, México by johnnyBgood! on 21 March 2013 6:04am
Have a great time Pete.
Re: Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, México by suzulu on 21 March 2013 9:08pm
Enjoy your time there, Pete!
Re: Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, México by Lounge Trekker on 22 March 2013 1:59am
Thanks guys! I've seen the little town of La Peñita de Jaltemba, the dentist, the beach, played tennis today and picked up a fresh fillet from the fish market. It's very cool to see the little, open fish boats tied up from the rooftop deck. If my eyes were better, or with binoculars, I might be able to see what fish they were hauling out.

I missed the open air tanguis or market today. Next week, maybe.
Re: Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, México by Lounge Trekker on 25 March 2013 12:02am
Today being a day when I needed to stay out of the sun, I left all my clothes (shorts, shirt and hat) on and walked the beach. I went south on Rincon de Guayabitos beach, stopping to eat a few oysters, then a mango with chile and lime. I wanted to scout a snorkelling spot for when Marilyn is here, so I went up the road to Los Ayala, the next beach town south. After a short and sweaty walk, I caught a 'collectivo', a local bus-like transport) for 8 pesos, that took me the few hundred metres to Los Ayala. It would have been $8 wherever I got in. From there, at the south end of the beach, I walked over the hill to La Playa del Beso, the kissing beach. Between these two beaches are 'fringe reefs' that have fish and other sea creatures we can see while snorkelling...hopefully.

This is a busy time for beach areas. It is Semana Santa, or Holy Week in México, and the people who live inland come to the beaches. The five kilometres of beach I saw today were packed. I only spoke English with one guy, and that was after we had talked en español por algunos tiempo.

I got my bicycle working and went for a short ride to get the tires pumped up. I tipped the kid who did it for me a lot more than I should have...$4MXN. He might only make $50MXN in a day.
Re: Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, México by Loretto on 25 March 2013 5:03pm
Sounds like a warm and colorful vacation Pete. Better than the greyness and snow here in Connecticut. I like the four seasons, don't get me wrong, but didn't spring begin last week. More snow promised later today!

Enjoy your time in Mexico.
Re: Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, México by Lounge Trekker on 26 March 2013 5:45pm
Yes, Loretto, colourful it is! I awoke just after 6 to a guy selling fresh buns in the street. That is something new for me; hot buns at the door when I awake! I'll have to listen to and look at every vendor on the street now. Another food I've seen sold this way is ceviche tostadas; fish cooked by lime juice on a fried tortilla.

I rode my bike to town for some supplies and to find a florist for when Marilyn is here. Quite a ride! Cobblestone everywhere except the sidewalks.

La Avenida was packed with people and cars. There was a group of musicians playing outside a cafe, and after a few peices of music, they moved along to the next crowd willing to pay for the music. The melody was played on a marimba, accompanied by a drum and a woodwind instrument I didn't see well, as they were across the street. The marimba player was very good.

Re: Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, México by tucsonmike on 28 March 2013 1:37am
Sounds as though you are having a blast. Still planning on England this year. I will know more May 1st. Mexico is right next door and I never go.
Re: Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, México by Lounge Trekker on 3 April 2013 4:16am
Yeah, Mike, it's a tough job but I volunteered for it so I should stop complaining.

This morning was the seventh day on the tennis courts and I'm pleased with the evolution of my game. After tennis and lunch and two hours poolside, we walked to and from the little town via the beach. On the way back, the surf had grown to be substantial breakers rolling on to the sand.

We had a quick snack of shrimp ceviche, packed chairs and float toys and returned to the beach. The afternoon on the beach was amazing. Never seen a better sunset, or played in waves as large. This beach is five minutes walking from our door.

So, I'll be here for another two and a half weeks. You'll hear more from me.

I'm sure there are many incomparable things in Tuscon, Mike, but I gotta say that the miles and miles of beach is remarkable here. And, when we were shopping for groceries and booze, the MEGA store had a deal: buy 6 bottles and get the 7th free. Good deal! and if you buy ten, you get half price on your liver transplant.
Re: Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit, México by Lounge Trekker on 5 April 2013 4:18am
Today started off a little foggy...me not the weather! I heard the panadero (baker) and his family trying to deliver hot buns to us. I couldn't move yet. He came back at about 8:30. That's cool.

Marilyn and I walked to La Peñita and the open air market. On the way I bought a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. The market is a busy affair where we bought some souvenirs and vegetables. It was fun, but I got hot and sweaty and tired and we took a taxi home. I detoured the cab so we could buy some fresh made ceviche (seafood cooked by lime juice) which is delicious. I don't mess around with delicious food and bought a kilo.

The ceviche was excellent spread on tostadas along with guacamole, beans and some tasty leftover Pescado de Veracruzana. The fresh fish available here is great. The ceviche would be great in an omelette.

Marilyn is a little singed, but I am cooked right through! We could spend the day on the beach without even bringing snacks or drinks. There is an abundance of vendors selling everything from coconut macaroons to oysters to grilled prawns.

A visit to the beach to watch the sunset is now a daily event for Marilyn and I.

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